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  • Merlin? You must be joking!

    Are the writers of this actually familiar with the Arthurian legend? Do they think their 'new spin'; is actually a modern interpretation? Because if theuy do then they are seriously deluded. The names are the same, but that is the only thing that is. This series is so full of inaccuracies with the character portrayals bearing very limited resemblance to their traditional selves, that I can only assume some wonderful new historical source has been discovered by the writers -and completely ignored by academia. Like so many recent so-called 'historical' dramas (like The Tudors), the makers are more intent on pandering to rating ploys than established history - albeit mythological.
  • Disapointing, yet haven't missed a show.

    A teen Merlin in a kingdom where magic is banned.

    The premise is an interesting twist on how Arthurian legend is usually handled. A young Merlin easily appeals to the youngsters, but at the same time makes the show slightly bland for the grown ups. The show's biggest problems are the forced conflicts. Magic is forbidden, yet it's the most interesting aspect of Merlin's character. Merlin is destined to be Arthur's friend, but Arthur's character gives him very few reasons to be one. I can't shake the feeling that in Merlin's place, I'd be finding ways to dethrone Arthur's father, King Ulrich, and restore magic. Unfortunately this line of thought is never seriously brought up in the series.

    A significant change in the way the show is written might help it rise to new heights. Most other aspects of it are top notch.
  • Laughably generic, annoyingly goofy. Quality costumes and sets can't save it from terrible writing.

    I keep expecting the main antagonist sorceress to scream "next time, gadget!" at the end of each episode.
    It's called "Merlin" but it seems that the only spell anyone seems to know is basic telekinesis. The characters make pretty much zero sense, endlessly "owing each other their lives" and trying to sacrifice themselves for each other. The "romance" or whatever their trying to have between Merlin and Gwen is completely juvenile and extremely annoying.

    Last but not least, are the "comical" portions of the show. Where, for whatever reason, they try and make the show seem wacky. They then proceed to play sound effects that sound straight out of loony toons. It's jarring at best.

    The dragon makes no sense at all. He's mysterious for the sake of being mysterious, to the point of being confusing.

    Ultimately, the show might entertain you if you're looking for some generic fantasy.. stuff. It's got some good sets/costumes at the effects are passable, but the writing makes this show pretty hard to bear.
  • Laughably bad.

    Where to begin?

    If the creators of Merlin had put a third of the care they devoted to the sets, costumes, and props into the writing instead, they might have had a decent show on their hands. Instead we get another half-hearted attempt at fantasy that assumes (yet again) that all it has to do to sucker an audience in to watching is display a bunch of fantasy accoutrements. I dearly hope it is wrong.

    Name-dropping does neither a character nor a story make, and what we have here are a lot of names and a dearth of tale. Save Arthur from the hands of the BBC: avoid this show.
  • I wanted to like this show so badly

    I wanted to like this show, I honestly did. It has all the stuff I could have wanted: magic, dragons, fights, comedy, and more... so why did I rate it so low?

    First it was the acting - The actors just don't seem to fit their roles, personality wise. They are way to stiff, and are obviously acting, they don't seem to feel right in their roles. Their lines are delivered pretty poorly, or overly dramatically. Next was the CGI dragon - this has it's own special place because I really hate everything about it. If you can't use good cgi, don't use any. I also don't like how Merlin keeps running to the dragon to get tips on his destiny and what he needs to do every. step. of. the. way. Every new development doesn't need this seemingly all knowing dragon's help. Third - I can deal with the lack of magic for now, so while it does bug me that the magic used is pretty petty, I can deal until his mentor stops telling him not to use magic, but to fullfill his destiny as a great Warlock...

