Season 4 Episode 9

Lancelot Du Lac

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 2011 on BBC

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  • 'The Bravest and Noblest of them All'?

    That's what I thought Arthur was supposed to think of Lancelot as, not some hideous traitor.
  • Arthur has decided it's time to make a big change in his relationship with Gwen. Just as their happiness seems fully realized someone from the past appears to disrupt everything.


    This may well be my favorite episode of Merlin as a whole, and it is definitely my favorite of this series so far. From the beginning when Arthur decides to be his own man and ask Gwen to marry him contrary to Agravaine's wishes, to the final scene where Merlin says goodbye to Lancelot, I loved every bit of it.

    To start the episode off, Arthur informs his uncle that he is going to make Gwen his Queen. Agravaine informs Morgana of this and she is enraged. To get her revenge she conjures Lancelot from the dead, although it is not the true Lancelot; his soul doesn't possess his form. During a tournament that Arthur holds as an engagement gift to Gwen, Lancelotreappears, seemingly from the dead and causes problems. Lancelot seems mostly normal to the residents of Camelot, but he has forgotten that Merlin has magic and Merlin becomessuspiciousof him. Meanwhile, Lancelot gives Gwen a bracelet thatunbeknownstto her is enchanted to make her old feelings for Lancelot resurface. Arthur catches Lancelot and Gwen kissing in the council room and puts them both in the jail where Lancelot kills himself at Morgana's request as he must do anything she asks. Arthur summons Gwen before him and questions her. She tells him for the first time that she loves him, but he exiles her away from Camelot anyway because he can't trust her anymore. The next morning Merlin watches Gwen leave Camelot before he goes to the lake of Avalon to give Lancelot a proper funeral similar to what he did for Freya. Merlin is able to rescue Lancelot's true spirit so that it isn't in Morgana's hands any longer, but he isvisibly heartbroken over the death of one friend and the exile of another. Merlin asks Arthur is he'll ever forgive Gwen to which he replies that he forgives her, he can just never trust her again.

    The acting in this episode was superb and my favorite moments were the scene where Arthur questions Gwen and the funeral scene at the conclusion. Bradley, Angel, and Colin's acting was amazing in all of these scenes. I also liked that the episode didn't really have a happy ending because this sets up better for the overall arc of the plot of the series as the issues from this story line will have to be resolved later. I also adored the music in this episode, especially the score the in the final funeral scene. It may very well be my favorite theme in the whole show, next to the Arthur/Gwen theme.

    Overall, I thought this episode was awesome and definitely the best of the series so far.

  • All time new low, for a series that's heading off the rails.


    Hailed the fav episode of cast n' crew, you wonder exactly what is in the water in France? The charm of this gods-of-old-awful storyline in set in murky waters. Writer Watkins makes a mess out of a zombie tale set in Camelot. It's terrible. Lancelot returns as a shade (a demented soul) under Morgana's powers. Goody-two shoes Gwen has to wear a magic bracelet to be caught in the corridor with evil shade Lancelot. Arthur flips his lid, screaming for blood. Gwen gets kicked out of Camelot. Lancelot the shade commits suicide. Merlin weeps.

    J Capps the producer is always blabbing how he can't tell the real stories found in the legends, then he lets this junk go down? The real tales are too controversial. So instead of having Lancelot as the greatest knight of Arthur's Table, they decided to make him a demented suicidal shade? Wait. What is going on?!

    I got news for the tweens, S04 isn't darker, it's more childish. Childishness of illogical proportions. The characters once likable are flat and annoying now. Their actions are strange, and behavior unexplainable. The plots, borderline insane. I've never seen a series go off the rails so quickly as this. Makes me wonder why I devoted more than 3 odd years to being a fan. I feel almost embarrassed, and I think Capps should too.

  • I was really looking forward to it, but then somewhere in the middle...I got really confused.


    I'll admit I've never been totally a Arthur/Gwen fan, but this episode was just cruel! First, what was up with Merlin?? Usually he catches weird stuff, he caught what Lancelot was (a shade), but he didn't realize Gwen was under some magic love bracelet?

    Usually anything that kicks Gwen's butt makes me laugh hysterically, but this episode? Man, even I was feeling bad for her. Here she's just about to marry the man she loves (and be Queen!), but Morgana screws with her in a totally under-handed way. And gets her kicked out of the country but her future husband (well not anymore I guess).

    As I've said, Arthur kicks Gwen out of Camelot after he catches her and Lancelot kissing...

    Really? He kicks her out of the freaking country?!?! I find that really hard to believe, I would've thought he'd just kick her out of the castle or something.

    In the end, I felt bad for Arthur, but was kind of disappointed that Merlin didn't pick up on the whole "love bracelet" thing. It seemed like the writers didn't keep up with Merlin's character. And what about Lancelot?! He's a major plot point in the original Arthur story, how the heck are they gonna fix that???

  • 3.0

    Great Acting, otherwise a mess. I enjoy this show, but Arthur needs to stop trusting every relative he sees! Time to write more episodes about the Kind trying to unit the 5 Kingdom's, and defending Camelot from Barbarians!

    Giant plot holes, characters so out of "character as to be unrecognizable.

    Everyone throws Gwen under the bus.

    If you are advancing the story line like this: you are doing it wrong.

    Lancelot as a Zombie? Really?

    Enough Magic jewelry

    Enough Morgana sitting in her hovel

    Get on with it!

