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Queen Of Hearts

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2010 on BBC
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When Morgana is tormented by dreams in which Guinevere becomes Queen of Camelot, Morgause encourages her to reveal Arthur and Gwen's courtship to Uther in the knowledge that he will do whatever it takes to stop his son from marrying a serving girl. As a result, Uther banishes Gwen from the kingdom forcing Arthur to make the ultimate sacrifice of leaving Camelot with her. Determined to stop the loving couple, Morgana frames Gwen for the scandalous crime of enchanting the Prince. With destiny once again at stake, Merlin will be compelled to risk everything to save Gwen from a gruesome death.moreless

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  • This was the best episode so far. It had TRUE LOVE, comedy, tragedy, drama, you name it. I loved the fact that all the main cast members were given a part and it felt like a complete episode.moreless

    Gwen looked stunning as Arthur's queen and Merlin looked so proud of his two best friends then suddenly Morgana wakes from her nightmare and we are faced with Morgana intent in destroying Arthur and Gwen's relationship. The picnic scene was adorable and it was refreshing to see Arthur relaxed and so happy for a change. The chemistry between Gwen and Arthur was at its best with that wondeful kiss. The scene with Uther slapping Gwen was hard to take and unnecessary but Gwen stood her ground and did not cry! Arthur's desperation when his father sentenced Gwen to death was heartbreaking!

    One minute you are crying the next you are crying with laughter as old Merlin gets his groove on and tells it like it is, lol.

    I felt all kinds of emotions with this episode and loved every single minute of it.moreless
  • I think the best so far!

    I really enjoy every episode of Merlin but this one is the most entertaining so far. I could never forget the scene where Merlin, as an old warlock, is in the prince's room and Arthur "caught" him. The camera work, the acting, the lines, they are all in sync. It's very funny! It's unforgettable to me...

    I really enjoy every episode of Merlin but this one is the most entertaining so far. I could never forget the scene where Merlin, as an old warlock, is in the prince's room and Arthur "caught" him. The camera work, the acting, the lines, they are all in sync. It's very funny! It's unforgettable to me...moreless
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!

    I loved this episode. By far the best episode yet. Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it, there was comedy, romance and suspension. Arwen forever. Sooooooooo goooood. Watched it like 100 times. No exaggeration. I can't wait for them to get together officially. Loved the old merlin and the whole comedy routine there. I loved every aspect of it, faultless except they could have added more arwen action (minor problem). Can't wait till next two episodes spoilers online indicate great 2 episdoes coming up!!!!

    I loved this episode. By far the best episode yet. Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it, there was comedy, romance and suspension. Arwen forever. Sooooooooo goooood. Watched it like 100 times. No exaggeration. I can't wait for them to get together officially. Loved the old merlin and the whole comedy routine there. I loved every aspect of it, faultless except they could have added more arwen action (minor problem). Can't wait till next two episodes spoilers online indicate great 2 episdoes coming up!!!!moreless
  • Exciting

    Another episode that I really enjoyed, though it is still hard to believe that for all that Morgana hates Uther and Merlin, that she could be so devious and cruel towards Gwen and Arthur.

    We received plenty of budding romance topped with dashes of angst, and pinches of suspense.

    I enjoyed Colin Morgan's portrayal of himself as an eighty year old warlock. It was quite humorous, and I know Merlin had to enjoy shouting into Uther and Arthur's faces.

    Morgana's confusion at the sudden appearance of Dragoon the Great was quite funny. She'd be furious to find out Merlin had foiled her plan once again.

    All in all a great watch.moreless
  • In her attempt to avoid a future where Gwen is crowned Queen, Morgana efforts actually result in Arthur and Guinevere increasing their commitment to each other and a future together. It is an episode with long term consequences.moreless

    What Worked:

    Manipulative Morgana: This episode shows Morgana playing to her strengths. She's quick on the uptake and knows exactly how to manipulate others. It takes very little for her to get Arthur to confirm his feelings for Gwen and to set the events in motion where she can make sure Uther discovers the two young lovers together. Her feigned dismay at Uther's actions are as transparent as glass to Merlin and the two continue their stare-down routine. Of course Morgana's plan backfires as Arthur realizes in his defense of Gwen that he is in fact in love with her and Gwen accepts exactly how far Arthur would go to make their relationship come to fruition.