    Last, and wrapping it all up, is the writing. This goes hand in hand with the casting. I believe the lack of good writing and trying to make it way overly dramatic, have helped this less than great cast fail even more so. The scenes where Merlin (the servant) keeps running to the dungeon to tell Gwen that "He won't let her die... " because he has all the mighty powers of a useless, unheard servant. Woohoo. I also don't care about the legends as much, since there are hundreds of retellings of them, so the lines can be crossed a little bit I guess. So just all in all, I can't stand watching it. The acting is really, at this point, so bad that it makes my skin itch for all the bad drama, and the lame jokes and pretense which the characters use just really make my head hurt. I might watch it again in a few seasons if it somehow gets past, because I really do wish I could have watched this series. I honestly hope that I can turn into it in 2 seasons or so and say "Wow, this is awesome." Right now though, it is far below that point.
  • A unique take to the Arthurian legends. It takes the audience back in time where Merlin and Arthur first meet. It is a wonderful look at the legends before they were in fact legends :)

    Best show e-ver! Right now this is my families favorite show, the only problem is the seasons are to short and the wait between is to long lol! It's a wonderful combination of action, fantasy, drama, and comedy. There's plenty of great stuff for all of us adults, but it's light enough most times for the kids too. I love the way they took a smallville twist to the King Arthur legend. It's fun to watch as each character develops. If you start watching, I can guarantee you'll be hooked. It's a real treat, and my family is really enjoying it.
  • Love - Fun - Mysterie - Fantasy - Action - Merlin has it all.

    Love - Fun - Mysterie - Fantasy - Action
    I love watching this show because it has all of the above. The acting is good, it's witty at time, exiting at times and you feel attached to the characters. Some episodes are better than others, but that's the case with most shows. I started watching it by chance and than got addicted to it. It's easy watching, does not arise too many answered questions and still keeps you awaiting the next episode with inpatience. Also, I believe it's a nice show to watch with your family. We need more shows like this!
  • AMAZING AND BEST SHOW EVER.........never thought i wud get this addicted

    BEST SHOW EVER....when i first saw the trailers to season 1 , i honestly was not impressed....and i thought the legend of merlin was let down........but i admit it was the trailer for the season 2 ep 4 LANCELOT story that tempted me 2 start watchin.............................i was then HOOKED....i started watchin all season 2 then season 1 and now SEASON 3 IS the characters adn the stories as fav is the arthur.merlin and arthur/gwen r'ship. MUST WATCH SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET INTO IT
  • I watch by mistake... and now i'm addicted!!!

    I watched an episode of the second season by accident and somehow i liked it. The story is a little known. But anyway, I think the show is great. I love the characters and the relationships between them. Especially, i love the relationship between Merlin and Arthur and Merlin and Gaius, they are very funny. I think the storyline has improved over the course of episodes. A show with action, comedy, magic and romance. The good versus evil, I guess I never get tired of this kind of story.
    I hope the show still has a few more seasons. Watch and think you will enjoy.
  • Merlin is a TV programme based on Arthurian legends in the time before Arthur becomes King with Merlin (Colin Morgan)and Arthur (Bradley James) depicted as being the around same age.

    In this adaption instead of Merlin being an Older, wise Adviser with a long grey beard, he is Arthur's servant who is around the same age as Arthur. Merlin comes to Camelot to stay with his Uncle Gaius.... but theres a catch, Merlin has Magic and under Uthers rule magic is punishable by death. This complicates things as we see how Merlin has to keep his magic hidden from Arthur and the rest of Camelot while defending himself and the kingdom from various usually magical threats.

    This show might sound boring but when you enter the wonders of the world of Merlin any boredom you once had will vanish, leaving behind a love and fondness for Merlin snd his fellow characters.
    Taking ideas from Smallville, depicting the growing of a legend, this BBC adaption borrows from the legend rather than following it, leading to an interesting and intriguing tale.
  • "Merlin" is a new take on the Arthurian legend, reversing many patterns found in the older tales about King Arthur, and bringing in new characters, places, magical creatures, but most of all: an enchanting story to captivate the viewer's imagination.

    "Merlin" TV Series is a fresh contribution to the Arthurian myth. Differences from the previous takes on the subject are numerous, but are by no means negative ones. The show functions in inversions - Merlin is no longer and old wizard tutoring Arthur, but a young and an unexperienced warlock struggling with his magical powers - and is the key character instead of Arthur; Arthur himself is no longer an orphan, raised with the commoners, but a prince (and also somewhat of a prat); and magic is definitely not desirable, but is instead prohibited by King Uther.

