Season 3 Episode 12

The Coming Of Arthur, Part 1

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2010 on BBC
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Arthur and Merlin embark on a dangerous mission to capture the Cup of Life, a powerful magical artifact that carries the gift of immortality. However, before they are able to retrieve the Cup they fall prey to Jarl, an unscrupulous slave trader. They manage to escape when a trusted friend comes to their rescue but with Jarl's help, the Cup of Life ends up in Morgause's hands. Now that the dreadful sisters count on an immortal army at their disposal, will Morgause and Morgana overthrow Uther once and for all?moreless

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  • Action packed build-up in the first part of the finale. A few clunky moments are saved by good chemistry and powerful cliffhanger.

    What Worked:

    The Cliffhanger: Morgana revealing herself to Uther while Arthur and Merlin watch in horror was nicely played. The Smirk of Doom was in full force but deserved this time. The ending of the episode accomplished just what it needed to do: make the audience anxious for more. Queen Morgana on the throne was a nice Kodak moment. The Trio: Arthur, Merlin, and Gwaine have excellent chemistry. The funniest moment of the episode is when Merlin rapidly deflates the ego contest between Gwaine and Arthur regarding who was the better fighter by reminding them that their half-baked plan nearly got them killed. Even better, Arthur and Gwaine both shut up and nod as if to say "well, there's that". It's these character moments that make Merlin so watchable. Leon Lives!: Sir Leon (Rupert Young) has become a fandom favorite for his loyalty to Arthur. When he is apparently killed at the start, a virtual collective gasp can be heard from the audience. Then when he is saved, the relief is palpable. This darkhorse character has really developed throughout the series. Putting him at risk, letting him have his own story back in Camelot was a good fresh idea that keep the action moving.

    Partial Success:

    Unsympathetic Arthur: This is a gamble. If the producers are playing it for long-term success, then it's a good gamble. If it was simply an out of character moment then it was a bad call. Arthur is almost always heroic and putting a child in jeopardy was jarring to see. Looking back at the entire series, however, this may be an intentional approach to making trouble between Arthur and the Druids. With the exception of saving Mordred, Arthur looks like the right hand of Uther to the Druids. He ordered their village wiped out, he comes in and forcibly takes the Cup of Life. If the producers are singling out the Druids as a sympathetic future enemy of Arthurs, this is a good setup. If there is no future conflict between them then this is throwing Arthur's character under the bus uselessly. The M&Ms Machinations: Morgana and Morgause are letting their power go to their collective heads. Killing off Cenred, thinking they can rule by simply killing Uther's Army? That's not going to work. Still, getting the Cup of Life to make an immortal army and steamrolling over the Camelot forces was a good approach to take the throne by force with a legitimate heir. So, as an opening gambit it's a good plan but Morgause should be smarter than this. Uther: Anthony Head was marvelous in the confrontation with Morgana at the end but having his character stay in the throne room during the attack (with a reused shot from "The Last Dragonlord" no less) made no sense. It's consistent that Uther can be morally a coward but this was the King who ran to the battle in EP2. Uther just leaving it to Sir Leon, with no plan other than "die defending", made no sense for someone who had ruled for 20+ years. The Slave Trade: This could have been an entire episode. And probably more fun than "Love in the Time of Dragons". Jarl was a sufficiently skeevy villian, the concept of slave trading a plausible issue, and Cenred's indifference was a good setup. But this plot was just a brief contrivance to connect in Gwaine. As such, it wasn't as entertaining because it seemed like the diversion it was rather than integral to the particular Cup of Life plot. Better to have brought in Gwaine via another method and saved the slave trade plot for its own episode.

    What Didn't Work:

    Budget Use: The budget for this show is usually smartly managed but the money on "Massive" CGI technology would probably have been better spent on using more extra's and sleight of hand with what's called "wrapping" (as they did in the throne room). If the army is immortal, it doesn't take 20,000 to take Camelot. There's no way to put 20,000 drops of blood in one cup either. And since Arthur & the boys waltz into a deserted lower town, the absence of an immortal soldier every two feet is glaring. The burning town, Uther looking out a window, and a few other setups were also repeat shots we've seen more than once and it was obvious.

    Distracting Errors and Contrivances: Even with the huge cape, Emilia Fox's baby bump was obvious. She should have never been shot in profile. Getting Gwaine into the mix was a delight but it was a pretty clunky contrivance to run into him in a slaver's den. And if they are passing a village, why not try to grab horses rather than walk all the way back to Camelot? The time jump from morning to night was odd when just the day before "Camelot" was not too far away per their conversation.