    Arthur/Uther – Anthony Head is once again perfect as the old school King who first finds his son's affection for Gwen amusing and then banishes her when he realizes Arthur is serious. Bradley James plays his scenes with just the right amount of panic and guilt as he keeps digging himself deeper into a hole. You can see he is paralyzed with fear over Gwen's sentencing. Normally Arthur would be coming up with a plot but he looks gut-shot for most of the second act. Arthur/Gwen – Gwen has always been slow to commit to Arthur as she is far more pragmatic. When Arthur goes "all in" by renouncing his throne she is simultaneously thrilled and dead set against it. Arthur truly surprised her with his depth of feeling. Although some have criticized that Uther was right, Arthur would never give up the throne for Gwen, this reviewer thinks all the indicators are to the contrary. Arthur's need for acceptance and love outweighs his ambition. Although he always puts duty first, he would easily give up his life to save Gwen's. Letting her be burned at the stake for his mistake of revealing the extent of his feelings to his father is beyond something Arthur could accept. He'd die first and he'd certainly give up the throne to save her life. Before, when it was simply running away with her he wasn't renouncing his throne; he was going to come back when the time was right. This was different. If Arthur thought he could overcome the guards and break her out, he would have done that as well. When the danger was passed, we had Guinevere press duty before love but also make a commitment to Arthur – to wait for him – which she had never done before.

    Makeup and Lighting – Not just the amazing prosthetics of Old Merlin but also the glamorization of Queen Guinevere were both superbly done. The lighting was also exceptional this episode between the candlelight scenes, the shafts of light in the jail, and the glorious lighting during the picnic.

    Partial Success:

    Old Merlin: Colin Morgan was brilliant, intense, and hilarious as Old Merlin. His slightly incompetent "make it up as he goes along" planning was nicely juxtaposed with the older visage. The speech to Uther was a fist-pumping scene for the fans who have wanted Merlin to tell off the hypocrite for years. On the other hand, they buried the lead with this turn of events. Suddenly the show centered on Old Merlin and his plight. They were more than a few plot holes (like why didn't Merlin simply bust out of jail in the night when he still had magic) to keep the tension going. At this stage, large plot holes like this are unforgiveable. It gives the impression that the concept (Old Merlin) became more important than the actual storytelling. What Didn't Work:

    Arthur in the 3rd Act – After finding a guilty Old Merlin sorcerer, Arthur seems to immediately fall in line with having the man executed. Arthur knew he wasn't enchanted, despite the confession. Even with the perspective that Arthur thought Old Merlin had put Gwen's life in jeopardy, it didn't take much thinking to see Old Merlin also saved her life with his confession. Arthur's sudden lack of curiosity and willingness to see Old Merlin burn was poor characterization for the sake of the Old Merlin sight gag.

    Overall grade 9.0. Morgana is marvelously manipulative, Uther is psychotically scary, and Arthur and Gwen make significant forward progress. These are all good story points. The use of Old Merlin, while effective in many regards, felt a little out of place in this story and the subsequent plot holes are fairly large. Upon Second Look Review: As stated before, having this episode BEFORE the events of Eye of the Phoenix would have made much more sense in terms of the Arthur/Gwen and Gwen/Morgana development. Still, this episode shows once again that Arthur can no longer trust his father's judgment when it comes to his own life. It puts a permanent rift between he and Uther. The rift between Gwen and Morgana is also firmly established by this episode. A necessary episode that moves the overall story forward for this Series 3.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Goof: Arthur's shirt changes from blue to brown and back to blue in the scene where he escorts Old Merlin from the dungeon to the courtyard to be executed.