    The idea of such inversions may sound risky and radical at the same time, but it clearly works. Arthur must become a successful and righteous king, and can only do that through friendship with Merlin, who is a common person (like Arthur's subjects), and has magic as well. Through Merlin's assistance, we are shown this gradual change of Arthur who learns to respect ordinary people - and once he finds out about Merlin's secret magical skills, we can be assured that he will learn to respect magical people as well.

    Nonetheless, many of the characters from the legends are still here - Morgana, Morgause, The Lady of the Lake, Lancelot, Valiant, Uther Pendragon (who gets a more thorough treatment than in older material). This way the viewers will surely find themselves in a know territory, just with a somewhat changed landscape.

    Of the new characters, the Dragon is the most striking one, and maybe the greatest addition to the entire show, serving as an ambiguous mentor for Merlin.
  • Merlin is about the adventures of the young versions of the characters from the Arthurian legend. As of Series 2 (2009), Arthur is a Prince with Merlin as his servant, Morgana has betrayed Camelot, Gwen is her servant and Uther Pendragon is still King.

    I am a really big fan of Merlin and I have watched it since the first episode aired on 21 September 2008 and I have loved the series ever since. It is one of my favourite tv shows made by the BBC and one of my favourite tv shows made by anyone else. So far there has not been a single episode that I don't like and I'm 100% sure that it will remain that way. Colin Morgan portrays the famous wizard fantastically, I don't think anyone else could do the same job as great as Colin. Bradley James is perfect in the role of King/Prince Arthur as are Katie McGrath as Morgana and Angel Coulby as Guinivere (Gwen). I am so glad that the show's creators are beginning to introduce more characters from the Arthurian legend that have so far not appeared in the series...
  • Proof that good quality family shows still exist. Thoroughly enjoyable viewing!

    A new take on the Arthurian legend in which Merlin is Arthur's contemporary. Arthur is still a prince and his father Uther Pendragon has outlawed magic. As such, Merlin must hide his magical abilities whilst performing his duties as Arthur's manservant and secretly saving the prince's royal backside on multiple occasions. The story does not follow legend too closely (is there a definitive legend?), but I think this works to it's credit; those who are familiar with the legend will still face surprises. That isn't to say that aspects of the legend don't make an appearance in some form: Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake, for instance. Yes there are numerous anachronisms but it gets away with them well -- the fantasy genre helps.

    The show benefits from some excellent characters, wonderfully portrayed, who have a great chemistry on-screen. One of the key aspects of the show is the developing friendship between Merlin and Arthur, played brilliantly by Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Over time, with Merlin's influence, Arthur is starting to develop from an arrogant prat into the future king he is destined to become, whilst Merlin himself, with assistance from his mentor Gaius and the Great Dragon, gradually begins to mature into Arthur's future advisor.

    Overall this show has a perfect blend of drama and humour (2x12 - 'The Fires of Idirsholas' is a prime example of this) and I have yet to watch an episode I haven't enjoyed. With the latter half of the second series, the show is gradually becoming darker in tone, but it is reassuring to know that The Powers That Be are mindful that it is the mix of seriousness and comedy which help make the show so good and still intend to keep this balance. Don't expect highly violent actions scenes -- this is a family show after all -- but in 'Merlin' the BBC have produced a highly polished, entertaining programme which should appeal to adults and children alike. Merlin is must-see viewing and I am waiting eagerly in anticipation for the imminent third series.
  • About merlin in his young days and how he started to become a wizard^^. Showing every adventure or challenge he goes through.

    I love Merlin it has magic, comedy, dragons, fighting and everything i love to watch^^. I can't wait for more episodes and see him do more magic^^. Love to watch everyone of them^^. I see how they have special guest which is cool and the little boy Asa Butterfield from the boy in the striped pajamas he is super cute. I would recommend this to anyone who likes spells, magic, fighting. i will give this show perfect 10 because it is awesome and fun to watch. So i hope that helped anyone who wants to watch Merlin and enjoy the show.
  • A good show... not the best, but it is unpredictable so it has merit for originality.

