Season 4 Episode 5

His Father's Son

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2011 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Queen Annis: I don't like it. It must be a trick.
      Morgana: What concerns you, Your Highness?
      Queen Annis: Arthur. Why would he choose himself as the champion?
      Morgana: Because he's Arthur. He'll always risk his own life before those of his men. Trust me, it's no trick, Arthur will fight.
      Queen Annis: It's as if you were pleased, Morgana. Whatever else he is, Arthur is a great warrior. You have as much to lose as I if he wins. You desire the throne of Camelot, do you not?
      Morgana: I don't deny it. It's rightfully mine after all. Arthur will not win.
      Queen Annis: How can you possibly know that?
      Morgana: Because I have the power to ensure that he doesn't.
      Queen Annis: Then you must use it.