    • Goof: When Merlin performs the ageing spell, he is wearing a red shirt, a blue scarf and a brown jacket. When the spell is reversed, he is wearing a blue shirt.

      However, even though it is not explained where he got the old sorcerer's robe from, Merlin could have planned that a change of clothes would be needed again so he could be wearing his normal clothes underneath the red robe.

    • Goof: In the scene where the pyre is being built up, a sewer can be seen in the castle square.

    • Goof: When Arthur puts a knife through old Merlin's shirt sleeve to pin him in place, the knife lands close to Merlin's wrist but in the long shot it's been moved further away.

    • The scene where Uther condemns old Merlin to die in the pyre mirrors episode 1x01 The Dragon's Call where where Uther puts Mary Collin's son to death.

    • Through Morgana's dream we have the first image of Arthur (who is wearing Uther's crown) and Guinevere as King and Queen of Camelot.

    • Goof: All throughout the scene where Merlin and Gwen arrive to the picnic spot and she crosses the creek to join Arthur, the way in which she holds the back of her gown up is not consistent as she shifts between her right and her left hand several times.
      Likewise, when Arthur is checking himself out in the silver tray, he shifts it from hand to hand between takes.

    • Unlike Mary Collins in episode 1x01 The Dragon's Call and Morgause in episode 3x08 The Eye Of The Phoenix, Old Merlin's reflection in the mirror didn't reveal his real self.

    • Goof: Merlin was able to do magic and get himself out of the dungeon in episode 2x01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan. However, Old Merlin seems unable to do so.

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen on Uther's table. However, they were first introduced in Europe following the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

    • Morgana says that she knows about Arthur and Gwen's feelings for each other but Gwen pretends that she doesn't know what Morgana is talking about. However, Gwen already admitted to Morgana that they cared for each other in episode 3X06 The Changeling.

    • The last dialogue between Arthur and Gwen: 'You will be a great king. And then you can change these ridiculous customs''I promise you that when I am king things will be different' resembles their exchange at the end of episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen: 'Perhaps when you are king, things will be different'.
      Also, Morgana tells Arthur: 'Oh, come on, Arthur. Why can't you admit you have feelings for her? A blind man could see it, which resembles Merlin's statement to Arthur in episode 2x04 Lancelot and Guinevere: 'Why can't you just admit your feelings for Gwen? It's so obvious a blind man could see it'. All three episodes have been written by Howard Overman.

    • Goof: In the scene where Gwen is condemned to death and dragged away by two guards, Arthur manages to kiss her before she is taken away. When he kisses Gwen, he leans his head to the right but immediately afterwards in the next take his head is leant to the left. When the kiss breaks, he is leaning his head towards his right side again.

    • Merlin takes the fake name of 'Dragoon the Great' as the old version of him. His choice is a play on words with the way Kilgharrah is usually referred to as "The Great Dragon".

    • Uther says that Gwen's father consorted with sorcerers and she defends him saying that he was a good and innocent man who was unjustly executed. This can be seen in episode 1x12 To Kill the King where ironically, Uther actually reckoned that he was wrong having Tom killed.

    • This is the second time that Gwen is falsely accused of practising sorcery and condemned to death. It first occurred in episode 1x03 The Mark of Nimueh.

    • Goof: Uther and Morgana ride away from the castle on different horses than the ones they are riding when they surprise Arthur and Gwen kissing.

    • When Uther was young he was more than familiar with the temptations of serving girls.

    • Morgana's healing bracelet can't stop powerful dreams like prophecies.

    • Goof: Gwen seems surprised when she recalls Morgana smiling as she was taken away after having been condemned to death. However, Gwen had already seen Morgana performing magic in episode 3x08 The Eye Of The Phoenix and warned Gaius that she meant no good to either of them any longer.
      This inconsistency can be explained by the fact that the airing order of episodes 8 and 10 was swapped, as it can be deducted from Bradley James and Colin Morgan's Geek Syndicate interview during the September 5th, 2010 during a BFI event. When asked what their favourite episode was, they said episode 10. Colin mentions that it is a The Princess Bride type of adventure and Bradley mentions the 'Perilous Lands'. Both statements fit episode 3x08.

