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Merlin and Arthur find themselves outnumbered in a bar fight but an enigmatic young man helps them win. The man’s name is Gwaine and he risks his own life to protect Arthur but during his act of bravery he is seriously wounded. The Prince decides to take him back to Camelot where he could make a recovery with Gaius' help. Gwaine immediately gets to work: drinking, flirting with the ladies and causing lots of trouble for Merlin who has been instructed to look after him. However, when two unscrupulous knights seem to plot to murder the Prince, will Merlin and Gwaine be able to stop them and save Arthur?moreless

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  • Introduction of another future Knight of the Round Table is a diverting story with good comedy and a buddy for Merlin. Entertaining but predictable, the episode is par for the course. Good stunt work was a highlight along with the guest star.moreless

    What Worked:

    The Bar Brawl – Yes we've seen the introduction of a loveable rogue in a classic western bar brawl but it worked well for the show. And frankly, while it's a standard TV Trope, it's also probably new for the younger Merlin audience and the gags worked well. Eoin Maken has excellent comic timing and sold the introduction well. Nice moment also when the bar keep Mary takes a shine to Merlin over Arthur.

    Contrast between Uther and Arthur – Although Uther can come across as one-note regarding nobles and inordinate pressure on his son to perform, character consistency is sometimes a good approach. Arthur had a nice little showcase of development this episode. Like Prince Hal (Shakespeare's Henry Vth) he knows visiting the local tavern in disguise is a good way to take the measure of the people. He stands up for the locals when a bully arrives and acts honorably to a "commoner" who saved his life. When the Gwaine drinks up a big bar tab, cleaning the army boots IS a just punishment. Finally, he one again shows he knows how to reach his father by giving his word as a knight that Gwaine deserves clemency. Finally, while Uther would have fought to the end to win the melee, Arthur comfortably gives the field to the "mystery" knight who helped him out. It wasn't the "A" plot but Arthur's development is coming along nicely.

    Heating up Arthur/Gwen – Arthur's little jealousy fit when Gwen is laughing with Gwaine was a cute moment. In story-time not much has happened in the past year between those two. It's good to remind Arthur that Gwen is a desirable young lady. Gwaine – Our new bad boy has an interesting back story yet to be revealed it would appear. He's clearly older and more world weary than Merlin but really takes a shine to our sweet protagonist very quickly. Merlin seems very naïve compared to Gwaine but he also seems more relaxed than around any of the other characters. It's nice to see. And frankly, the view of Gwaine is easy on the eyes with his chiseled chest and windswept locks. Also nice was how Gwaine was tempted when Merlin suggested he and Arthur fought well together and Gwaine should stick around. A lot of potential left to be explored with this character.

    Partial Success:

    Merlin/Arthur – With the exception of the tiresome tankard to the head routine, the boys interaction was fairly good this week. As the most important relationship on the show, if this is in good shape then the episode fares much better. Arthur shouting a warning to Merlin, Merlin acknowledging he really understands why Arthur is fighting in the melee, and the little shoving match at the end were all nice moments. Conversely, Merlin making a crack about Arthur's intelligence and Arthur throwing things at Merlin really detracts. The Melee – Once again the French stunt horseman provide movie-quality action to the show. The melee was in fact a traditional medieval tournament and was good practice for future wars. The setup of deadly blades disguised as blunt swords was also a nice touch. But the "Arthur is going to get killed in a tournament" is now an annual plot that should be put to rest. Even worse, several of the Uther/Morgana/Gwen reaction scenes were clearly left over film from last year's "The Once and Future Queen". Katie McGrath has a terrible cold and fever during that filming and we see it again in this year's episode. The reused footage took me out of what could have otherwise been a nice action sequence.

    What Didn't Work:

    The Villains – The two bad guys were about as cardboard as they come. They weren't remotely entertaining and there was never a sense of real menace. Yes, they killed an old man when his back was turned, that hardly makes them a threat. If the villain is not interesting is always undermines the value of the hero's task. It was a hard sell to make these two worthy opponents for our heroes. Overall grade 8. Gwaine is a very nice addition to the recurring cast but the episode did not have any particular standout moments. It was a little too formulaic and run of the mill to get any higher rating and the villains were particularly boring.