    I am really curious to see what is going to happen in the next season of this show. There are so many things completely different from the original King Arthur story that it makes the plot impossible to predict. The characters are all playing very different roles than we are accustomed to seeing them in. The plot is totally different than we know it to be. The special effects are not the best, but definitely good enough to not turn away from the show. Most of the acting is not terrible. And the concept of the show has never been attempted before. All in all, I like this show and find myself intrigued.
  • Series 2 of Merlin was a compelling follow-on to Series 1. The production quality, the plots, the relationship drama, and the acting are all superb. Some rushed characterization of the antagonist hurt this year but the overall story is Must-See TV.

    What Worked:

    Production Quality – The use of the French castle, old ruins, the lush forests of Wales, and improved sets combined with superior lighting and cinematography makes "Merlin" Must-See TV. Every penny spent on this creates allows the viewer to believe in the world of Camelot – despite the unambiguous anachronisms in other areas. This quality boosts the drama considerably and the action set pieces and stunt work are movie-like. From the use of slow motion for the dead knights, to the jaw-dropping jousting, and the dragon CGI, "Merlin" is worth a watch every single week. Father/Son Dynamics – This element was showcased in several episodes. It was gut-wrenching to see Merlin's pain as Gaius nearly sacrificed himself in Witchfinder. Again, Colin Morgan hit it out of the park with his poignant moment of happiness as he said goodnight to his birth father in Dragonlord. Finally, the showdown in Sins of the Father was another moment where you had to remember to breath. The groan-heard-round-the-world when Merlin hit the "reset button" at the end of that episode is a testament to precisely how much the audience is eventual engaged in the outcome of this debate. Arthur/Guinevere Romance – While rushed for some audience members, the Arthur/Guinevere dynamic can also be seen as more realistic for precisely how awkward and fast it began. The impetuous moment by Arthur to kiss Guinevere set up his hard romantic crush (and associated "Princess Bride" rescue). Guinevere being the constant voice of reality, given her position makes sense. Bradley James does a good job of playing the vulnerable prince and Angel Coulby speaks volumes with just a look as the future queen. Arthur/Merlin Bond – This relationship is the single most important aspect of the show. Season 2 finished strong but the start was quite rough. Here's hoping Series 3 does not take another step backwards.

    The Acting – Colin Morgan is superb and the show rests on him being likeable. There are several moments when Merlin's actions are difficult to accept but Morgan does a fantastic job of selling the story. Bradley James continues to be strong and impressively carries the action-hero role well. Anthony Head and Richard Wilson provide the perfect gravitas – with Wilson's Gaius stealing the comedic scenes quite handily. He shows the younger set how it's done with style. The guest stars were exceptional with nuanced performances which complimented rather than distracted from the series. Partial Success:

    The Pacing of the Overall Plot – The producers clearly have a firm 5 year plan and the story benefits from that tremendously. It moves at a very fast pace for some items (the Arthur/Guinevere romance, the Morgana descent to villain) while others appeared stretched out (when will Arthur discover Merlin's magic). After the second series it's clear they are going to cover more ground with these same characters but there is some loss of good characterization that happens with this approach. Given the one year time jump for Series 3, this trend appears to continue. The Broad Audience – "Merlin" has done a very good job for the most part of playing to both the tea-time crowd and adults. Many of the jokes work at multiple levels, like Merlin and carting off one of Morgana's dresses. Conversely, there is a tendency to use a Gaius/Merlin tea-time oriented comic scene at the end as an exclamation point. This can take away from good drama from time to time. For example, in The Sins of the Father, Merlin basking in the glory of praise for once hit the wrong note. Conversely, using the "Weekend At Bernie's" gag to move around the sleeping king was pitch-perfect in an otherwise exceedingly dark Fires of Idirsholas. It's a fine balance and a little less reliance on the end of episode exclamation point would probably serve the show better.

