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  • Late to the Party

    Just watched all 5 seasons of Merlin this weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed, though a little tame for adults. I totally agree with most comments, the ending was rushed. The writers took too long to (a) move Guinevere and Arthur's romance to marriage and (b) Arthur's acceptance and coexistence with Merlin and his magic. Magic and the old religion was never restored. The series got cancelled and they couldn't finish the story the way they might have liked, but in TV land 5 years is a long time. They should have made better use of the time. Morgona hung around way too long, didn't make sense. They "killed" her 5 times. There were plenty of other villains that could be developed. Costuming, cinematography, characters and story lines were very entertaining.....
  • Confused and upset

    Wow I dont consider myself to be a huge fan of the famous story of King Arthur and Merlin. But the TV series Merlin was enlighting, and great to watch except for the last episode. There were countless ways this story could of ended but whomever decided to rush it and let King Arthur die was not very intuitive on what his or her fans really wanted to see. In fact the stories I have either read about or heard all indicate that King Arthur and Merlin did so much more together. It was very upsetting to see after 5 seasons I felt like I wasted my time and will not recommend anyone to see this. I'm not expecting a fairy tale story I know Arthur dies before Merlin, but to show his death and than see Merlin walk like a hobo in the future just to stop and think of Arthur was ridiculous and just sad ending.
  • Well

    I can't really fault the show some strong characters and quite enjoyable to watch just not the best I've seen but I would defiantly watch it
  • A comment from Italy

    I saw just recently this show.

    What I liked very much of this saga is the devised relationship between Arthur and Merlin.

    But apart this the entire epic tale is totally no rhyme or reason:

    For 65 episodes they tell Arthur with Merlin's help will build the Kingdom of Albione and Arthur would

    have been the greatest King that world would be remebered, but I do not know how he can do it being dead. please, at least you could avoid to show us a Merlin dressed like a beggar "to hitchhike

    to Camelot".

    For me it was a great disillusion and I would hope to see it again in a revised adaption

    since the idea was very good.

    My congratulations to all the actors in particular to Colin Morgan and Bradley James
  • Great show Bad ending

    Love love loved this show! I was (and still) addicted to it.

    But there's just one thing---the ENDING!

    Firstly Arthur dies -sad. Secondly, Merlin never fulfills his destiny - so really the entire series is pointless since it was all leading up to him reuniting the kingdoms and restoring magic which we never got to see because it didn't even happen.

    And something that has really bothered me since --- If Merlin called the dragon earlier then Arthur wouldn't have died. It seemed like they were in a rush to end the series that they didn't care about these plot-holes.

    Anyway, other than that, great show.
  • I thought it would be more!

    The show was GREAT!! but, they killed off Authur way to soon and magic was never restored and you never really saw the peaceful and glorious reign of King Authur. Uther's reign was brighter than Authur. I know he had to deal with Morgona but, Authur rule was some what dark and empty. Authur ruled only 3 years, 5 at the most, really! Ending was premuture but over all, I loved the show and wished it lasted much longer.
  • Wish they would start this up again.

    I would love to see this program continued. Very entertaining.
  • Bad! bad! ending

    the producers could have done so much more with those last episodes.. but killing people off like that.. that's not cool
  • Good But Bad. Pissed Off.

    All The Episodes Were Perfect From Season 1 Through Season 5 And A Half.. Why?

    Well Because For Some Reason The Ending Didn't Make Any Sense And What A Crappy Ending.. Did They Not Want To Make More Episodes? Were They Lazy To? They Could Have Made AtLeast 7 Seasons.. There Was Enough To Make 7 Seasons.. I Mean Like Really?

    At The End..

    1. Authur Doesn't Relive.

    2. The Girl ( High Priest ) ( Forgot Her Name.. ) Doesn't Know Merlin Is The Old Version Of Him..

    3. What The Hell Happens To The Damn White Rare Dragon?

    4. Why Doesn't He Keep The White Dragon?

    5. Why Is The White Dragon Sick And Frail?

    6. Why Doesn't The Whole Camelot Find Out.. That He Has Magic And The Savior?

    7. Why Doesn't Magic Return To The Land? The Correct Way.. ( Why Don't It Show It?! )

    8. Why Doesn't Authur Know That Merlin Has Been Saving His Ass The Entire Fricking 5 Seasons..

    9. Why Are There Only 13 Episodes For Each Season And Not 18 - 25

    10. Why Doesn't Merlin Find Any Love? Why Aint There

    11. Why Is Merlin So Fugly? I Mean Like Litterly? The Evil Dude ( The Little Kid / That Killed Authur ) When Hes All Grown Up Is Like 100 Times Sexier Than Him..

    12. What Happens To Everyone? What Happens To The Old Dude.. The Queen... And I Mean Like Theirs No Death Or GoodByes.

    At The End... He Is Like A Hobo.. And Has No Where To Live... And Its Like Around The 2000 - 2014.

    You Get My Point Fricking Horrible Ending!