    Upon Second Review: Because we see our new buddy Gwaine three more times this year, his introduction is appreciated even more. EP4 effectively establish his patterns of behavior and we believe he'd throw his lot in with Merlin in EP8 and with Arthur in EP12/13 without hesitation. Gwaine loves a fight which again lets us know there is more brewing underneath the "devil may care" exterior. He has his own personal growth arc this year and, in context with that arc, EP4 fares a little better as a solid foundational episode. It is Gwaine's introduction that lasts and the rest of the plot for EP4 is just a showcase for the new kid in town.moreless
  • Another tournament episode, which is lively and adventurous as ever.

    This episode is somewhat 'Valiant'-esque - there is a weapon forged by magic, bought by villain, and then its maker is killed. But the beginning is actually a comic relief of a sort, before we are introduced to a new character, Gawain, and a dark plot to kill Arthur.

    Gwaine is a nice addition to the show, as he shows that you can be noble and learn to appreciate the common people like Merlin. Even more, he renounces his titles, and desires but nobility of his soul. Throughout the episode he is shown just like that - a virtuous knight.

    Arthur's character is also at the centre of the episode, for here it is foreshadowed that kingdom shall be much different when he becomes its king. First, he will have to abolish those differences in order to marry Guinevere; and also to have loyal knights such as Gwaine (and Lancelot) at his side. The Round Table will have to be formed according to other principles, which Uther will never be able to grasp.

    Arthur's and Merlin's friendship is also a highlight. After, to some fans worrisome previous episode, we are shown that there isn't a reset, which is a relief. Arthur can appreciate people not by their places in Uther's hierarchy, but by their valour, their inner value. There are a few scenes in which Merlin is much appreciated, but the one that has to be mentioned is the one in which Arthur is actually talking to Merlin as his equal. Fans will, no doubt, recognize it instantly.

    There is little Uther here, and even less Morgana - pity, but it may have been necessary if we were to be shown what it means to be good, courageous and virtuous. Tournaments do show what people are made of, and as all the previous ones, this tournament has achieved its purpose as well.moreless
  • Wonderful light adventure episode!

    Great episode, that introduces a wonderful new character to the show. Gwaine is a good edition to the Merlin world, and I like his blossoming friendship with Merlin. I have high hopes for this character's return in episode 8 of this season, and where he will go from there.

    We got a fun bar room brawl, sneaky assassins, tourney fights, and a mischievous fun loving noble (Gwaine)who pretends to be a peasant. I really enjoyed this as a light adventure episode that most likely lays the foundation for Gwaine's character who will probably become a knight of the round table.moreless
  • An enjoyable episode however a bit flawed.

    Overall I liked the episode however one item really bothered me. Merlin is able to use telekinesis which he did with the plates in the bar fight and the horses saddle. When he discovered the crystals around the imposters necks he should have simply used telekinesis to break the chains since he knew there was some kind of power in them. Even if he didn't know exactly what he could have safely broken the chains, particularly during the fight when Gwaine came to Merlins rescue. This would have unmasked the imposters in front of the King who seeing the magic would have arrested them on the spot.moreless
  • See Summary

    Gwaine made a great 1st appearance in the series. This episode was exciting, had action, and some drama as usual. It was fun to watch, but I still feel that this series could be a little better. The actors are good, the writing is good, but something just isn't there. I like how the relationships between the characters developed in this episode. We were able to see different sides of each of them. Morganna was still in the background for much of the episode. Gwen is delightful as ever. I hope we start to see a steady story line develop. It seems each episode doesn't really have much to do with each other or come together smoothly.moreless
Philip Brodie

Philip Brodie

Sir Ethan

Guest Star

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Andrew Vincent


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Guest Star

John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

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Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken


Recurring Role

Rupert Young

Rupert Young

Sir Leon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen on the breakfast tray that Merlin brings Gwaine. However, tomatoes were only known in Europe after Columbus brought them from America around 1498.

