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    I just recently discovered this amazing show about three months ago. I watch with my brother and sister all the time. Honestly the end was good, so sad it broke my heart, but still good. Now I bet you're like, "WHAT!" but the truth is this is how it was going to end. Think about. Is magic around today? No, so even if it was fiction, the Arthur legends have some truth in them.

    But I was disappointed with Arthur and Mordred's fight. I mean come on! It was like what three hits, and then end game? Yeah, that stunk.

    Overall this show was amazing. The acting, the action, the characters, the plot, and everything else. I think what made the ending so freaking sad that I wasn't working for like three days, was you grow so attacted to Arthur, and then he just dies. But I believe he had a good way of going, You know what I mean?

    And the very last scene I'd heard some people don't understand, basically, Merlin is waiting for Arthur to return, and he's been waiting from when Merlin takes place to our year.

    I was a little disappointed with Morgana's death. I thought her's was a little weak, but yet he got it over with. And I think the whole point of the last episode is to show how much Merlin was willing to do for Arthur.

    And remember tragic, this was kind of supposed to be a tragic. I still think kids will love it, my five year sister adore all of season 1, 2, 3, and 4. And if you don't feel comfortable letting your kids watch season 5, don't let them. I heard that season was supposed to reach a little bit older age group too.

    So to sum it up. It truely is an awesome show that you should totally watch. The end maybe let you feeling like thing weren't answered though, so if you hate that, then yeah. But still I love this show!
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