  • Butchered the mythology

    I'm not going to go long.. but once I hit the 3rd season and they were still pulling the trite and unskilled "o look, somehow no one notices anything" BS I finally had to spoil myself and then laughed before getting pissed that a bunch of hacks were allowed to butcher the mythology of Arthur and Merlin... two years of the games I could take, but when it just kept going and keeps going til the bloody end of the normal myth then it's just time to admit it's utter crap by any standards. There is no defending this show at this point... too many screw ups with the major points of mythology and characters, especially the bond and understanding between Merlin and Arthur... and I thought the more equal friends route could be good. Too bad they hired a bunch of idiots that couldn't actually understand the mythology at all.
  • My only wish...

    that we had more time when Arthur knew Merlin's true identity. But pretty much my favorite show of all time. I particularly recommend it if you enjoy bromance!
  • Best Show Ever!

    I love everything about this show. This is my favorite show of all time, my friends and I actually dressed up as the characters from Merlin for Halloween, it was pretty awesome. I wish there were more seasons of this show, but overall I am very happy with it.
  • Merlin ending

    To be honest this was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time and I though the ending was perfect. Although the show didn't stick to the legend exactly it did always stick to the basics and unfortunately who dies and by whose hand is one of those things they have to follow. It was heart wrenching but I think that everything happened when it was supposed to, had Merlin told Arthur sooner he would have been kicked out of the kingdom and unable to help Arthur in the future. I think that Arthur and Merlin did build a better Albion and gave it better people to lead (Gwen and the Knights). Just because the end of a show makes you sad doesn't mean it was bad, it made you feel something and that makes it good TV.
  • A great show

    It was a truly great show, and the ending was spectacular!


    Most people miss the whole point of the ending, mostly because most people dnt know the true legend. Arthur was supposed to die by mordred's hand since the very beginning. Merlin does not die, and Arthur never comes "back to life" as most people think (at least for the present day *winkwink*). The ending was really beautiful though, and the fact that it stayed pretty close to the legend made it even better. I don't think the ending was rushed at all, and the fact that merlin told Arthur the truth the very end made it even more emotional, especially because if he didn't, Arthur would have had to kill Merlin (according to the law).

    Overall, great show! And even though the seasons has its ups and downs and sometimes the stories become repetitive and it's hard to watch, the ending is really worth it! :D
  • Best TV show but a disapointing ending.

    The show was perfect since the beginning. the actors really knew how to make someone to be glued to the TV, the last season started well but the final episode was not what I was hoping for. like everyone else watching Merlin we always wanted to see how Arthur would continue ruling Camelot knowing that Merlin has magic. but instead the writer decided to disappoint our suspense and have Merlin confess at the last 5 minutes of the final episode. to be honest I am tired with almost all the series programs ending with suspense I miss the shows with a good and happy ending.
  • One of my favorite shows... (spoiler alert!)

    came in with a bang and out with a whimper! I adored this program--the overall quality of each season's programs was phenomenal--the acting, the scenery, costumes, story... such soulful, magical beauty. Was bummed it was ending but such is life... hubby and I had been looking forward to the series finale-- what a disappointment! The last episode was so full of plot- holes. Seemed so rushed-- nonsensical--insulting to the intelligence of the audience. Morgana, Arthur, and Mordred met their demise through the power of the sword, while "Merlin" met it's demise through a dis-empowered pen. We are left with the impression that the sword is mightier than the pen. Such a weak ending. Can anyone pull the pen from the stone.. and work it? As a whole, the show was brilliant.

  • Fantastic Show

    I've heard rumors that Merlin is be cancelled. I hope this isn't true! It is one of the best television shows to ever come out, and be a senior citizen, I've seen plenty of them. My husband and I watch it faithfully and I've even bought the box sets for each season. Please, if you're reading this and have any control, don't cancel it!!!

    I love this programme, it's just so entertaining from start to finish. The writers really did themselves proud this time. The characters that play in this show all integrate superbly together, it just works so well. Merlin is adorable and has such a strength of character that he just shines. Arthur just oozes the right amount of sex appeal but I can't see what he sees in Gwen I'm afraid. I sometime want to just shake her and shout get off your bottom and find a way to be with him. Gaius is just so sweet, I want to take him home to meet my mum. Luther needs a good kick up the bottom and Sir Lancelot, well, lets just see more of him please he is such a dish. This show is so good, as you can see, it brings out so many emotions, I can't wait for the next series.
  • Great overall show, but...

    I watched Merlin from the start and found the spin on the old story very well told and acted. I give it condos for knowing it was time to finish the adventure as it was starting to wain. However, the final episode and direction it took was lame and lazy. Clearly wrote to put an end to the show and any possible spin offs. So so disappointed
  • Great show that needs to come back

    I loved this show it needs to come back for sure... Guineverre should have a little arthur and Merlin will protect him... I really hope they would bring it back... Just to continue on how she controls camelot... It was so sad to see Arthur die... Love watching Merlin... Bring it back please
  • merlins last show was as bad as it gets!