    Overall grade 8.0. This sets up the finale with an excellent cliffhanger but it had a few missteps that takes a potentially great episode and makes it just good. Upon Second Look Review:

    Cenred's recurring character ultimately ends up going nowhere. He wasn't much of a warrior and only in EP2, when he abandoned Morgana, did he show any real backbone. He literally was just a slimy tool for Morgana to get an Army. Like all of the villains, his 2-D character was not satisfying. Using the Cup of Life to give the villains a temporary victory was a decent plot device, undermined by incongruous math on the number of people involved in the conflict and various scenes. In short, this was a stepping stone episode designed to get to the real finale – Part II.moreless
  • Probably the best episode ever produced, certainly the best of Season 3 (so far).

    The opening scene is certainly one of the most shocking so far, with more bloodshed and Sir Leon facing a dire end, until he is rescued by the druids with the Cup of Life.

    Returning to the castle, he reports to Uther, who immediately sends his son on a secret mission to retrieve the Cup. On their way, Arthur and Merlin get captured by a slave trader, but meet Gwaine and the awesome threesome manage to escape and find the druids. While bringing the cup back, they are ambushed by Cenred's men. Arthur is injured and the cup stolen. As Uther gets worried, Sir Leon is sent to rescue Arthur.

    Morgause creates an army of immortals with Cenred's men before putting a violent end to the dark king's reign and attacking Camelot. As the awesome threesome reach Camelot, they discover a town ravaged and burnt to the ground. They discover Elyan hiding at Gwen's and make their way to the castle, where they also find Gaius. After ensuring everyone's safety, Merlin and Arthur witness the demise of Uther and the ascension of Morgana Pendragon to the throne.

    In this episode, the relationship between Arthur and Merlin at last reach a more equal footing. In spite of the very heavy and dark plot, the dialogues are spot on and lighten up the mood of the darker scenes. Merlin's lines and delivery is impeccable throughout, and Colin Morgan's portrayal of the warlock is extremely detailed and true to the character. It is nice to see the ever-likeable Leon make a big comeback and pay a major role in this episode, hopefully with better things to come. As the second part has not aired yet, I can't tell whether the second instalment will outperform the first, but it is certainly one that will remain in the top episodes for the whole series.moreless
  • Three words: EPIC - part one!

    Squeeeee! What an awesome way to start the season 3 finale. Action, drama, and banter all wrapped up in awesomeness!

    Love that Gwaine is back, and also Gwen's brother Elyan.

    A very timely demise for King Cendred. Plenty of distraught Arthur over loosing Camelot and Morgana is finally seen for who she is - pure evil (It's about time, I mean how many evil smirks can you give and not be noticed lol!)Even if you dislike Uther you have to feel sorry for the poor guy, he looked devastated.

    I am waiting now on baited breath for what promises to be an exciting conclusion. This episode is what the show Merlin is all about.moreless
  • The Coming Of Arthur, Part 1

    The Coming Of Arthur, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Merlin, combining a great story with action, drama, intrigue, secrets, and magic. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see a little of every thing that makes this series great. Merlin and Arthur's bond grew stronger as Merlin stayed at Arthur's side no matter what. It was interesting to see the interactions between Morgause and Cenric. It was cool to see more of the Druids. One of the Druids told Merlin the Cup is now in his care, which was kind of a touching and important moment. This quest is only the begining of whats to come. I thought Morgana was delightfully diabolical in assuming the Throne of Camelot. I can't wait to see how every thing turns out!!!!!!!moreless
  • Epic denouement to an epic season.

    This is a tense episode, that keeps you on the edge of your chair.

    I particularly like what they did with Morgause. She's the most successful villain the programme has ever had, and the actress obviously relishes the role. The way her and Cenred's relationship was wrapped up was very brave and astonishing. Some things are necessary for the story to develop, and I applaud it.

    Another highlight is the final scene, which left many surprised. Morgana has finally succeeded, and we'll have to see what comes of it. I just wish the final scene was a bit longer, since it was so enjoyable, but I guess it's cut that way for the sake of massive anticipation it produces.moreless
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  • QUOTES (38)

    • Arthur: Cenred said that the patrol trespassed on his land and an example had to be made.
      Uther: How many dead?
      Arthur: All of them, Sire. Every last man.
      Uther: The Knights?
      Arthur: All lost. Edric, Alduuf... Osric. And Sir Leon.

