Season 3 Episode 6

The Changeling

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2010 on BBC
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Uther pressures Arthur into an arranged marriage with a visiting princess, Elena, though Merlin soon has reservations after discovering that Elena may not exactly be who she claims to be. As he tries to uncover the princess' dark secret, he learns that Elena's nanny is a Pixie. But what are their motivations? Who do they work for? And most important of all, what benefit do they get from her marriage to Arthur, the heir to the throne of Camelot? Will Merlin be able to get to the bottom of it all and prevent Arthur from making the biggest mistake of his life?moreless

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  • A light-hearted bit of fluff results in actual character growth for Arthur and an outstanding moment for Merlin and Arthur regarding the challenges of destiny. The Changeling is surprisingly entertaining although some parts are groan-worthy.moreless

    What Worked:

    The Music – Rohan Stevenson made a delightful theme called "The Farting Princess" that was far more sweet and charming than the title implies. As soon as you hear it and see Elena putting about, you immediately like the character. He made another theme called "A Few Words" that seemed to be for the Merlin/Arthur conversation but it wasn't as pronounced and it's not clear that was the music.

    Arthur's Growth – Arthur spends much of the episode regressed back into a child who does what his father tells him. He has a startled, trapped look on his face for much of the episode. He tries to get out of the marriage but wilts under Uther's insistence that it is his duty. Arthur has defied his father on a number of occasions, even losing his title to protect the people from exorbitant taxes, but this is different. This is not about protecting Camelot or innocents, this is Arthur putting his needs above what his King says are the needs of Camelot. Further, the emotionally constipated Arthur doesn't know what to do – what he is allowed to do. What Arthur comes to realizes, after a few key words from Merlin, is that his needs and the needs of Camelot are somewhat intertwined. That having the support of a woman he loves is important to a future King. Arthur's growth, then, is to realize Uther doesn't get to make this call for him. Elena – Georgia King was a delight as the clumsy princess with strong spirit. It was good they put a sympathetic character in the position because it made the decision Arthur makes all the more difficult. If she had been another troll or Vivian, then there would have been no real growth in Arthur rejecting the marriage. Further, King does an excellent job of giving Elena a relatively fleshed out personality. We end the episode hoping to see her again.

    Merlin/Arthur destiny – It's Merlin's advice Arthur listens too. Not Uther, not Guinevere. Merlin. And although it takes a few minutes for Merlin's wisdom to sink in, ultimately Arthur follows Merlin's advice. Merlin continues to surprise Arthur with his wisdom and shows the role Merlin is destined to fulfill. Partial Success:

    Team Merlin/Gaius – These two have an easy partnership when it comes to solving the latest magical threat to Camelot. Concocting the latest solution, distracting the pixie, and administering the potion were all good fun. On the other hand we once again have the "we can't tell truth to power" barrier that Gaius always insists upon. It's a tiresome plot device and the writers need to come up with a better formula

    What Didn't Work:

    The Sidhe – Really what is the purpose of these villains? I didn't see any logic to creating a Changeling in the hope that she would one day marry the future king of Camelot. Too convoluted and it's not clear why they would want anything to do with Camelot in the first place. They seem to live on an entirely different plane of existence. So although "changelings" are part of mythology, the writer's should have worked a little harder to explain this particular plot device. The Pixie – I realize Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure and she does reasonably well for as Elena's substitute mother figure but the comic relief with her tongue and desperate for sex with Gaius was just cheesy. And her "true form" with black warts was rather gross. On a side note, Merlin's use of a rod to demonstrate tongue size? Now THAT was a little obvious Mr. Director.

    Overall grade 8.5. Elena was charming, Arthur had some emotional growth, and there was a nice Merlin/Arthur moment regarding destiny. The comic relief detracted a bit but an overall solid episode.