    • Goof: The soup that Gaius cleans up from his face is thicker than the one Merlin is eating from the bowl.

    • The initial scene where Arthur and Merlin ride through the forest is exactly the same take used in episode 2x13 The Last Dragonlord when they ride out to find the dragonlord, only that mirrored (they are shown riding in opposite directions).

    • The Inn where the bar brawl occurs is called 'Hogs Herd tavern'.

    • Goof: During the bar brawl a man is thrown out of the tavern and he lands on a trough that is placed in front of the entrance door. That same trough is located further and to left of the entrance door when Dagr is put on the stocks.

    • Goof: The objects on the tavern counter are located in different places during the brawl.

    • Goof: Even though Dagr has Arthur pinned down against a table, Arthur has some ten seconds to look around, warn Merlin about another attacker and make sure he is alright before Dagr actually tries to kill him.

    • Goof: When Arthur heads back towards Camelot, he just carries Gwaine on his horse. However, once in Camelot and penniless, Gwaine has a bag with a few belongings.

    • Merlin advices Arthur twice in this episode about 'those moments when I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me and then I'm proved right'; Arthur indeed ignores Merlin and the warlock is proved right both times.

    • In his training fight against Arthur, Dagr/Sir Oswald says to use his right-hand fighting as an excuse to test the adversary before switching to his left hand (the real Sir Oswald was left-handed). However, he switches back to his right hand seconds afterwards and he fights in the melee using his right hand as well.

    • Gwaine's father was a knight in Caerleon's army. He died in battle leaving his wife penniless and when she went to the King for help, he turned her away. That's the reason why is Gwaine is resentful towards nobility and kings.

    • The Stalorne blades are forged using sorcery. They appear blunt to the eye but they pierce just like sharp ones.

      The wearer of a magical crystal will be able to take on the form of whoever's blood the crystal touches.

    • Gwaine saves Arthur's life twice in this episode.

    • There are several similarities between this episode and episode 1x05 Lancelot. In both of them, someone brave (Lancelot / Gwaine) who has saved the life of a resident of Camelot and got hurt in the process is brought to the castle to be healed by Gaius. In both occasions that person occupies Merlin's chamber, recovers and leans out of the window to watch Camelot. Both men flirt with Gwen. Again, in both times that person performs another heroic act but ends up being banned from Camelot for breaking the Knights Code. Arthur admires both and helps both out, interceding for them with Uther. Merlin becomes close with both. The door is left open for both character to come back.

      Also, the scene when Arthur defends Gwaine on basis of Gwaine saving his life is reminiscent of episode 1x04 The Poisoned Chalice, when he did the same for Merlin.

    • Goof: When Arthur hits Merlin's head with a cup, Colin Morgan is actually hit with a different (and less heavy) object.

    • Goof: In the initial long shot Merlin carries a rolled up white blanket right behind his saddle. In the close ups, the blanket is nowhere to be seen.

    • Dagr wears a piece of jewellery in the shape of jaw. Bradley James found it in Chislehurst Caves when filming episode 1x03 The Mark of Nimueh, and costume team got hold of it. It is the same piece of jewellery that Kanen wears in episode 1x10 The Moment of Truth and Kendrick wears in episode 2x04 Lancelot and Guinevere.

    • Same as it occurred in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen, Katie McGrath (Morgana) has some scenes but no lines in this episode.

    • This episode features the third tournament held in Camelot. The first tournament was a sword fighting one as seen in episode 1x02 Valiant and the second tournament was a jousting one as seen in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen.

      There is another similarity with episode 1x02 Valiant. In both, the villain obtains a weapon forged by magic to kill Arthur during the tourney, and in both the maker of such a weapon is killed shortly afterwards by the villain.

    • Scenes from episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen tournament are used during the melee in this episode.