    • Arthur: We thought you were dead for sure.
      Sir Leon: I was dead, or as good as. Until the Druids found me.
      Uther: The Druids?
      Sir Leon: Yes, my lord. I owe them my life.
      Uther: How did they heal you? You were as good as dead, you said.
      Sir Leon: I don't know.
      Uther: Did they use magic?
      Sir Leon: Well, I...
      Uther: Yes or no? It's a simple enough question.
      Sir Leon: I only know that I drank from some kind of cup, Sire.
      Uther: Cup?
      Sir Leon: It was extraordinary, my lord. I have known nothing like it. From the moment it touched my lips, I could feel my life return to me.

    • Gaius: (About Sir Leon) It's remarkable, Sire. He bears no sign of any kind of wound. He is in perfect health.
      Uther: And the cup he spoke of?
      Gaius: From his description, I would say it was the Cup of Life.
      Uther: You are aware of its power, Gaius?
      Gaius: I am indeed, Sire. But the Druids are a peaceful people. They would only ever use the cup for good. Sir Leon is surely proof of that.
      Uther: Be that as it may, according to Sir Leon's description, the Druids' cave lies within Cenred's kingdom. It is imperative that we get to the cup before he does.
      Gaius: My lord... the Druids are secretive by nature. They will have the cup well hidden. Might it not be wise to leave it where it is?
      Uther: I am not prepared to take that risk.

    • Merlin: I thought the cup was destroyed with Nimueh, when I defeated her on the Isle of the Blessed.
      Gaius: The cup cannot be destroyed. Its magic is eternal, unbound by time or place.
      Merlin: But why does Uther fear it so much?
      Gaius: Because the cup can be used for evil as well as good.
      Merlin: I don't understand.
      Gaius: Many centuries ago, it fell into the possession of a great warlord. One night, he gathered his army before him. He took a drop of blood from each and every man and collected it in the cup. Such was the vessel's power that the soldiers were made immortal where they stood.
      Merlin: So they could not be killed.
      Gaius: The carnage they wrought was beyond all imagining. The King's no fool. He knows that the forces of the Old Religion are rising against him once more. Heaven forbid that the cup should fall into the hands of Morgause.
      Merlin: Or Morgana.
      Gaius: With such a weapon at their disposal, Camelot would be all but lost.

    • Arthur: You called for me, Father.
      Uther: Cenred is our sworn enemy. We cannot risk him getting his hands on the Cup of Life.
      Arthur: I know, Father.
      Uther: You must retrieve it. Your mission must remain secret. You can speak to no-one of this.
      Arthur: I will take only my most trusted men.
      Uther: We have seen what happened to the last patrol that entered Cenred's land. You must go alone. I am sorry to place such a burden upon you but there is no-one else I can trust.

    • Merlin: If I don't know where we're going, how do I know what to pack? Will it be hot, cold, wet, dry?
      Arthur: Don't be such a girl, Merlin. We're not going on holiday.
      Merlin: Holiday? What's a holiday?
      Arthur: Not that. Nothing bearing the crest of Camelot. We're going undercover.
      Merlin: This is ridiculous. Are you going to tell me where we're going or not?
      Arthur: Well, I can tell you it'll be dangerous.
      Merlin: Great.
      Arthur: We'll be travelling through bandit-infested lands.
      Merlin: Terrific. Then where?
      Arthur: I can't tell you that.
      Merlin: You don't know where we're going.
      Arthur: No. I know where we're going. I just can't tell you, that's all.
      Merlin: Right. Cause if you do, you'll have to kill me, I suppose.
      Arthur: Immediately and without hesitation.
      Merlin: Great. It'll be a surprise. I love surprises. Who doesn't love a good... surprise?

    • Morgana: Arthur rides at dawn. He's been sent to recover some kind of cup. The Cup of Life, they called it.
      Morgause: The Cup of Life, are you sure?
      Morgana: I heard every word.
      Morgause: How long I have searched for it...
      Morgana: Is it as powerful as they believe?
      Morgause: Oh, yes. Trust me, sister. With the cup in our possession, Camelot would soon be at our mercy. Where is the cup now?
      Morgana: It is in the hands of the Druids. All I know is that their camp lies within Cenred's kingdom.
      Morgause: Then perhaps Cenred will be of use to us again. He has spies everywhere. If he can have Arthur followed...
      Morgana: ... then Arthur will lead us all the way to the cup itself.