    I loved this series and was sad,but anxious to see the final show. What were they thinking. The worst final show I have ever seen. Soooo disappointed that I going to have a cocktail. Thanks a lot for ruining five years of good work. The writers should not be allowed another final show to write. Why ruin something else . Just so disguised after do many years following this show. I give the final show a zero.

    cant wait for the next take the show off. This is one of the best Sci-Fi Show episode have you wanting more... Shame on you Sci Fi
  • Loved the show didn't like Guinevere or the ending

    She smirks too much. Not a real good look for her in some of the scenes. She really had her mouth twitching all the time like a grimace. Not attractive at all. The ending pffft. Real bad. Maybe they should bring the king back to life like they do in our soap operas. He he. I hope they will make a Merlin in our country. I bet the ending would be better and I bet the girl would not be smirky. Is that a maybe not. I like the actress that played the Sister. She knows how to act. They were all good except the smirky girl.
  • Loved the show hated the ending

    I loved this show so much. The ending was too much. It was not how I wanted the show to end AT ALL. Yes Arthur dies in the legend but this show is as close to the legend as a needle in a haystack.

    I wanted Arthur to know about Merlin's magic and be ALIVE.

    There was no Albion, and Kilgharrah could've healed Arthur if only Merlin had called him a lot sooner!

    Also, why would you show an ending like that ON CHRISTMAS EVE?! Honestly!

    2012 will be remembered as THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

  • Love watching Merlin great show

    love watching Merlin ! When is it coming back on ???
  • Great Show-Bad Ending

    I liked it so much!! The idea was innovative, showing them at an early stage. The episodes had a good measure of adventure, magic, fun!! All actors served their parts very nicely. And it is a BBC production, so one could not expect anything less from it's quality. However, I did not appreciate the ending very much. I did not mind it being only five season, even though I think it could have endured longer, they had things to show. What I didn't like though was the fact that Arthur did not learn about Merlin until the very last episode and of course that he died. I really wanted to see them interact while Arthur knew that Merlin was a wizard. Unfortunatelly that did not happen. And if I remember correctly, Arthur dies in other interpretations as well, but here it was in a very early stage and I think it did not suit the whole character of the series. Anyway, I still refuse to see the two last episodes...

  • A sad but solid ending. with a bit of nice twist.

    I appreciated the show. The ending was fitting.

    I can't help but wonder if the creators of this show would entertain the notion of extrapolation where Arthur does return..

    After all, that's pretty much the gist of it right? Merlin is servant of Arthur and Arthur is destined to eventually return.

    So, I wonder if maybe .. a post - apocalyptic war happened and a new Arthur would be destined to bring back the fractured humanity. It would be the same Merlin.. A re-incarnated Arthur .. and then.. everything else can be totally left to the writers imagination.
  • Bad Ending

    Please Merlin fans, join 2return, Twitter: @merlin2return. We are a real group working together for a single purpose. Bringing Merlin back. We can do it if we have the numbers and work together. Come on people, Merlin needs us.

    The ending ruined the show for me. Short battle. No epic fight between Merlin and Morgana. Arthur dies, Merlin is a total failure and goes off to be alone forever. Why would they have Gaius tell Gwen that Arthur was in good hands? He wasn't. Why didn't the dragon save Arthur? Gwen has to rule alone. Her and Arthur were barely together. What about Merlin's mom? The ending just fell apart. All they had to do was: 1) Merlin arrives at the battle as himself on the back of the great dragon. 2) Merlin has epic battle with Morgana and wins. 3) Arthur and Mordred fight and Arthur wins, but is hurt. 4) Dragon heals Arthur. 5) Arthur tells the dragon he was wrong. 6) Arthur & Merlin ride the dragon back to Camelot 7) Arthur tells everyone about Merlin and how magic isn't evil, only some who use it for evil. 8) end with Arthur and the knights at the round table and we see Merlin sitting at Arthurs side, dressed in red. Arthur then says this is a new beginning. The ending the writers made was garbage. Every season, Merlin was told to protect Arthur because one day he and Merlin would rule together and bring about change. The bad ending made the whole show pointless. I used to watch this show all of the time, it was fun. I loved this show so much until the ending. Now I'll never watch it again. You can't make a show with so much heart, have a sad and hopeless ending. Bad move writers. This is a family show? All this shows kids is no matter what you do, how hard you try, evil always wins in the end, so why bother. One man can't make a difference. I can't believe the cast agreed to film this horrible ending. I wonder what their feelings are about it.

  • Merlin ended with out a real ending : That will change :)

    But unlike most ppl who say how sad they are there is a group of over 6500 ppl from all over the world who are doing a lot of things no just petitioning to change the ending of season -5 and get a season 6 i find them all to be nice , kind ppl , they come from all over from age 13 to 68 they work hard and they are making a change i joined them and i invite you 2

    Do remember unlike Fan pages This is an action page :)