    What Didn't Work:

    Morgana's arc – Morgana went too dark too fast. From terrified nightmares and showing staunch support to Guinevere, Morgana was suddenly isolated with almost no screentime until the very end of the season. Katie McGrath had an outstanding scene in her break with Uther but the rest of the year did not provide a storyline that earned that moment. Further, there were several missed opportunities to show her brother/sister family relationship with Arthur that would make her decisions more tragic. If we are to believe Morgana is a strong, independent woman who chooses to oppose Uther, then having her constantly duped along the way undermines her strength. Is she victim or villain? Make a choice and stick with it.

    Overall grade 8.5. Series 2 builds effectively on Series 1 with increases depth of storytelling, exquisite production and outstanding acting. A little less reliance on tacked on funny notes combined with a more solid characterization of the antagonists would be welcome. Despite that, "Merlin" is unambiguously event-TV which looks to take it up another notch for Series 3.
  • Merlin Boy wizard and Arthur Boy Prince before they were legends!

    The charactors were choosen well. THe first season had started a little slow with little magic use, however, in the world young Merlin lives in he has to learn to use magic without being seen and without Uther and Arthur finding out magic was used. The show is great, it is showing how Arthur and Merlin slowly established a bond with each other one that will be so strong that if Arthur would find out Merlin was a Magic user he would keep it a secret even from his father. Can't wait for Season 3 to begin! Bring It On!
  • The story is becoming better as the young actors master their characters. Just hope that Santa will gave them more money for special effects! And please share some turkey with the skinny Merlin. Happy Christmas!

    I'm french , but i found this serie very delicious, like a candy. The accent of actors is sooo perfect! I bet this show will be very welcome in english classroom.

    The Epic music bring back the atmosphere at each new episode, congratulations!

    Only monsters effects are the weaknessof this show, and some of the digital editing. Our eye are now educated to distinguish a good and a bad special effect.

    And for the costumes and castle, I think everything is TOO clean and too "new"

    I bet some of the young boys and girls in this show will become famous. Just hope that Arthur Character will show more glimps of the futur old king!
  • Merlin took a while to get going, but series 2 makes it must see appointment viewing. Can't wait for series 3.

    This is another one of these shows which could well have been decommisioned after the first series, as it wasn't that great, but instead did get a second series and was all the better for this (torchwood fits in that category as well). It seems that sometimes things take a while to settle in, and the first few eopisodes did not grab me at all. I then caught the last couple of episodes of s1 when it was re-run, thought they weren't so bad and resolved to give series 2 a go. That was a really good decision, as the relationships strengthen, the drama amps up and there is still plenty comedy, especially between merlin and arthur. My favourite episode was The lady of the lake, which was heartbreaking and a great performance for Colin Morgan. I can't believe we have to wait for series three now, but I'm pretty sure it's a given.
  • Brilliant...

    Recreating the legend of arthur and merlin in form of a TV serial was a bold decision by BBC... However the serial turned out to be masterpiece, with brilliant performances from its cast, excellent cinematography and visual effects. The serial opener introduced the beginning of the friendship between merlin and arthur which would go on to become the heart of one of most famous English legends. The relationship grew from that of simply servant-master one to one of equal friends as epitomized in the 'poisoned chalice' episode. Both Colin and Bradley grew into their roles and delivered excellent performances. Throughout both seasons, we witnessed truly entertaining episodes and one hopes that the trend continues in future seasons. Furthermore, a special praise is due to other actors including Katie mcgrath, richard wilson, anthony steward and angel coulby... So all in all merlin is a fantastic serial and one hopes that it continues for a long time to come :-)
  • Good for teen entertainment, maybe young adult. Doesn't go with the legend of Arthur & Merlin, it takes a different twist with the characters.

    The show has Merlin and Arthur both as young adults/late teens. Instead of Merlin being the older and wiser wizard set on teaching Arthur, we have Merlin just budding into his powers and becomes Arthur's manservant after saving his life. Through various events and attacks from magical creatures, the two are becoming friends.

    There's magic, action, hints of romance, and intreige on a level that is exciting and entertaining for, what I believe, teenagers and young adults. There isn't harsh language or major violence, definitely no sex, and is safe for any age, in my opinion. My daughter enjoys watching it and I would recommend it to any her age (mid-late teen) that enjoy fantasy drama shows.
  • Follow the adventures of Merlin as he learns how to control his powers - and decides what his ethics will be.