    • Goof: Strawberries can be seen between the food at Arthur and Gwen's picnic. However, strawberries were only first introduced in Europe in the 17th century.

    • Goof: Gaius wears glasses, even though they weren't commonly used until the 13th century.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • (In Morgana's dream)
      Arthur: By the sacred laws vested in me... I pronounce you Guinevere, Queen of Camelot.

    • Morgause: Tell me about these dreams that are so troubling you.
      Morgana: They show a ceremony in Camelot. It's my serving girl, Gwen. She sits beside Arthur on a throne. She is crowned Queen. I see the same thing night after night.
      Morgause: There are some dreams that are so powerful your healing bracelet will not stop them. It is a prophecy.
      Morgana: How can that be? She's a servant. Uther would never allow Arthur to marry her.
      Morgause: There are many futures, sister. Some are shrouded in mist, and others are clear as cut glass. But your gift is powerful and this vision cannot be ignored. You can't allow this serving girl to take your rightful place upon the throne. Whatever relationship exists between Arthur and... Gwen... you must destroy it.

    • Morgana: Have you spoken to Arthur recently?
      Gwen: I saw him yesterday in the market.
      Morgana: It must be hard...
      Gwen: What's that?
      Morgana: Hiding your feelings for him.
      Gwen: I'm not sure what you mean.
      Morgana: I know how you feel about Arthur and how he feels about you. Do you deny it? It's such a shame you can't be more open about your feelings for each other.
      Gwen: If you'll excuse me, my lady (She leaves)

    • Morgana: I was worried about you. You weren't yourself at dinner.
      Arthur: Just a bit tired.
      Morgana: Really? I thought the reason you were so distracted had something to do with the fact that Gwen was in the room?
      Arthur: I have no idea what you're talking about.
      Morgana: Oh, come on, Arthur. Why can't you admit you have feelings for her? A blind man could see it.
      Arthur: Is it really that obvious?
      Morgana: It's only so obvious to me because I know Gwen also has feelings for you.

    • Morgana: (About Gwen) She speaks of you all the time.
      Arthur: What did she say?
      Morgana: You are already arrogant enough. I will flatter you no further. Poor girl, I fear she doesn't know what to do with herself when she is around you.
      Arthur: She's not alone. I have such feelings for her, and yet I know nothing can ever come of them.
      Morgana: If it is Gwen who you desire, why do you deny yourself?
      Arthur: Because she's a servant. My father would have me marry for the good of the kingdom.
      Morgana: Uther knows nothing of love. You are the future king. You must set your own rules. Besides, he doesn't have to find out. You should spend some time with Gwen. I know she'd like that.

    • Gwen: Arthur wishes to spend the day with me?
      Merlin: I thought you'd be happy.
      Gwen: It isn't that simple. If anyone were to find out... what if someone sees us?
      Merlin: I'll take you to meet him outside the city. Arthur's willing to take the risk, if you are. Should I tell him you won't meet him?
      Gwen: No.
      Merlin: Forget he is Prince Arthur and that he can be a spoilt, arrogant brat.
      Gwen: Merlin...
      Merlin: Sorry. You like him?
      Gwen: Yes.
      Merlin: And he likes you?
      Gwen: Mmm-hmm.
      Merlin: Isn't that all that really matters?
      Gwen: I suppose it is.
      Merlin: Then I will come back in the morning.

    • Merlin: (To Gwen) You look lovely.

    • Arthur: Guinevere, you look...
      Merlin: I think he's trying to say you look nice.
      Arthur: Thank you, Merlin. That will be all.
      Merlin: Have fun.