    Upon Second Review: This episode is significant in that Arthur starts to realize he has the right to his own happiness, his life is not just about duty. Further, this is the episode that Morgana cottons on to the shared feelings between Arthur and Gwen. In the context of that romance, this is also when Gwen realizes that Arthur will stand up to his father. Elena's arrival was exactly what Gwen had been expecting: Arthur marrying a Princess. Elena was a smart, kind, and good woman. It was all falling predictably into place for Gwen until Arthur said "no" to the wedding. At this point, Gwen has to admit that Arthur has taken a step away from conforming to society. Finally, a theme this year seems to be Merlin and Arthur as closer to equals and this was a significant episode for that theme. Yes Arthur still throws things at Merlin but he also wasn't going to step up to the altar without hearing what Merlin had to say.moreless
  • Fun Episode

    This episode was fun and full of drama too. Arthur is forced into an arranged marriage by his father Uther. I enjoyed watching Arthur dealing with whether to argue with his father or submit to his will. I liked the small Gwen / Arthur scenes, and the fact that in the very end the prince listens to Merlin's advice and chooses to do what would make him happy.

    There was some awkward humor thrown here and there with a strange pixie who has developed a slight crush on Gaius. Poor guy lol! He looked mortified!

    Season three of this series has surpassed the others, and as a fan I'm proud at how the show is developing. If your not watching--then start because you're missing out!moreless
  • The Changeling

    The Changeling was a perfect episode of Merlin. I really enjoyed this episode because it had a lot to do with Magic, and the Shee. The story line was a bit repetitive however it was still really good. I really like when we get to see parts of the world of magic in the series. It is not often that we get to see this side of the series, at least not often enough. I really enjoyed the characters responses to the situation at hand, and how every thing played out. I hope that the season continues to delve deeper into the realm of magic. Though this episode was very good, the series as a whole could be even greater. It feels as if something is missing, and what that is I'm not quite sure. I really think that this episode is a must see!!!!!moreless
  • "The Gates of Avalon" meets "Sweet Dreams", Season 1 meets Season 2

    This episode isn't a bad one; it isn't especially good. It is interesting, and has good acting, and some precious moments in characterizations and relationships. Judging by the trailer its consequences are immediately felt in the next episode.

    There are funny moments, both resembling "Goblin's Gold" and aforementioned S1 episode. We have a reappearance of Sidhes, of the magic staff, and are introduced to a whole new race - faeries.

    Merlin is more of an advisor here, and draws his wisdom "from a book". "And what does the book tell you?" - asks Arthur in a conversation that resembles those "I have a friend and he has a problem" where it's completely obvious who the friend is. I'm not saying it's completely obvious to Arthur which book Merlin is referring to, but there is intelligence on the part of the prince, which is breaking through his usual inattentiveness. An average episode, all in all.moreless
Georgia King

Georgia King

Princess Elena

Guest Star

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes


Guest Star

Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Lord Godwyn

Guest Star

John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

Recurring Role

Michael Cronin

Michael Cronin

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Arthur and Elena's (even if cancelled) is the second wedding that Geoffrey of Monmouth, the court genealogist, gets to officiate. He previously officiated at the wedding between Uther and Lady Catrina in episode 2x05 Beauty and the Beast - Part One.

    • Goof: Arthur and Elena use different horses in the scenes that take place in Camelot (leaving, racing and arriving) than in the scene that takes place by the lake.

    • Goof: There are strawberries at Uther's table when he is dining with Arthur and Morgana. However, strawberries were only first introduced in Europe in the 17th century.

    • Lord Godwyn is one of Uther's dearest friends. His daughter is referred to as princess Elena of Gawant.

    • Goof: It is stated that the wedding between Arthur and the possessed Elena has been staged since the princess' birth by the Sidhe because they want a Sidhe Queen and they knew that Uther and Lord Godwyn, being really close friends, might one day unite their kingdoms through the marriage of their offspring. However, in episode 1x07 The Gates of Avalon the elder Sidhe agreed to have Arthur sacrificed for Sophia's sake.