    Merlin is an interesting show. It is a FAR better show if you DON'T know the Aruthurian sagas. If you do you will go crazy with the mishmash of characters, and their failure to match the established descriptions.

    If you can watch Merlin as simply a show - it is fun. It is a light show, with action, intrigue, love tangles and magical beasties.

    For the most part, at the moment, it is a series rather than a soap opera. YOu DO NOT have to have seen all the shows to understand what is happening in THIS episode. Let's hope they keep it this way.

    Don't expect any deep moral lessons from the show, but for good clean fun...give it a try.
  • Pretty fun show.

    This is an entertaining, mid-budget show with a bit of wooded humor. If you're a stickler for Arthurian lore, this isn't the show for you, as it takes great liberties to further it's own story. The format is pretty lackluster, with every episode predictably following the same format as the last. The liberal use of modern English lingo is a bit off-putting, in my opinion. The show could still be light and fun without its use. All in all, it's a worthwhile show to watch with plenty of action, enjoyable dialogue and very likable characters. Especially Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana. I predict she'll make the transition to American television in the very near future.
  • Good show except for historical inaccuracy's. Oh, for writers and prop departments who know their history!

    The show was very good except for the fact that tomatoes and eyeglasses were not in England till a few hundred years later. I know the show has magic but aside from the magic everything should be historical factual. Tomatoes did not reach Europe till after Mexico was conquered by the Spanish, tomatoes come from Central America. And as for eyeglasses, the first eyeglass company in England was not formed till 1629 ( and I found that date by doing a very simple search on the internet). If the people in the show need an researcher for historical fact I would loved to be hired. alabamldy
  • A great and wonderful show!

    To be honest, after having seen "Robin Hood", I expected another soapy show with poor stories and poor performances (I admit though, that "Robin Hood" actually got better after a while), but I was completely mistaken! To start with, the cast of "Merlin" is just brilliant! Colin Morgan really makes you get very fond of his character, always fearing that his secret might be discovered. He's very friendly and some kind of cheerful, but he also makes you feel how much weight lasts on his shoulders and he's the best, when he shows how much Merlin is torn apart between his friendship and loyalty towards Arthur and his wish to show the world his real identity. Bradley James is not just a pretty face but a really good actor as well. At first sight, his Arthur is this really spoiled, arrogant brat, but at second sight, underneath this armour, you can see his kindness and -- again -- his loyalty for his friends and James manages to show both facets in a really great way. Richard Wilson's Gaius seems to be a really sweet old man, but you can tell, that he has had his fair share of problems and tragedies in his life as well and I still expect to see some very dark secrets from his past revealed. Every time I really hate Uther, there surely is something, that makes me think that he might not be too bad after all and Anthony Head does a great job, creating his character. The women in this show, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby are not just pretty bystanders but great actresses who make strong and great characters come alive in a most amazing way. The special effects for the dragon are breathtaking, ... . I could go on forever talking about a cast that is just wonderful, down to the smallest role. The storylines are just great and provide a great mixture of adventure and suspense and really funny moments as well. "Merlin" really is a show I'd like to see go on for many, many season.
  • Big thumbs up to the creators, cast & crew for a fantastically delightful series that really redefines a genre.

    This show is so great, they should show the first season again at 4 o'clock on a saturday to get a following during the winter. Kinda like Baywatch & Gladiators back in the early to mid 90's oh and Knightrider! My brothers kids love it and I can't get enough especially this 2nd season the 8th episode was amazing as was "The Nightmare Begins".

    If Robin Hood can scrape a 3rd season and this can't get at least 4, well then, that's just a crime and our lives become a little less entertained.

    I think this show has yet to hit it's top form and the way it's headed so far is very interesting and the actors are starting to draw me in like great stage actors do, a bit off tunnel vision you might say.