    • Morgause: Can your scouts be relied upon?
      Cenred: Of course. I hand-picked them myself.
      Morgause: Why does that not reassure me?
      Cenred: Do not concern yourself, my lady. The Cup of Life will soon be in our hands. And when it is, Camelot will be ours.
      Morgause: You forget yourself, Cenred. It is Morgana that will take the throne, not you or I.
      Cenred: I make no claim upon the throne. Only the spoils of victory.
      Morgause: You will get what you deserve, Cenred. I can assure you of that.

    • Merlin: So I'm not probably going to die, I'm definitely going to die.
      Arthur: Always the pessimist, Merlin. Who knows? Maybe just this once, we'll have no trouble (Arthur falls off his horse as a dart pierces his neck)
      Merlin: Maybe you're right. But if past experience is anything to go by... (Merlin suffers the same fate and they are made prisoners by a slave trader)
      Merlin: (Coming around) What was that you were saying about me being a pessimist?
      Arthur: Must have slipped my mind.

    • Arthur: (As someone places a hand on his shoulder) Touch me again, you die.
      Merlin: Gwaine?
      Gwaine: No manners, you royals. Merlin, old friend, you look terrible.
      Merlin: Likewise.
      Arthur: What are you doing here?
      Gwaine: You know. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong drink.
      Arthur: Nothing's changed there, then?

    • Arthur: Where exactly are we?
      Gwaine: The bowels of an old castle. Belongs to a fella named Jarl.
      Arthur: Never heard of him.
      Gwaine: Lovely bloke. Slave Trader.
      Merlin: We're going to be sold as slaves?

    • Jarl: Right, you filthy vermin! Which one of you is ready to face my champion in the arena? No volunteers? Well, I shall have to choose one of you toerags myself, then... let me see... how
      Merlin: Me?
      Jarl: Death or glory, boy. You should be honoured.
      Arthur: Who is this so-called champion? Can he crush nothing but weaklings like this?
      Jarl: You think you could offer a better contest?
      Arthur: I guarantee it.
      Merlin: Arthur, no.
      Jarl: Very well. But if you lose... I'll feed your little friend to the crows, piece by stinking piece. Are you ready, my champion?
      Gwaine: I am.

    • (Cenred's men have failed to capture Arthur)
      Cenred: Don't worry, Morgause. I'll find him soon enough.
      Morgause: See that you do.
      Cenred: Are you threatening me?
      Morgause: Trust me, Cenred. When I'm threatening you, you'll know about it.

    • Jarl: Gentlemen. The rules are simple. One man lives and one man dies. If you cannot, or will not, finish off your opponent... I'll kill you both. Let battle commence!

    • (Fighting for Jarl)
      Arthur: Take it easy, will you?
      Gwaine: It's got to look real, hasn't it?
      Arthur: Fine. If it's real you want...

    • Gwaine: (About Jarl's castle) Now, that's somewhere I'll not be in hurry to see again.

    • Merlin: We're looking for the Cup of Life.
      Arthur: (Smacks him at the back of the head)
      Merlin: What?
      Arthur: What part of the word 'secret' did you not understand?
      Merlin: It's... Gwaine.
      Gwaine: Gentlemen, gentlemen, it seems whatever it is that you're after, you could use a little help.

    • Gwaine: So according to Merlin here, if you tell me where this cup is, you'll have to kill me.
      Arthur: That's correct.
      Gwaine: May as well tell me, then. I mean, let's be honest, you couldn't kill me even if you wanted to.
      Arthur: Yeah? Try me.
      Gwaine: I already did. Back in the arena. I had you bang to rights, did I not?
      Arthur: That... was just a game.
      Gwaine: Oh, a game? Right. I won that game, did I not?
      Arthur: No, you didn't! One more minute...
      Merlin: One more minute and you both would have been dead! Neither of you won. Your plan was a half-baked disaster and if it was not for that fire, we would all be pushing up daisies.

    • Jarl: (After informing Cenred and Morgause about Arthur's whereabouts) Perhaps some small compensation for my time and trouble?
      Morgause: My dear man. How remiss of me. You will have your reward this instant (Throws him up in the air, smashing him against a wall)

    • Gwaine: (Teasing Arthur about his fighting skills) Easy, Merlin. Wouldn't want to rile the prince.

    • Iseldir: You meddle with a power you do not understand, Arthur Pendragon. By taking the Cup of Life, you risk more than you know.
      Arthur: I'll take my chances, thanks. Let's go.
      Iseldir: (Telepathically) Emrys... the cup is in your care now. Guard it well. The future of this land depends on it.

