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  • This is an amazing show HOWEVER!!!

    This show is really good... However, its not as spicy as the Original show called CAMELOT that was cancelled after the first season. I think they need to add some nudity and it would be flawless... It will become a show that will continue like Y&R... This is why HBO wins all the awards... Just my honest opinion!
  • I hate Morgana

    Can't we please deal with Morgana and move on already?
  • Best TV show ever!

    The BBC have done well in producing this show & the actors are fantastic! Great show! :)
  • Not long to wait now that's all i keep thinking!

    Well this show just keeps getting better the story lines keep making you want more and i keep counting down the time till the weekend wanting more! Best thing the BBC has done in a very long time!!
  • lil by lil

    umm a wonderful show great script .. but they shove the show with a lot of details alot that we dont see and it take too long
  • Magical

    One of the BBC's greatest achievements
  • Legendary

    How can simple things sometime be over looked. This is a show that brings a new dimension to the the mythical and ever intriguing world of King Arthur. Merlin is young and I hope that we can learn more about his abilities and see what character he will develop into. Monster or hero? Sincerely may this not be the last of this epic story.
  • A clever title goes here!

    tis show would be so much better if arthur knew who merlin is and wat he can do
  • Nothing mentioned on home page

    I am freaked out that nobody mentioned anything on the homepage of that Merlin has started again...dammit!! But no i have something to watch today!!
  • Good fun

    Nice bromance with merlin and Arthur, missing uther in season five, but had to happen to move the lore forward, good ol yarn
  • Regards from Iceland.

    Merlin ! We love your shows. In favourites are Gajus :) I have a nephew who loves your shows very much. He are 9 years old, and I am 48 years old and we connect so well through the Merlin.

    So you are" our bridge between to worlds" :) If you have time to send my nephew a photo or something related to your great show, I would appreciate it much . Thank you all so much for the show. My nephews addres if you have time is: Kormakur Olafsson, Aegissida 109, 107, Reykjavik, Iceland. With ours best regards to all of you :)
  • Worth it

    Enjoyable! First season is good. Second season needed to move on and just became a vehicle to get to the Third season which finally begins to move forward and get some character development. Overall a little cheesy, but worth watching for sure.
  • A lot of potential... but lack of imagination

    Merlin had a lot of potential. But very poor production and plot. A "great" wizard who's "greatest" ability in all four seasons is pushing people over. Every time. Pushing people over with telekinesis. That's all he can do. Plus he can crush some leaves and bake a cake. That's about it. I was very disappointed and stopped watching it after the last season ended. Good thing Morgana was hot.
  • Like the humor in this show

    Wish they had not cancelled Camelot:(
  • Fantastic

    This is one of my favourite television shows. The CGI is S1 is a little bit cheesy but as the show progresses it flows much better. It is well worth a watch.
  • Thank you Netflix!

    Watched this show on Netflix and I can not wait until Season 5!
  • Bring it back!!!

    Great drama and action!
  • Can't wait !!!!!!!

    It seems looks to be good from the trailer and I hope to see the complete sooner.
  • Love Merlin

    I watch Merlin on BBC one in Ireland, and every year it just gets better
  • ...still fun to watch.

    The creators don't want to give us a remake of Merlin, but rather a side to Merlin hitherto unknown.Even with all its conventional take on storytelling, the simplicity worked well for them...and its fun to watch Merlin anytime.

  • Why is this number one on a Sci-Fi List?

    I have seen this show. It was interesting. My only concern about the show is that it is number one on a list of science fiction show list. This show is very much of a fantasy and is set in the middle ages with wizards and witches, and is a parallel to the King Arthur legend. I do not think that it's even the show's fault for being categorized as a Sci-fi, but is most likely the fault of an inconsiderate website to separate the fantasy category from the sci-fi one.
  • Can't wait for season 5!!!!

    I just started watching it last season and I thought it was great! It followed the story pretty much. Can't wait till it starts in the Fall!!!!
  • Season 5

    I can wait for season 5 to start in early fall. Hoping it gets better compared to season 4
  • Review of entire Series

    After a good solid 2 seasons it started to go down hill in Series 3. With lazy writing being used with time jumps it has resulted in very poor development of characters on screen. The Series 5 news doesn't really provide positive excitement as it seems that the lazy writing has only begun... Poor use of darkness (they try too hard), bland and repetitive characters (enemies within the walls and Morgana becoming queen in the finale of back-to-back seasons), and very historically inaccurate (people in the medieval ages only lived until 60 and Gaius is far older than that).

    Good characters (excluding Agrapain), but they aren't doing much with them other than expressing what they call 'darkness'.

    I rate it 6 out of 10 because I liked the first two seasons but as the lazy time jumps kicked in, it made me feel like I have missed an episode which has made me slowly tune out...
  • twist to the myth or true seeing

    when i firest seen the show it give a new look on how legends came to be with twists that some could not have amigien it happeding this could lead new inspirting of it like how merlin came to know aruther our how the sword in the stone was start it this make you think how tel come tell new stories of this and what till do next on merlin and his adventures.
  • waiting...

    i like this show. i am waiting for season 5.
  • no season 5?

    Awesome.. it is so simple, but a great mixture of all emotions.. and with the right amount of humor,. Anyone can enjoy this. loved it...... I really hope for a fifth season...please let thr be a fifth season.
  • Lacking good acting, especially serious acting

    just to be short I love watching series and when I start to watch I normally finish it till the end of the season. There were just 2 series which I didn't/couldn't finish beyond the first few episodes. These were Merlin and Robin hood from BBC. In my opinion the acting is bad, the whole sphere is like not serious acting, but more like childish and you can guess everything that will happen from start to end. It just doesnt deserve anything more than a 1. It's not the worst serie but it shouldnt be compared or put in the same charts as Game of thrones, Spartacus, supernatural and a few others.

    It's an oke show for people under 15 years I guess.
  • My Favorite show since Charmed!

    Love this show. Hope it continues on.
  • Refreshingly lacking in flashy and failed attempts to be innovative. My favourite thing on tv at the moment!

    The best thing to come across TV in a long, long time. Ever since the likes of Buffy, SG-1, Babylon5 etc ended, television has been increasingly bad. On the one hand there's reality-tv and on the other, over-produced "serious and meaningful" shows. Merlin is a return to basics, in a way. It's simple, it's fun, but it's not stupid. Granted, in the first series the low budget was painfully obvious, but for me it added to the nostalgia. CGI improves drastically over the next two seasons, and plot lines thicken as the show takes on a more mature tone. It does this while maintaining an entertaining and charming story, without trying too hard to be innovative and attention-drawing. If you're tired of shows that compete for "most shocking" title, Merlin is for you.
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