      Also, a scene from episode 1x01 The Dragon's Call depicting Merlin's chamber windows is used in this episode right before Gwaine opens one of them to lean out and watch Camelot. The same scene was used as well in episode 1x05 Lancelot.

    • Goof: Gaius wears glasses, even though they weren't commonly used until the 13th century.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Arthur: You know what you need after a hard day's hunt?
      Merlin: Sleep?
      Arthur: A nice cold tankard of mead.
      Merlin: Mead...

    • Arthur: No better place to measure the mood of your people than the local tavern.
      Merlin: This is one of those moments where I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me, isn't it?
      Arthur: You're learning, Merlin. Slowly. But you're learning. Now remember, in here you're not my servant. I'm just a simple peasant like everyone else.
      Merlin: The simple part's right.
      Arthur: What?
      Merlin: I said 'the sun is very bright'.
      Arthur: Yeah, yeah it is.

    • Mary: Afternoon. What'll it be? Oh, you're a handsome fellow!
      Arthur: (Smiling) Well, you wouldn't be the first to say it.
      Mary: Oh, no, sorry, I was talking about your friend here.
      Arthur: (Stunned) Him?
      Merlin: Thank you.
      Arthur: Two tankards of mead, please.
      Merlin: (Smiling) I was wrong. Coming here was a great idea.

    • Arthur: (Standing up to Dagr to defend Mary, the barmaid) Take your hands off her.
      (Dagr tries to hit Arthur but he dodges him and hits Dagr back)
      Dagr: I'm going to make you pay for that.
      Merlin: I'd like to see you try.
      Arthur: You had to open your big mouth, didn't you, Merlin?
      Gwaine: You two have got yourselves in a bit of a pickle, haven't you?
      Arthur: You should get out of here while you have the chance.
      Gwaine: You're probably right (Hits Dagr and a bar brawl gets started)

    • Arthur: If this man ever troubles you again, word is to be sent to Camelot. Soldiers will be here within a day.
      Mary: How can you make a promise like that?
      Arthur: Because I'm the King's son. Prince Arthur.
      Mary: Prince Arthur. Prince Arthur in my tavern!

    • Gaius: Merlin, fetch me some fresh water. Towels, needle and silk thread.
      Merlin: And honey?
      Gaius: You're learning (To Arthur) It helps fight the infection.
      Arthur: But he'll be all right?
      Gaius: Providing he's strong.
      Arthur: He's that all right? The man saved my life, Gaius. He's to be given anything he needs.

    • (Gwaine wakes up in Merlin's bed)
      Gwaine: What am I doing in this bed?
      Merlin: You were wounded. Arthur wanted to make sure you were treated by his physician.
      Gwaine: Arthur?
      Merlin: Prince Arthur. You saved his life.
      Gwaine: If I'd known who he was...I probably wouldn't have. He's a noble.
      Merlin: Yeah, but he's a good man.
      Gwaine: If you say so.
      Merlin: Well, you're a hero. The King wants to thank you in person.
      Gwaine: Please, no. I've met a few Kings... once you've met one, you've met them all.
      Merlin: He'll probably give you a reward.
      Gwaine: I'm not interested.

    • Merlin: Why did you help us?
      Gwaine: Your chances looked between slim and none. I guess I just kind of liked the look of those odds.

    • Merlin: (About the melee) Oh, yeah, the tournament where the Knights ride around hitting each other with blunt weapons for no good reason.
      Arthur: A little more to it than that...
      Merlin: Really? All I've ever seen is people getting the seven bells knocked out of them, so that the last man standing can be called the winner.
      Arthur: The melee is the ultimate test of strength and courage.
      Merlin: Are you sure we're talking about the same thing?
      Arthur: Well, I wouldn't expect you to understand. You're not a knight.
      Merlin: Well, if it means I don't get clobbered round the head, I'm glad of it.
      Arthur: Well, I'm afraid it doesn't (He throws a tankard and hits the back of Merlin's head with it)
      Merlin: Ouch!