    • A scene from episode 2x04 Lancelot and Guinevere depicting Arthur and Merlin walking in the castle square is used in this episode when Morgana watches them from her window.

    • Changelings are inhabited by a fairy at birth and they are possessed entirely with time. As a result, they are clumsy and unconventional creatures. A potion created by the witches of Meredor is the only way to force fairies out of the person they've possessed.

    • Goof: When Elena is holding the little toad in her hand, it has green and red spots. However, when she holds it in her mouth, it is just green.

    • Sidhe live for more than 1,000 years.

    • Goof: Elena's hair is styled differently when reflected in the mirror as she wonders if she is a perfect princess.

    • Pixies are the servants of the Sidhe (they address the Sidhe Elder as 'your majesty') and they have a weakness for more distinguished gentlemen.

    • This episode covers a 20 years span, from the birth of princess Elena onwards.

    • This episode features the third time that Merlin uses Sophia's staff: he previously used it in episode 1x07 The Gates of Avalon to kill both Aulfric and Sophia and in episode 1x12 To Kill the King to fight Tauren's men.
      Also, the Sidhe Elder was previously featured in episode 1x07 The Gates of Avalon.

    • Goof: Gaius wears glasses, even though they weren't commonly used until the 13th century.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • Uther: Arthur. It is an exciting day.
      Arthur: The arrival of Lord Godwyn is always a cause for celebration.
      Uther: And Princess Elena.
      Arthur: (Apathetically) Yes.
      Uther: I hear she is something of a beauty.
      Arthur: Really?
      Uther: Oh, yes. Beautiful, charming, witty... strategic.
      Arthur: Strategic?
      Uther: I have always thought so. We have always thought so. That is, Lord Godwyn and myself. That is, he finds you strategic, not Princess Elena.
      Arthur: He finds me strategic?
      Uther: Oh, yes.
      Arthur: And beautiful?

    • Arthur: Father, what are you trying to say?
      Uther: Lord Godwyn is a serious ally. The strength of such a match cannot be underestimated.
      Arthur: Please tell me you mean a jousting match?
      Uther: I mean a love match.
      Arthur: Love?
      Uther: Well, not love. Love has nothing to do with it. The other bit. You know... a permanent union.
      Arthur: (Stunned) Marriage?
      Uther: I knew you'd understand.

    • Gwen: What is it, Arthur? You seem troubled.
      Arthur: My father had some... surprising news for me. He expects me to marry Princess Elena.
      Gwen: Marry?
      Arthur: Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to.
      Gwen: I wasn't worried.
      Arthur: No. No, why would you be?

    • Arthur: It's strange, isn't it? Elena couldn't be more different to Lord Godwyn.
      Merlin: No. Perhaps she takes after her mother.
      Arthur: I never met her. She died when Elena was born.
      Merlin: That can't have been easy.
      Arthur: (Shakes his head) Hmm.
      Merlin: Perhaps you've more in common than you think. Oh! Bad breath, for example.
      Arthur: Excuse me?
      Merlin: Appalling table manners.
      Arthur: Erm... now, hang on a minute...!
      Merlin: A good sense of humour. No, you're right, you have nothing in common.

    • Uther: I need to talk to you about Elena. I realize that this is a delicate situation.
      Arthur: There's nothing delicate about her.
      Uther: Lord Godwyn, as you know, is not only a very good friend of mine, but a long-standing ally of Camelot.
      Arthur: I've nothing against Lord Godwyn. I've nothing against Elena... except marriage.
      Uther: When we talk about your future, Arthur, we're not just talking about your personal happiness but the safety and security of the whole of Camelot. You may one day be a husband, but more importantly you will one day be King.
      Arthur: But I have no feelings for her, whatsoever!
      Uther: Then I would encourage you to find some.