    • Morgana: It's such a beautiful day. I was wondering if you might join me for a ride?
      Uther: I have council matters to attend to.
      Morgana: It's just I get to spend so little time with you these days. Our time together is... so precious to me.
      Uther: You're right. We don't spend enough time together. The council can wait.

    • Gwen: It feels different, doesn't it? Being away from Camelot.
      Arthur: I love Camelot more than I can say but when I'm there... sometimes I feel I can hardly breathe, everyone expects so much of me. Being here, with you... I can be myself.
      Gwen: I like that, you being yourself.
      Arthur: Sometimes I dream of leaving Camelot.
      Gwen: Really? Where would you go?
      Arthur: I don't know. Somewhere where nobody knew who I was. I'd get some land and become a farmer...
      Gwen: I can hardly see you toiling away in the fields all day.
      Arthur: Obviously I'd take Merlin with me. He can do all the hard work.
      Gwen: I'm sure he'd love that.

    • Gwen: We should be heading back to Camelot soon.
      Arthur: We can stay a while longer. We don't know when we'll have the chance to do this again.
      Gwen: Perhaps when you become a farmer, we can be together more often.
      Arthur: That's just a dream. I fear I will never leave Camelot.

    • Arthur: I thought you'd be furious.
      Uther: I was young once. I'm more than familiar with the temptations of serving girls.
      Arthur: I'm sorry I kept it from you. I thought it for the best.
      Uther: No serious harm has been done. I can't allow it to continue obviously.
      Arthur: What are you talking about?
      Uther: You can never see this girl again.
      Arthur: You just said that no harm had been done.
      Uther: You've had your fun, now it must come to an end.
      Arthur: What does it matter that Guinevere is a servant?
      Uther: The survival of Camelot depends on forging an alliance through your marriage.
      Arthur: But I can't marry someone who I don't have feelings for...
      Uther: Your first duty is to Camelot.
      Arthur: I care about her...
      Uther: I cannot allow this. I forbid it.
      Arthur: You can't forbid my feelings any more than I can. I won't deny them any longer. I love her. I love Guinevere.

    • Uther: You leave me no choice. She is banished from the city.
      Arthur: You can't do that.
      Uther: She has three days to leave. To return is on pain of death.
      Arthur: She has nowhere to go! Her life is in Camelot.
      Uther: You have caused this to happen, Arthur. My decision is final.
      Arthur: Please. Do not banish her. I give you my solemn word that I'll never see her again.
      Uther: You have made it clear to me that you cannot control your feelings for this girl.
      Arthur: No!
      Uther: This is for your own good.

    • Merlin: How did Uther know where to find you?
      Arthur: I don't know. You were the only person who knew where we were.
      Merlin: I didn't tell him.
      Arthur: Maybe something you said gave it away.
      Merlin: I didn't say anything.
      Arthur: You know Merlin, you couldn't keep a secret if your life depended upon it!
      Merlin: You'd be surprised.
      Arthur: What's that supposed to mean?
      Merlin: Nothing.

    • Arthur: I'll leave with her.
      Morgana: You're leaving Camelot? You'd give up your rights to the throne?
      Arthur: One day, we will return to Camelot together and Guinevere will take her place on the throne beside me.

    • Merlin: Where will you go?
      Gwen: I don't know. I've spent my whole life in Camelot. It's all I know. Everything I care about is here. I have nothing else...
      Merlin: I'll think of something. I promise.

    • Morgana: You're worried about Arthur?
      Uther: I do not understand his feelings for this girl. She is a servant.
      Morgana: It is strange that...
      Uther: What?
      Morgana: Arthur tells me everything and he's never expressed any feelings for Gwen, and suddenly he is declaring his love for her.
      Uther: What are you saying, Morgana?
      Morgana: I'm sure there's an explanation...
      Uther: Speak your mind.
      Morgana: You yourself have noticed Arthur's strange mood. It's almost as though he's been enchanted...

    • Arthur: My father has ordered my chambers to be searched.
      Merlin: What for?
      Arthur: (To one of the men who are searching his room) You think I have a girl hiding in there?