    • Gwaine: (Offering her a daisy) I believe this belongs to you.
      Gwen: I don't think so. It's not my colour.
      Gwaine: Well, let us see (Puts the flower in her hair)
      Gwen: I bet you've got a whole bunch of those to hand out.
      Gwaine: (Shows his empty hands) Yours is the only one (Gwen tries to follow her way but he doesn't let her) I'm Gwaine (Gwen shakes his hand and he doesn't let go) You haven't told me your name. You look like a princess to me, so it's probably something like Sophia or Esmeralda! That's it. Princess Esmeralda!
      Gwen: Stop it, people are staring.
      Gwaine: Not until you tell me your name.
      Gwen: It's Gwen.
      Gwaine: There, that wasn't so hard, now was it? Let me carry that, a princess shouldn't have to lump her washing around.
      Gwen: Unfortunately, I'm not a princess.
      Gwaine: Ah, but you see you are to me. This isn't working, is it?
      Gwen: No. Not really. But I like that you tried and that you know when to give up (Gives him the flower back) You'd better take this. In case someone else takes your fancy.
      Gwaine: I've eyes only for you.
      Gwen: I'm sure.

    • Arthur: Sir Oswald! I didn't think you'd be brave enough to show up.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: And miss the chance of putting you on your backside?
      (They hug)
      Arthur: You've never managed it before.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: That was then. This is now.
      (Arthur punches him playfully)
      Ebor/Sir Ethan: (Introducing himself) Sir Ethan.
      (They shake hands)
      Arthur: This is my servant, Merlin. He loves hard work so anything you need, just give him a call.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: Believe me, I will.
      (Merlin smiles but when the men can't see him, he puts a annoyed face)

    • Gaius: It's very hard to work out whether you're eating or inhaling that soup.
      Merlin: I haven't had anything all day. Sir Oswald had me at his beck and call.
      Gaius: How is he?
      Merlin: Awful. He treats me like dirt.
      Gaius: That doesn't sound like the young man I knew. He always struck me as a rather kind and thoughtful soul.
      Merlin: Then he must've changed.
      Gaius: You must remember that not all masters are as good to their servants as Arthur.
      (Merlin spits his soup on Gaius' face)
      Gaius: Thank you, Merlin.
      Merlin: Sorry.

    • Merlin: What is it with you and nobles?
      Gwaine: Nothing. My father was a Knight in Caerleon's army. He died in battle leaving my mother penniless. When she went to the King for help, he turned her away.
      Merlin: You didn't know him?
      Gwaine: Just some stories I've been told.
      Merlin: I know how that feels. I met my father just briefly before he died.
      Gwaine: Why?
      Merlin: He was banished.
      Gwaine: What had he done?
      Merlin: Nothing. He served the king.
      Gwaine: But the King turned against him. That doesn't surprise me.
      Merlin: Arthur's not like that.
      Gwaine: Maybe, but none of them are worth dying for, huh?

    • Arthur: Are you sure you're all right? You're not sick? Unsteady? About to burst into song?
      Merlin: No. Why?
      Arthur: (Reads bill) 14 quarts of mead. Three flagons of wine. Five quarts of cider.
      Merlin: I can explain.
      Arthur: Four dozen pickled eggs.
      Merlin: That was Gwaine, he went to the tavern and... he couldn't pay for it.
      Arthur: So you said I would?
      Merlin: (Nods) If I hadn't, that inn keeper, he would've strung us both up.
      Arthur: I fail to see the downside.
      Merlin: You said he should be given anything he needs...
      Arthur: Four dozen pickled eggs!
      Merlin: I'm sorry. I'll pay for it.
      Arthur: You most certainly will.