    • Gwaine: Hard work, this quest business.
      Arthur: Trust me, it's a great deed we did here today.
      Merlin: Are you sure the cup wasn't safer with the Druids?
      Arthur: They can't be trusted, Merlin. No one can. The only safe place for the cup is the vaults of Camelot.
      Merlin: Yeah, but we have to get it there first...

    • Gwaine: I don't get it. Why all this bother over a cup?
      Merlin: Because in the wrong hands, it can become a terrible weapon.
      Gwaine: Not so great Cenred's got it, then?
      Merlin: It's worse than you can possibly imagine.

    • Cenred: Loyal friends, our time is at hand. From today, no sword will fell you, no spear will stop you short. Your blood will not be spilled in vain, but in victory. You march with the mightiest weapon of them all, immortality!

    • Morgana: You show great strength, my lord.
      Uther: What do you mean?
      Morgana: Day after day you, must send your only son into danger.
      Uther: Not a responsibility any father would wish to bear.
      Morgana: You must try not to worry. He is the First Knight of Camelot and your greatest warrior. He's made it home safe in the past. Why should this time be any different?
      Uther: You're right. Of course you are.

    • Merlin: We need more firewood.
      Gwaine: You're right about that.
      Merlin: Do you want to go and get some?
      Gwaine: Not really. Thanks for asking.
      Merlin: There's wolves out there. Bears, boars...
      Gwaine: Exactly.
      Merlin: I'm not a warrior. I can't defend myself like you.
      Gwaine: Never too late to learn. Merlin... don't you know when someone's joking with you? If I die collecting firewood, keep it to yourself. I've got my reputation to consider.

    • Cenred: Magnificent, aren't they? My army of immortals.
      Morgause: Your army?
      Cenred: Well, they are my men.
      Morgause: Correction. They were your men. It is I that made them immortal, they are bound to me now.
      Cenred: Do not think for one moment that you can cross me, my lady.
      Morgause: Cross you? Never (Casts a spells and one of Cenred's guards advances towards him sword in hand)
      Cenred: What are you doing?
      Morgause: Have I not always been honest with you, Cenred?
      Cenred: Stop! Stop! You answer to me, not to her! Morgause, Morgause, make him stop! Please, I beg you. Make him stop!
      Morgause: Did I not say that when I threatened you, you'd know about it? Well, now you know.
      Cenred: Morgause, please...
      (The guard kills Cenred)

    • Arthur: (Coming around) Where's the cup?
      Merlin: Cenred's men, they took it.
      Arthur: Then what are we still doing here?
      Merlin: You were unconscious.
      Arthur: Always an excuse, Merlin.

    • Sir Leon: They cannot be stopped. The soldiers, Sire. They will not fall.
      Uther: What are you saying?
      Sir Leon: They will not die.
      Uther: Gather the Knights. Prepare whatever defences you can.
      Sir Leon: But, Sire.
      Uther: Do it! It's Cenred. It must be. How? The location of the cup was secret.
      Gaius: There's only one explanation, Sire (Looks towards Morgana out of the corner of his eye) We have a traitor in our midst.

    • Gwen: Is it true they attack at dawn?
      Morgana: I'm afraid so.
      Gwen: And no word from Arthur?
      Morgana: (Smiling) Nothing.
      Gwen: Then all is lost. We will be massacred. Every last one of us.
      Morgana: Not everyone has to die.
      Gwen: What do you mean, not everyone?
      Morgana: Those that defy them, those that choose to fight, they will surely die. But those who do not resist, those who choose to welcome change... they will have a future here. Everyone has a choice, Gwen.
      Gwen: You know I have always been loyal to you, Morgana. And I always will be.
      Morgana: Then have no fear. No harm will come to you. I can promise you that.

    • Arthur: A Camelot patrol.
      Merlin: There's not a single enemy body.
      Arthur: He's right. This wasn't a fight, this was a slaughter.
      Gwaine: Who could have done such a thing?
      Arthur: An army of men that cannot die.

    • Arthur: Where is everyone?
      Elyan: I...I... I thought that...
      Arthur: Elyan, please. What happened?
      Elyan: They came out of nowhere. A mighty army. Weapons were useless against them. They were men, Sire, but not men... nothing could kill them. Nothing.
      Arthur: Where's your sister? Where's Guinevere?
      Elyan: She was in the citadel when they attacked.
      Arthur: There's still hope.
      Elyan: Sire... the citadel's been taken.

