Season 4 Episode 9

Lancelot Du Lac

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 2011 on BBC

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  • Possibly one of the best episodes of Merlin, if it hadn't have been for the glaring plot hole right at the end. Talk about forced set up, but it still gets the thumbs up from me as I watch Merlin with Merlin tinted glasses... let me explain.


    Anyone who is a Arwen shipper will have been looking forward to and dreading this episode in equal measure as Arthur finally proposes to Gwen.After waiting for this for this since that first kiss in Series Two, it was a squee moment like anything until old flame Lancelot turns up.

    Previously dead, Lancelot has been resurrected by the evil Morgana in an attempt to keep Gwen off her throne and this time shesucceeds. Despite the slightly contrived aspects of the episode, which I have to ignore due to my Merlin Tinted Glasses, it was an excellent tale of how love can descend into something terrible over the course of just a few days leaving two of the strongest characters at odds with themselves and heartbroken, thus in a weaker position.

    But that is all part of the plan, of course.

    Morgana needs Arthur weak and part of that isseparatinghim from Gwen who gives him greatstrength.

    All around it was a well acted episode; Lancelot is a different man, you can feel Gwen's utter confusion as she struggles to make sense of what is happened to her and then there is the crushing moment as you feel Arthur's pain.

    The onlycriticismis Merlin himself, for being just a little out of character and not realising that Gwen was not herself. Other than that, brilliant episode.

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