    • Uther: (Showing her the magical poultice) Do you recognise it?
      Gwen: I've never seen it before in my life.
      Uther: Really? I believe you planted it in Arthur's chambers to enchant him.
      Gwen: That's not true.
      Uther: Why else would Arthur fall in love with someone like you?
      Gwen: I don't expect someone like you to understand that.
      (Uther slaps Gwen)
      Morgana: My Lord! Gwen has always been a loyal and trusted servant.
      Uther: I have no doubt she's feigned loyalty while using her position to get close to my son.

    • Uther: This poultice was found under your pillow. It's some kind of love charm. You are under its spell.
      Arthur: That's ridiculous.
      Uther: What would you know?
      Arthur: Because I know how I feel. I'm not enchanted.
      Uther: So can you tell me how it came to be in your room?
      Arthur: I don't know, but I don't believe Guinevere put it there.
      Uther: Until its spell is broken, I can't take anything you say as the truth.

    • Gaius: My Lord, whatever this poultice is, I don't believe that Gwen is responsible for magic.
      Uther: I don't care what you believe, Gaius! Arthur is under her spell! It is the only rational explanation for his behaviour!
      Arthur: Father, you have to see reason. Guinevere has done nothing wrong.
      Uther: She has been found guilty of using magic and enchantments. She will be burnt at the stake.
      Arthur: No.
      Uther: Restrain him!
      Arthur: You can't do this!
      Gaius: My Lord! At least give Gwen a fair trial.
      Uther: I have all the evidence I need.
      Arthur: I'm begging you! We will leave Camelot and never return! Just let us go! I relinquish my entitlement to the throne!
      Uther: My son would never do that. It is proof beyond doubt that you are enchanted.
      Arthur: I will never forgive you for this.
      Uther: She will die, the enchantment will be broken. You will see I was right.

    • Arthur: (To Gwen) I will always love you.

    • Arthur: (To Merlin, about Gwen) I can't watch her die, Merlin.

    • Gwen: How is Arthur?
      Merlin: He wants me to let you know that he will do everything he can to convince Uther that you are innocent. He won't stop until you are released.
      Gwen: You and I both know that Uther will not change his mind. When I am gone, will you take care of him for me, Merlin?
      Merlin: You can't give up hope. There is still time.
      Gwen: To do what?
      Merlin: We need to find the person who really planted the poultice. Do you have any idea who it might have been? What is it?
      Gwen: After I was sentenced to death, I was being lead out, I looked back, I swear Morgana was smiling. You probably think I'm mad.
      Merlin: No, I... I don't doubt what you saw.
      Gwen: I can no longer trust her. I've started to wonder if it wasn't a coincidence that Uther and Morgana found us in the woods.

    • Gaius: Uther will never believe that Morgana is responsible.
      Merlin: Perhaps Arthur will talk him round.
      Gaius: Uther thinks Arthur is enchanted. Anything that Arthur does is going to strengthen that belief. I fear that's not going to save Gwen.
      Merlin: If we can't expose the true sorcerer... then we must invent one.
      Gaius: Huh?
      Merlin: What if a sorcerer was caught planting an identical poultice in Arthur's chambers? Uther would have no choice but to release Gwen.
      Gaius: And do you know of a sorcerer who is stupid enough to get caught doing such a thing?
      Merlin: Me.

    • Gaius: No matter how you disguise yourself, I fear Arthur will recognise you.
      Merlin: Not if I'm... (Shaky voice) ...80 years old.
      Gaius: An ageing spell? Merlin, ageing spells are notoriously difficult and unpredictable. If the spell doesn't hold you will be exposed.
      Merlin: If I don't do something, Gwen is going to die and I'm not going to let that happen.

    • Old Merlin: You know me better than anyone, Gaius. Would you recognise me?
      Gaius: There is something of you in the eyes but perhaps that's just because I know it's you.
      Old Merlin: I can't believe... that one day I'll actually look like this. Ooh... (Groans) I ache... all over.
      Merlin: Ah, well, now you know how I feel.