    • Merlin: Arthur. You can't go on.
      Arthur: We must. We must find the others.
      Merlin: You can't go on without treatment.
      Arthur: Guinevere... my father.
      Merlin: Elyan.
      Elyan: Yes?
      Merlin: Do you know the way to the dungeons?
      Elyan: Yes, I think so.
      Merlin: Go with Gwaine. See if you can find them.
      Arthur: I'm going with them.
      Merlin: You're not.
      Arthur: That's an order.
      Merlin: To hell with your orders. You're coming with me.

    • Arthur: You're disobeying orders, Merlin. I'll have you in the stocks for this.
      Merlin: Fine. Now, stay put. And try not to move that leg.

    • Merlin: Gaius!
      Gaius: Merlin!
      (They hug)
      Merlin: Are you all right?
      Gaius: All the better for seeing you!

    • Merlin: It's the army of immortals, isn't it?
      Gaius: We're lucky to get away with our lives. Any of us.

    • Elyan: The King, Sire. He's alive!
      Arthur: Where is he?
      Gwaine: They're taking him to the throne room as we speak.
      Arthur: This may be my last chance.
      Merlin: There's too many of them, you'll never make it.
      Arthur: I won't leave my father to die here alone. Gwaine, Elyan, take Gaius and make your way to the woods beyond the castle. I hope we meet again. Merlin, you should go with them.
      Merlin: Nah, I've seen the woods already.

    • (Uther is manheld down on his knees)
      Morgause: Well, Uther... how the mighty have fallen.
      Merlin: (In a whisper, making Arthur stay put and quiet) The guards are immortal, they'll cut you to ribbons. What use are you dead?
      Morgause: I don't think you'll be needing this any more (Takes Uther's crown off his head)
      Uther: This is unlawful! You cannot do this. You have no right to the throne!
      Morgana: No, she does not. But I do. I am your daughter, after all. Don't look so surprised. I've known for some time (She seats on the throne)
      Geoffrey of Monmouth: By the power vested in me... I crown thee, Morgana Pendragon... Queen of Camelot.

  • NOTES (8)

    • It was raining when the scene where Sir Leon lies almost dead was filmed so Rupert Young had some trouble keeping his eyes open.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: April 2, 2011 on Space.
      France: April 10, 2011 on Canal + Family.
      Italy: April 13, 2011 on Italia 1.
      Poland: May 21, 2011 on Polsat.
      Spain: February 12, 2011 on Antena 3 Neox.
      Turkey: March 27, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      USA: April 1, 2011 on Syfy.

    • Bradley James and Colin Morgan weren't around each other when filming the scene in which Arthur and Merlin fall off their horses as they are captured by Jarl's men.

    • Filming locations:
      Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      Cardiff, Wales, UK (Studio sets).
      Clearwell Caves, Lambsquay Road, near Coleford, Gloucestershire, England, UK (Druids' camp).
      Chepstow Castle, Wales, UK (Jarl's castle).
      Puzzlewood, Perrygrove Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 8QB, England, UK (Arthur, Merlin and Gwaine enter the Druid's cave).
      Forest of Compiegne, Oise, France (Sir Leon and the knights watch Morgause's army approach. Camelot forest and Sir Leon fighting one of Cenred's men).

    • The Great Dragon does not appear in this episode, but John Hurt is credited (for the voice-over which begins the episode).

    • Also Known As:
      France: L'Aube D'Un Nouveau Monde, première partie, meaning 'The Dawn Of A New World, Part 1'.
      Germany: Athurs Stunde schlägt, Teil 1, meaning 'Arthur's Bell Tolls, Part 1'.
      Italy: L'Ascesa Di Artù (1ª parte), meaning 'The Rise of Arthur, part 1'.
      Poland: Przybycie Artura (część 1).
      Portugal: A Vinda De Arthur Part 1.

    • This episode consists of two parts albeit either part is scripted by a different writer. It is the third time that a two part episode is featured in Merlin (the first time being episode 2x05 Beauty and the Beast – Part One and episode 2x06 Beauty and the Beast – Part Two and the second being episode 3x01 The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 1 and episode 3x02 The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 2), which makes series 3 begin and end with a two parter episode.

    • Broadcasts:
      Sat 27 Nov 2010 at 19:45-20:30 on BBC One.
      Mon 29 Nov 2010 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.


    • Episode Title: The Coming Of Arthur. The Coming Of Arthur is a book by Alfred Tennyson where he points out common points between the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere and the political unification of England.

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