    • Sidhe Elder: I sincerely hope you bring me good news.
      Grunhilda: The fathers are committed to the match.
      Sidhe Elder: We have waited many years for this moment.
      Grunhilda: It's only a matter of time, your esteemed majesty. You have been most patient, your esteemed majesty.
      Sidhe Elder: And the girl?
      Grunhilda: She has no idea that a faerie lives inside her, just waiting to emerge.
      Sidhe Elder: But that cannot happen until her marriage to Arthur is complete.
      Grunhilda: And it will be soon, I promise. Then you will have what you most desire, one of your own at the heart of Camelot! A Sidhe for Queen.

    • Elena: I've been riding since I was a child. I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. Princesses don't. Apparently my mother was an excellent horsewoman. I never met her.
      Arthur: I never met mine, either. I... often wonder if I'm like her. I hope I don't take after my father entirely.
      Elena: Oh, you don't! I don't mean that in a bad way.
      (Arthur laughs)

    • Merlin: (Interrupting Arthur and Elena) Shall I set up here?
      Arthur: Merlin! What kept you? (Lowers his voice) Do not leave me again.
      Merlin: You were riding so fast, I thought you were eager for (Whispers) some time alone.
      Arthur: Nobody likes a clever clogs, Merlin.
      Merlin: No.

    • Elena: Thank you. I had a lovely time.
      Arthur: Me too.
      Arthur: (Embraces Arthur awkwardly) See you soon, I expect.
      Arthur: I hope so.
      (Elena trips on the castle steps)
      Merlin: Oh, dear.
      Arthur: For once, Merlin, I completely agree.

    • Lord Godwyn: It's a big occasion. The potential joining of our two families.
      Uther: Indeed, this union would cement what has long been an unofficial alliance between our kingdoms.
      Lord Godwyn: It would give me great pleasure. I can assure you my heart lies with yours. As to their hearts... who can say?
      Uther: Well, it little matters. Affairs of state take precedence over feelings. Arthur knows that, and I'm sure Elena does too.

    • Grunhilda: You've been avoiding my gaze.
      Gaius: No, no... my gaze isn't as sharp as it used to be.
      Grunhilda: That's why I thought I'd move a bit closer. All the better to appreciate me, eh?

    • Elena: I'm not the perfect Princess, am I?
      Grunhilda: Poppycock! And what does that mean anyway, 'perfect Princess'? Sounds perfectly boring! You've got spirit, child. If Arthur's got half a brain, he'll recognise that. And if he doesn't have a brain, well, you can always marry him for his brawn!
      Elena: I want to make this work, for Father's sake. I know how important it is to him. And I respect his judgement. Don't tell him I said that.
      Grunhilda: I wouldn't dream of it. And you'd be best keep your doubts to yourself. These are dangerous times. Marrying a Pendragon will secure your future.
      Elena: You're right.

    • Grunhilda: Here, this will cheer you up! (She hands Elena a box containing a little frog)
      Elena: Our little secret! (She eats the frog)
      Grunhilda: You're very special. Believe me, I know! (Kisses her)

    • (After Merlin witnesses Grunhilda eating insects with her reptile looking tongue)
      Gaius: I've seen some strange tongues in my time. Maybe she was suffering from an infection? Was it discoloured?
      Merlin: Discoloured? Yes!
      Gaius: Brown?
      Merlin: Purple. And long. Like... (Holding a long cylinder in his arm) ...this long.
      Gaius: That's not an infection.
      Merlin: No. It's magic. Some sort of magical creature has infiltrated Lord Godwyn's household. The question is, why?
      Gaius: Don't know, but I have a feeling we should probably find out.

    • Gaius: (Makes up an excuse after being discovered in Elena's room) I wanted to enquire whether Princess Elena would like a perfume concocting. Essence of lavender, perhaps?
      Grunhilda: That is a very bad excuse.
      Gaius: Really?
      Grunhilda: You don't fool me for one minute. You were looking for me!
      Gaius: I was?
      Grunhilda: I understand. It's all right.
      Gaius: I think probably I should be going.
      Grunhilda: Elena won't be back for ages. Why don't we make sweet perfume together?