    Bad enough the last two episodes of the season are essentially the same as the last two episodes of season 3

  • Possibly one of the best episodes of Merlin, if it hadn't have been for the glaring plot hole right at the end. Talk about forced set up, but it still gets the thumbs up from me as I watch Merlin with Merlin tinted glasses... let me explain.


    Anyone who is a Arwen shipper will have been looking forward to and dreading this episode in equal measure as Arthur finally proposes to Gwen.After waiting for this for this since that first kiss in Series Two, it was a squee moment like anything until old flame Lancelot turns up.

    Previously dead, Lancelot has been resurrected by the evil Morgana in an attempt to keep Gwen off her throne and this time shesucceeds. Despite the slightly contrived aspects of the episode, which I have to ignore due to my Merlin Tinted Glasses, it was an excellent tale of how love can descend into something terrible over the course of just a few days leaving two of the strongest characters at odds with themselves and heartbroken, thus in a weaker position.

    But that is all part of the plan, of course.

    Morgana needs Arthur weak and part of that isseparatinghim from Gwen who gives him greatstrength.

    All around it was a well acted episode; Lancelot is a different man, you can feel Gwen's utter confusion as she struggles to make sense of what is happened to her and then there is the crushing moment as you feel Arthur's pain.

    The onlycriticismis Merlin himself, for being just a little out of character and not realising that Gwen was not herself. Other than that, brilliant episode.

  • What will the world be like without Gwen? Poor Arthur, if only he knew the truth about what happened between his bride to be and Sir Lancelot. Emotions ran high in this episode, and when excatly is Morgana's master plan to over throw Aurthur going to end.


    After 4 years of "will they wont they" (of course we all know they will)They finally get ready to say i do, but nothing runs smoothly in camelot. Gwen must be the luckiest girl in the world. Arthur proposes in the most romantic setting i have seen in a long time. Unfortunately Morgana would rather "drown in her own blood than seen Gwen on her thrown". I have to admitt i have become werry of Morgana's master plan to over throw Arthur. In fact i think morgana has become a pityful character. I remember when he charater was just blossming, i had higher hopes for her than a revengeful, angry, lonely soul.

    I loved seeing Gwen and Arthur grow in love together, they do have a chemistry although some may arguethatis more comparable to a frienship (Well it is a family show after all...). I was expecting tonights episode to has a dark twist. Thsi episode absoulty delivered a thick broth of drama. the story line centres around the pending marriage between the king and Gwen and i have to say i am desperate to see her on the thrown, its been long enough. Gwen is glowing with happiness. hearthrob Lancelot turns up and it imediately throws her obviously. I love how the arrival of Lancelot brings out a sense of territory and jealousy in Arthur its very cute.

    When Arthur finds Gwen and Lancelot in anembrace it really sets him off. ot has to be the most devistating blow for him since his father died. The heated disscusion between Gwen and Arthur at the end was just magic...

    can't wait to get Gwen back on the screen its not the same.

  • Lancelot Du Lac


    Lancelot Du Lac was a great episode of Merlin and I really enjoyed watching this entertaining episode because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, character and plot development. There was a lot of emotion swirling around for the characters as Lancelot reappears in Camelot. It was fun watching the story unfold and to see how things worked out. The story doesn't always end so happily and this episode did that with grace. This was a touching episode that moves the heart. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Amazingly Heartbreaking!


    This was a beautiful episode that left my heart in tatters on the floor.

    The acting was amazing and I take my hat off to the cast for a superb job well done.

    I feel sorry for Arthur who seems to be doomed to have all those he loves and trusts betray him and stomp on his heart in the process.

    The scenes with Arthur and Gwen were wrenching, and the final scene with Merlin and Lancelot brought tears to my eyes. This was definitely a very dramatic and emotional episode, with no humor in sight. It leaves the viewer wondering what now.

    Loved it in a brilliantly painful sort of way :)

  • One of my favourite episodes. From joy to anguish to despair. I'm not surprised most of the cast and crew also say it's the best one.


    It's interesting how my favourites of this series 4.03 and this one seem to be 'love or hate' episodes and so I needed to add my review and say why I found it so wonderful.

    Simply put; great story, great twist on the annoying love triangle of the later legends, great directing, sound music and absolutely incredible acting.

    There was Angel and Bradly in the coucil chambers, Santiago's very subtle playing of not!Lancelot and Colin throughout, from the scene where he dropped the sword off-stage in shock. (If wrote a scene just like it in one of my fics - but for a different reason .. Yeah!) and all the emotions inbetween until Merlin's final, heartbreaking scene with Lancelot.

    Really looking forward to seeing how they're going to tie up all the loose threads that they left hanging in the next few weeks.

  • I think that the very melodramatic end could have been lessened to prevent hypocrisies and to show Lancelot's state plainly. Merlin and Author missed key moments in the line to fix the problem. This episode faltared in comparison to others.


    I had many preconceived notions of this episode based on the explanation but I think that more action could have been done in the middle to make the plot more interesting and less flat. This emotion filled episode may have been dramatic but it shortchanged Merlin's awareness and Author's love forGenevieve. Merlin should have noticed the bracelet Lancelot gave Gwen and maybe questioned Gwen/Lancelot about it. Also, Author should have remembered that Gwen's love was eternal so something else must have effected this happy day for them. He was very susceptible to Agravaine'smeddling. Over this episode ended fitfully with the power of Morgana and Agravaine overruling Author and Merlin's strong sense of danger. Overall, Merlin should have realized Lancelot's motives for coming there sooner and saw the bracelet. I wasdisappointingin general about the episode totally and completely.

    I just want to know how they fix this. Only my faith in the show will let me watch the series.