    • Arthur: Who are you?
      Old Merlin: I am... Dragoon the Great!

    • Arthur: I should run you through where you stand.
      Old Merlin: I really wouldn't do that if I were you, because if you do that... you will never learn of my plan.
      Arthur: What plan?
      Old Merlin: Exactly! That's why you can't run me through.
      Arthur: Have we met?
      Old Merlin: No, I don't believe so.
      Arthur: I never forget a face. Your eyes? We've met somewhere before.
      Old Merlin: Me? No.

    • Uther: What did you hope to achieve with this... enchantment?
      Old Merlin: If Arthur were to fall in love with a lowly serving girl it would bring... shame on Camelot.
      Uther: Have I wronged you in some way old man?
      Old Merlin: You have wronged so many people... in so many ways. You're blinded by your hatred of magic. You have tortured and executed innocent people. You, Uther Pendragon, are a stupid, arrogant old tyrant!
      Arthur: You will hold your tongue!
      Old Merlin: And you. Oh, I have heard how you... mistreat your servants. They do everything for you, but do they ever get any thanks? No! You are a spoilt, arrogant brat with the brains of a donkey and the face... (Hiccups) ...of a toad!

    • Uther: The serving girl, she is your accomplice?
      Old Merlin: I enchanted her, too. The girl is entirely innocent.
      Arthur: My lord, he has confessed.
      Uther: Release the girl. Tomorrow at dawn you will take her place on the pyre.

    • Arthur: Gaius... have you seen Merlin? I can't find him anywhere.
      Gaius: I... I think he said he was going to spend the day in the tavern.
      Arthur: Oh, did he? Well, we'll see about that.

    • Old Merlin: (Tearfully) I can't break the spell, Gaius. It's too powerful.
      Gaius: You'll have to try again.
      Old Merlin: I have tried. It's no good. I'm stuck like this.

    • Old Merlin: Wait!
      Arthur: What is it?
      Old Merlin: (Trying to buy time) There are other crimes I wish to confess (Sniggers)
      Arthur: What difference does it make? You're about to be burnt at the stake. We can't execute you twice.

    • Arthur: Merlin? Where's the sorcerer?
      Merlin: (Old Merlin voice) He w... went... (Merlin's normal voice) ...he went that way.
      Arthur: (To the guards) Sound the warning bell, search the entire palace (To Merlin) I want him found. Are you telling me you let him run straight past you?
      Merlin: He was... too fast for me.
      Arthur: He's a doddery old man. This is what happens when you spend all day in the tavern.
      Merlin: What?
      Arthur: Perhaps mucking out my horses will help sober you up.

    • Morgana: Gwen... (Hugs her awkwardly) I can't tell you how relieved I am that you've been pardoned. I begged Uther to release you but he wouldn't listen to reason.
      Gwen: I'm sure you did all you could.

    • Arthur: Now my father believes that my feelings for you are the result of an enchantment. If he is to see any sign that that isn't the case, then he will banish you from Camelot.
      Gwen: And are your feelings for me the result of enchantment?
      Arthur: Well, we both know that's a lie. But I think it would be safer for you... if we let others continue to believe it.
      Gwen: What you said to your father, would you have really given up your place on the throne for me?
      Arthur: I still would.
      Gwen: Your place is here, in Camelot.
      Arthur: My place is with you.
      Gwen: This isn't just about us. You must stay for the sake of your people. You will be a great king. And then you can change these ridiculous customs.
      Arthur: I promise you that when I am king things will be different. We can be together.
      Gwen: I will count the days until then.

    • Gaius: Ah, Merlin. It's good to see you looking like your old self.
      Merlin: Covered in horse dung?
      Gaius: Precisely!
      Merlin: Arthur seems to think I spent the day in the tavern. I don't suppose you, eh... you know where he got that idea?
      Gaius: I really can't imagine. Oh, and, Merlin... you might want to take a bath.