    • (Merlin and Gwaine are cleaning a huge line of boots)
      Gwaine: Arthur's a thoroughbred little braggart.
      Merlin: Why?
      Gwaine: Making us do this.
      Merlin: I think it's fair.
      Gwaine: For the entire army!
      Merlin: If you admitted your father was a Knight you wouldn't have to...
      Gwaine: Maybe, but I'm not making the same mistakes he did. Anyway, my father always treated his servants well.
      Merlin: You didn't know him.
      Gwaine: Well, I like to think that he did. What about yours?
      Merlin: No. He didn't have any servants. He didn't have anyone...
      Gwaine: When did he die?
      Merlin: About a year ago. I just wish I'd had the chance to know him better. There's so much he could've taught me.
      Gwaine: But you did get to meet him.
      Merlin: Yeah.
      Gwaine: If there's one thing that I learnt from my father's life, it's that titles don't mean anything. It's what's inside that counts.

    • (Arthur and Dagr/Sir Oswald are practicing sword fight)
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: How about we make this more interesting? 50 gold coins. First clean hit.
      Arthur: Make it 100.
      (Arthur defeats Dagr/Sir Oswald)
      You can keep your money.
      Ebor/Sir Ethan: Don't worry. In the melee there'll be two of us.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: With the Stalorne blade, I'll fillet the little brat (Spits)

    • Merlin: (About the Stalorne blades) To the eye the sword appeared blunt, but when I touched it...
      Gwaine: You were lucky. I've seen those blades in action. They are forged using sorcery.
      Gaius: But what would they want with such a blade?
      Merlin: I think they mean to kill Arthur in the melee.
      Gaius: But in front of all those people?
      Gwaine: It's the perfect cover. If they succeed, nobody will suspect it was intentional.
      Merlin: I need to warn Arthur.
      Gaius: Merlin! Sir Oswald is a Knight, he comes from a well respected family. You can't accuse him without proof.
      Merlin: Then we need that blade.
      Gwaine: I'll get it.
      Merlin: What if they catch you? What reason would you have to be in Sir Oswald's chambers? No, it's safer if I do it.

    • Dagr/Sir Oswald: Sire, this man attacked me with a sword. He tried to kill me.
      Uther: Is this true?
      Gwaine: I stepped in to protect Merlin.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: I tried to talk to him. He was like a man possessed. I'm sure that Sir Ethan will back me up.
      Ebor/Sir Ethan: Indeed. I can vouch for his every word.
      Gwaine: He's a liar!
      Uther: I will have your tongue! How dare you speak to a Knight in that way!
      Gwaine: Nobility is defined by what you do, not by who you are. These men are anything but... they are arrogant thugs!

    • Uther: For a commoner to attack a nobleman is in violation of the Knight's code.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: I couldn't agree with you more, Sire. He must be made an example of.
      Arthur: Sir Oswald, please...
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: Nothing less than his execution will give me satisfaction.
      Arthur: Father, I understand how this must look. It's an embarrassing situation. Sir Oswald is a dear friend and our guest here in Camelot. But Gwaine is my guest here too. He may not be of noble birth, but I can vouch that he has a noble heart.
      Uther: How can you say that when you see the way he behaves?
      Arthur: Gwaine risked his life to save mine. I beg you, please. If a Knight's word is his bond then I give you my word. Gwaine is a good man. He deserves clemency.
      Uther: You are banished from Camelot. If you ever return, you will pay for it with your life.

    • Merlin: I'm sorry.
      Gwaine: Don't be. I never stay in one place for very long. People get sick of me too quickly.
      Merlin: I didn't...
      Gwaine: After the trouble I caused?
      Merlin: You livened the place up.
      Gwaine: Make sure you look after Arthur. He's in danger.
      Merlin: I thought you hated nobles?
      Gwaine: Yeah, well, maybe that one's worth dying for, eh?

    • Gwen: I heard what happened.
      Gwaine: Yeah...Well, there you go.
      Gwen: You did a brave thing.
      Gwaine: Hell of a lot of good that did me.
      Gwen: I know Arthur. He's not like Uther. You saved his life. I'm sure one day he'll repay you.
      Gwaine: He tried to speak up for me.
      Gwen: Arthur's fair. He's loyal. He will be a great King. I know he will.
      Gwaine: Clearly... if he makes everyone feel the way you do. At least now I know why you turned me down.
      Gwen: It's not just me that says that.
      Gwaine: No. I'm sure it isn't. Let's hope he lives that long.