    Morgana is fantastic I think they need to do more screen time with her, but the actress can do no wrong! She is simply superb, her eyes are so captivating it's like she's actually living it. I don't know anything about the mythology of her character, so if anyone would care to enlighten me, do so. However I really think the actress could do a great villain if the story went that way but I think there is chemistry to be explored between Morgana and Merlin first that might set-up some life/destiny choices over a couple more seasons.

    I've been feeling I'd like to see Uther gone but without him being there to be the complete spanner, where will the plot device come from? I would like to see this happen. Big thumbs up to the creators, cast & crew for a fantastically delightful series that really redefines a genre.
  • In Camelot Arthur's father Uther Pendragon is king, and magic is outlawed. Merlin arrives and must hide his secret from Arthur as they both work to fulfill their intertwined destinies.

    Beautiful show! It draws you in immediately and never disappoints, so far ;). Unique spin on the legend, but it works. Please, release the first season on DVD in the US, and also the second season on NBC, hopefully (fingers crossed). I'm also a big fan of the Middle Ages/Renaissance period as well, so that may have something to do with why I love the show. There's just something romantic about that time... The actors are really great too, all of them really, I feel like I know them personally because they all portray the character of their character (lol) so well. Keep it up! I look forward to many more seasons of Merlin!!! Definately worth a look for anyone whose a fan of fantasy or the Arthurian Legends!
  • I absolutely love the originality in the viewpoint and the fact that it shows Arthur and Merlin as young boys. The back story of Camelot and the binds that tie the characters is great. I look forward to following the characters as they evolve.

    Fro the set design to the costumes, the actors to the enviroment this show has an original story line that rounds out and fills in the blanks of the story of Camelot. In costuming the only issue I have come up with is when Morgana wears spike heeled shoes, I think it is hard to stay immersed in the era portrayed when I saw this. Other than that being an admittedly nutty fantasy and sci-fi geek I look forward to each episode. Merlin is a beautifuly mystic and romantic show that gives us a new a fresh look at Camelot. Thank you to all who take part in bringing this story to life.
  • Well balanced humour, suspense and drama. Brilliant actors. A 3-Generation show you can watch with your kids and your grandparents.

    A VERY loose take on the classic Arthurian legends. I'm really enjoying this show. It has drama, humour, and suspense, and is just plain fun! Anthony Head of Buffy fame really shines as King Uther. There are several times my blood ran cold when he portrayed a furious Uther. Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath have excellent chemistry from the very first episode. Russell T. Davies (writer of Dr. Who and Queer as Folk) has significant influence on the show. This is one of the first of the BBC's new 3-Generation shows - something you can watch with your parents and kids and have everyone enjoy it. No small feat! Also, the subtext is brilliant. (Think Xena and Gabrielle, if you don't know what I mean.) It has a highly active online community of very devoted fan writers which add to the fun of the show, even if the works aren't canon. The YouTube fan tribute videos are also great. Fans of the show should check them out.

    Don't get too upset by the re-imagining of the Arthurian Legend. "The legend" is already an amalgamation of at least three major sources: folklore, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Chretian de Troyes. For example, de Troyes added Lancelot to the legend. Why can't the BBC play with it?

    A second season has been commissioned by the BBC so don't worry about it disappearing before you can come to like it. Highly recommended!
  • An exciting new spin on a classic favorite. Merlin is for everyone who loves magic, adventure, and handsome British actors.

    Merlin is a one-of-a-kind show. Sure, historical fiction has appeared a few times on the airwaves, but not like this. This is a story that portrays of the most legendary characters in all of fiction in a way that's never been done before. Merlin isn't some ancient old guy who protects a king, he's a young boy just learning magic who befriends a prince. It's like Harry Potter meets Camelot. Although it's based very, VERY loosely on the old Arthurian legends it has the same effect: a captivating, wonderful story about bravery and those who protect the ones they love. The characters may not be cutouts of their fantasy counterparts, but they're amazing nonetheless. Besides, if it was a clone of the books how much fun would that be? You'd already know how everything ended. That's pretty boring. This show is for everyone who wants to escape into medieval magic for an hour; and trust me, the second it starts that's just what you'll do.
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