    • Merlin: Pixie dust?
      Gaius: There's no mistaking it. Grunhilda is a pixie. It would explain a thing or two. If pixies have one weakness, it is for... the more... distinguished gentleman.
      Merlin: What are you trying to say?
      Gaius: Grunhilda has shown a certain... interest toward me.
      Merlin: She likes you? Oh, that is disgusting! Imagine... imagine if she kissed you! Eww!
      Gaius: Merlin!

    • Gaius: Pixies are the servants of the Sidhe. To them, Elena could be very valuable. I think Elena may be a changeling.
      Merlin: A changeling?
      Gaius: Inhabited by a faerie at birth. It would explain the clumsiness.
      Merlin: And Elena has no idea this thing's inside?
      Gaius: And when the time comes, it will possess her entirely.
      Merlin: And you think that time is now?
      Gaius: The Sidhe live for more than a thousand years. They're patient people. It may be that they have created this changeling, knowing that Lord Godwyn and the house of Pendragon would one day seek unity through marriage. And that would give the Sidhe something they want more than anything.
      Merlin: A Sidhe Queen.

    • Arthur: Father, there is a... delicate matter I wish to discuss with you.
      Uther: Your proposal? Excellent! You must make a fuss. Women like that kind of thing. Isn't that right, Morgana?
      Morgana: I've no idea! I'm delighted to hear the news, though.
      Uther: I couldn't be more thrilled.
      Morgana: She's a wonderful woman.
      Uther: She'll make a wonderful wife.
      Arthur: No, she won't. Not for me, anyway. Father, I have tried to get to know Elena, but the truth is I have no feelings for her. I'm sure she's a wonderful person but I cannot marry someone I don't love.
      Uther: You can, and you will.
      (Arthur and Gwen exchange a look and Morgana notices about their feelings for each other)

    • Merlin: You were right. Poor girl, no wonder she's got a wind problem! You should see what she's got trapped inside her. We have to tell the King.
      Gaius: Merlin, Lord Godwyn is one of Uther's dearest friends. Accusing him of having a Sidhe for a daughter and a pixie for a nurse is not something that can be undertaken lightly.
      Merlin: But Uther wants Arthur to marry her!
      Gaius: Then we don't have much time. We have to find a spell that will force the faerie out of her.
      Merlin: I don't know anything about Sidhe magic.
      Gaius: Then it's time we learnt (Hands Merlin a thick book)

    • Morgana: I wouldn't like to be in Arthur's shoes.
      Gwen: What do you mean?
      Morgana: Forced to marry someone against his will.
      Gwen: I don't think he'll marry her if he feels that way.
      Morgana: I know it's hard to believe but he may not have a choice. Even if it isn't what he wants. Even if his heart belongs to another. Even if she feels the same way. Gwen, we've known each other for too long. I can see it in your eyes. You like him, don't you?
      Gwen: No. That would be silly.
      Morgana: And he likes you.
      Gwen: It can never come to anything.
      Morgana: I'd like to think it was possible but Arthur can't change 200 years of history, no matter how much he may want to.
      Gwen: I know.

    • Arthur: Guinevere.
      Gwen: I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't just turn up like this. Everyone's talking about your marriage to Elena. I know you said that it isn't what you wanted, but I also know that you can't always have what you want. I know that very well.
      Arthur: Is what I want really that insane?
      Gwen: Yes, Arthur. From anyone's perspective, apart from yours and mine, it's completely insane.
      Arthur: Then I'm happy being insane. Surely it's better than being miserable?
      Gwen: I don't think she will make you miserable. She has a good heart.
      Arthur: As do you.
      Gwen: We both know it can't be.
      Arthur: (With teary eyes) And if I do it... if I marry her, what will you do?
      Gwen: I will watch you grow into the King that Camelot deserves. It is as it should be.