    • Merlin: I don't know what we do.
      Gaius: I could try and persuade Arthur to withdraw from the contest...
      Merlin: He won't. I know Arthur. I'll have to somehow... use my powers to defend him.
      Gaius: With the King and half of Camelot watching?
      Merlin: I don't have a choice.

    • Uther: I trust you're ready for the challenge.
      Arthur: Yes, father.
      Uther: I came to bring you this. I won my first melee with this blade. The edge has been dulled. It's perfectly safe. All of Camelot is eager for a victory today, Arthur. I know you won't let me down.

    • Ebor/Sir Ethan: Prince Arthur isn't going to know what's hit him.
      Dagr/Sir Oswald: Oh, I hope he does. If it's over too quickly, that'll be no fun at all.

    • Merlin: You know those moments when I tell you something isn't a good idea...
      Arthur:... and then I ignore you, yeah.
      Merlin: And then I'm proved right.
      Arthur: Merlin, your concern for my wellbeing is touching.
      Merlin: I'm serious. I think you should withdraw.
      Arthur: Look, I know you think the melee is some kind of stupid game. But it's more than that. It's about proving to the people that I am fit to lead them.
      Merlin: I know. Just be careful.

    • Merlin: Who is that helping Arthur?
      Gaius: I don't know, but we should be thankful he is.
      Merlin: (Smiling) There's only one person I know who can do that...

    • Arthur: You know they expect us to fight to the end now? (He takes off his helmet and the crowd cheers) You fought bravely. The field is yours.
      (Gwaine removes his helmet)
      Arthur: (Smiles) I should have known. Nobody fights like you do.

    • Uther: Is there nothing you can do for them?
      Gaius: I'm sorry. It is too late for that.
      Uther: The prisoner is responsible for their deaths. I want him executed immediately.
      Gaius: You might want to wait before you pass judgement. I fear that... (Removing the magical crystals from their necks) ...Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald are not all that they seem (Gaius removes their helmets to show Dagr and Ebor's faces)
      Uther: Sorcery!
      Arthur: Then, once again I owe Gwaine my life.

    • Arthur: The King is prepared to overlook the fact that you fought in the melee.
      Merlin: That's fantastic!
      Gwaine: Thank you Arthur...
      Arthur: But... he's a stubborn man. He will not rescind his judgement. You must leave Camelot.
      Merlin: You've got to speak to him, Arthur. Make him change his mind.
      Gwaine: Merlin...
      Arthur: I'm sorry, Gwaine. My father's wrong. If it were up to me...
      Gwaine: I know, you don't need to explain yourself.

    • Merlin: Where will you go?
      Gwaine: I was thinking Mercia.
      Merlin: It's dangerous.
      Gwaine: Yeah, and you get a lot more ale for your money. I'm joking.
      Merlin: Why don't you tell the King who you really are? He'd grant you a pardon. You could stay in Camelot...
      Gwaine: I could never serve under a man like Uther.
      Merlin: And yet you helped Arthur.
      Gwaine: He stood up for me.
      Merlin: I knew he would.
      Gwaine: That showed he is indeed a noble man.
      Merlin: Then why don't you stay? You could be a Knight, like your father. You and Arthur, you fought well together.
      Gwaine: And maybe one day we will again.

    • (Arthur and Merlin watch Gwaine as he leaves Camelot)
      Arthur: It's a shame. He would've been a great Knight.
      Merlin: Maybe one day he still will.
      Arthur: The rules won't allow it. Knights are noblemen, always have been, always will be. It's a tradition... (Gwaine and Gwen meet and share some words and a few smiles) They seem very friendly.
      Merlin: Why should you care?
      Arthur: I don't. She can do better than that!
      Merlin: She should be setting her sights higher? Oh, but I forget! She can't! A girl of Gwen's standing, she could never consort with a nobleman. That's the rules.
      Arthur: Merlin...
      Merlin: Shut up?
      Arthur: You guessed it.

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