  • NOTES (23)

    • Crowd replication was used for the coronation scene. There were only some twelve extras lined up who kept being moved all around.

    • As explained by Merlin executive producer Julian Murphy, in the scene where Morgana wakes up in shock after dreaming of Gwen's coronation, the background sound is briefly removed so the bang is emphasized and the audience is startled together with the character.

    • The scene where Morgana tells Morgause about her dream was filmed at Pierrefonds old armoury (which has also been redressed into Arthur's room, Uther's room and the tavern).

    • Since Emilia Fox was pregnant when this episode was filmed, they had to use body doubles for some scenes.

    • In order to save money for the big double-parter finale, the producers had to think of a good story about central characters without guest stars or CGI and that's how the storyline for this episode was conceived.

    • The set for Arthur's room used to be the cast and crew cantineen. It is located at the very end of the studio which is close to railway, so every time a train passes by they have to stop filming. It also has a low roof so when it rains they need to stop filming as well. It is the coldest and hottest studio set.

    • The set for Gwen's house has been redressed into a tavern and a prison.

    • The scene where Merlin goes to pick up Gwen before her date with Arthur was initially cut off the episode.

    • In the scene where Uther and Morgana ride together, Katie McGrath's horse kept bolting up the hill towards the horse's box and the camera.

    • According to Anthony Head, he underplayed the scene where Uther confronts Gwen about the magical poultice instead of screaming to make it more threatening.

    • The writers didn't want to show Merlin as a powerful wizard yet so they consciously made the aging spell to be a very difficult one to perform and to get out of so Merlin's magic is still depicted as quite flawed.

    • As explained by Merlin executive producer Julian Murphy, the music that sounds during the scene where Gaius is making several potions to try and get the one that would undo Merlin's aging magic and the scene where old Merlin is being chased by Arthur and his men after escaping from the pyre has a ticking clock quality to it.

    • A French extra was used in the scene where old Merlin runs and breaks against he crowd gathered to witness his execution as Colin Morgan had been in London doing some publicity that day and was still sitting at the make up chair having his prosthetics applied.

    • According to Merlin executive producer Julian Murphy, each time Merlin has been mucking up horses his make up is exaggerated to emphasize the comedy as he shouldn't get that dirty.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: March 19, 2011 on Space.
      France: April 3, 2011 on Canal + Family.
      Italy: April 11, 2011 on Italia 1.
      Poland: May 7, 2011 on Polsat.
      Spain: February 5, 2011 on Antena 3 Neox.
      Turkey: March 13, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      USA: March 18, 2011 on Syfy.

    • Anthony Head and Johnny Capps (executive producer of the show) recorded an audio commentary for this episode.

    • Colin Morgan enjoyed greatly playing 'old Merlin' because it gave him the chance to do something completely different and play a different character.

    • It took over five hours for Colin Morgan to get his 'old Merlin' prosthetics on. He enjoyed it but at the end of the day his face felt fatigued and peeling if off was a big relief. The prosthetic job was done by SFX artist Mark Coulier.

    • Johnny Capps, Merlin executive producer, refers to Uther as the 'Queen of Hearts' in Merlin Secrets and Magic episode 1x06 Con-troll Freak.

    • Filming locations:
      Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      Cardiff, Wales, UK (Studio sets).
      Cannop Ponds in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, UK (Picnic scene).

    • The Great Dragon does not appear in this episode, but John Hurt is credited (for the voice-over which begins the episode).

    • Also Known As:
      France: Un Amour Contrarié, meaning 'Thwarted Love'.
      Germany: Herzdame.
      Italy: Regina Di Cuori.
      Poland: Królowa Serc.
      Portugal: Rainha Dos Corações.

    • Broadcasts:
      Sat 13 Nov 2010 at 19:20-20:05 on BBC One.
      Tues 16 Nov 2010 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.