    • Arthur: I am honoured to be standing before you today, in the presence of our dear friend, Lord Godwyn. And his wonderful daughter, Elena. The people of this kingdom are very dear to me. This place is my life. I hope one day to continue the good work of my father and to make Camelot a place of peace and happiness. It is my sincerest hope that you, Princess Elena, share these dreams. And with this in mind, I would like to ask you if you would do me the honour of being my... wife.

    • Merlin: Will it hurt her? When the faerie leaves?
      Gaius: She'll feel like a new person. She probably doesn't realise how much trouble it's been causing her.

    • Grunhilda: Oh, master, I am sorry, but I think we may have a problem. I may be wrong, but you know how things are.
      Sidhe Elder: Out with it!
      Grunhilda: The serving boy, Merlin, knows Elena is a changeling.
      Sidhe Elder: So, what can a serving boy do?
      Grunhilda: He is Arthur's serving boy. I do not expect he will stay quiet for long.
      Sidhe Elder: Do you know how long I have waited for this moment?
      Grunhilda: Yes, sire, and I have been there with you, every second of the way.
      Sidhe Elder: You have been there because we have chosen to keep you there. If the changeling is discovered you will not be so useful any more.
      Grunhilda: No, sire.
      Sidhe Elder: As to this... Merlin, soon he will regret the day I ever heard his name.

    • (Elena burps)
      Grunhilda: I'm almost as excited as if it was my wedding day.
      (Elena burps)
      Grunhilda: In fact, given half a chance, I'd definitely marry him myself.
      Elena: Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
      Grunhilda: What?
      Elena: I'm serious. I don't love him. He doesn't understand me. He certainly doesn't love me either.
      Grunhilda: He respects you.
      Elena: Yes, and I him, but is that enough?
      Grunhilda: Well, yes, definitely. I would say it was enough. I mean, what is love, anyway. Here today, and gone tomorrow. Respect, that's what lasts. Ah, it's just nerves. Understandable, but not to be listened to. Silly girl.

    • Merlin: You look very handsome, the perfect bait.
      Gaius: Merlin, if this doesn't work, if she seems like she's overpowering me...
      Merlin: I will just watch and wait.
      Gaius: You will rescue me. And if it does work, let us never speak of it again.

    • Grunhilda: Hello, my lover! What a romantic place! I've been dreaming of this moment.
      Gaius: Me too.
      Grunhilda: Longing for this time.
      Gaius: Longing.
      Grunhilda: At last, we two will be as one.
      (She closes her eyes waiting to be kissed. Merlin and Gaius trap her behind a barred door. Grunhilda sticks her reptilian tongue in between the bars and licks Gaius' lips)
      Grunhilda: You'll never know what you've missed.
      Gaius: I'll take your word for it.

    • (Gaius has been trying to make Elena drink the potion unsuccessfully).
      Merlin: Elena, this is going to make you feel a whole lot better (He holds her nose and pours the potion in her mouth. She swallows it and faints. The fairy leaves her body and Merlin destroys it with the Sidhe staff. Elena comes around)
      Gaius: Not to worry, my dear, I think you must have fainted. Such excitement.
      Elena: Fainted? I feel amazing. I haven't felt this good in years.

    • Merlin: I've brought you your ceremonial sword.
      Arthur: Is that for me to fall on?
      Merlin: Hopefully not. What's wrong?
      Arthur: You wouldn't understand, Merlin. You have no idea what it's like to have a destiny... you can't escape.
      Merlin: Destinies are troublesome things. You feel trapped? Like your whole life has been planned out for you and you've got no control over anything and sometimes you don't even know if what destiny has decided is really the best thing at all.
      Arthir: How come you're so knowledgeable?
      Merlin: I read a book.
      Arthur: And what would this book tell you? Should I marry her?
      Merlin: It's not really my place to say, sire.
      Arthur: I'm asking you, it's your job to answer.
      Merlin: If you really want to know what I think? I think you're mad. I think you're all mad. People should marry for love, not convenience. And if Uther thinks an unhappy king makes for a stronger kingdom, then he's wrong because you may be destined to rule Camelot but you have a choice... as to how you do it.

    • Geoffrey of Monmouth: Is it your wish, Arthur, to become one with this woman?
      Arthur: It is.
      Geoffrey of Monmouth: Is it your wish, Elena, to become one with this man?
      Elena: It is.
      Geoffrey of Monmouth: Do any say nay? (Pause) Then as we gather here today, we are all witness to this rite...
      Arthur: Wait.
      Geoffrey of Monmouth: There is something you would like to say, Arthur?
      Arthur: There's something I should have said a long time ago. Something from the heart I dared not speak. Elena, you are a wonderful woman, a beautiful bride. But I cannot deny my feelings.
      Elena: You do not love me.
      Arthur: And I think if you are honest, you do not love me either.
      Elena: No.
      Arthur: Then we are both here out of duty. Can you forgive me?
      Elena: I agree with all you have said. Thank you, Arthur.

    • Uther: What did you think you were doing?
      Arthur: The right thing, father.
      Uther: For who? For Camelot or for yourself?
      Arthur: The two things aren't entirely separate.
      Uther: Until you put duty before your feelings, you are clearly not ready to be king.
      Arthur: When I'm ready to be king, I'll be a much better king for the support and strength of a woman I love.

    • Arthur: There's something different about her.
      Merlin: You're not changing your mind, are you?
      Arthur: Goodness, no.
      Elena: I wish you well, Arthur Pendragon. I hope one day we both find the love we deserve.

    • Lord Godwyn: He did the right thing, you know. You mustn't punish him. They were neither of them in love.
      Uther: That's not the point. That's not the way things are done.
      Lord Godwyn: Then maybe it's time things changed. I think he has the makings of a great king. You should be proud of him.

    • Arthur: So, I am still a single man.
      Gwen: Indeed. I don't think you deserved her, actually. She's really very lovely.
      Arthur: Well, I had hoped to have forsaken her for one equally as lovely. Who knows, maybe even more so.
      Gwen: I do not know of such a person.
      Arthur: Me neither. But I guess only time will tell.
      (Both follow their way, happy)

  • NOTES (8)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: February 19, 2011 on Space.
      France: March 20, 2011 on Canal + Family.
      Germany: November 2, 2011 on RTL.
      Italy: April 5, 2011 on Italia 1.
      Poland: April 9, 2011 on Polsat.
      Spain: January 22, 2011 on Antena 3 Neox.
      Turkey: February 13, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      USA: February 18, 2011 on Syfy.

    • Grunhilda is Colin Morgan's favourite villain.

    • According to Bradley James, this was the funniest episode to film of series 3.

    • Also Known As:
      France: Le Complot Des Sidhes, meaning 'The Complot Of The Sidhes'.
      Germany: Kuckuckskind.
      Italy: Lo Scambio, meaning 'The Exchange'.
      Poland: Inna.
      Portugal: O Mutante, meaning 'The Mutant'.

    • The Great Dragon does not appear in this episode, but John Hurt is credited (for the voice-over which begins the episode).

    • All the food in the banquet scene was real: grilled bacon, custard cream and grapes at which the cast nibbled between shots. The wine wasn't real wine but fruit juice though.

    • Filming locations:
      Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      Cardiff, Wales, UK (Studio sets).
      Castell Coch, Cardiff, UK (Lord Godwyn's castle)
      River Ely (Afon Elai), near The Chestnuts, Miskin (Meisgyn), Wales, UK (Riverbank where Arthur presents Elena with a rose).
      Speech House Lake, Spruce Ride, Ruspidge, Forest of Dean, England, UK (Avalon).

    • Broadcasts:
      Sat 16 Oct 2010 at 19:45-20:30 on BBC One.
      Mon 18 Oct 2010 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.