Season 5 Episode 6

The Dark Tower

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 2012 on BBC

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  • Promising development

    Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker

    Merlin is starting to show Arthur abilities beyond being loyal and funny (and occasionally wise). In the first place, he promises Arthur that they will save Gwen. How can a skinny servant make such a promise? Is he more powerful than a group of warriors? In the second place, Arthur was completely amazed by the fact that Merlin knew the way through the forest. Moreover, he did not buy his servant's excuse. I liked that very much.

    Morgana brainwashes Gwen using mandrake roots. Maybe Morgouse brainwashed Morgana the same way. I really hope so. In that case, is the process reversible? Morgana is one of my favorite characters and it would make me happy if she found redemption in the end.

    I loved Morgana's weird mixture of evil and tenderness. When Gwen almost succumbs in the tower I was thinking "Come on, come on!" and in the final scene I was like "Yes!!!". Morgana hugging Gwen made my day. Other great moments:

    Funny moments:

    Sir Leon's scream almost gave me a heart attack.

    Sir Gawain dreaming "a cheese that tasted of apple pie". Merlin and Sir Leon looking at him when he asks if someone else had the same dream.

    Cute moments

    Arthur rubbing his eyes and laying his head on his hand when they stop to sleep after having realized that they have wasted an entire day going in circles.

    Arthur and Gwen spooning.

  • Where in the world is Merlin?????????

    I have had my dvr set since the first season, but there is nothing to record. Why is the show no longer airing in my area.I'm in Las Vegas NV. I love this show and miss it a lot!!!!
  • The Dark Tower

    The Dark Tower was a great episode of Merlin though it could have been better crafted. I really enjoyed watching because the story was generally good and exciting. The details are where the episode falls short because some of the scenarios or scenes don't exactly add up completely. I liked seeing Morgana try to break Gwen. Merlin tries his best to help and it seems that the Knights relied upon him to easily as they usually question him. The ending was crazy and unexpected. I look forward to watching how plots unfold in future episodes!!!!!
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  • very disappointing unusual episode

    Well the title says it all. Weak production and story all the way. The forest characterthat came out of nowhere and gave merlin directions, the fact that merlin and the nights simply accepted the fact that merlin knew the way to the tower, iyan s death after fighting a sword, the whole episode feels out of perspective and unusually dull, witj much time wasted on the useless trip to the tower. The ending was ok and lets us await the next episode to see how it will play.
  • Story completely sub par!

    While good in the technical effects of the production and bringing the story to life - the story in this episode is nonetheless abysmal, juvenile, wasted much airtime through repetitive scenes and useless dialog, and sets up a predictable and uninteresting plot line for future episode(s). There was nothing truly inspiring creative or original in this episode. The laughable line was when Merlin asked a character to not speak in riddles, and the response was.. Ok...I'll just speak in rhyme then. How about breaking out into a song instead? The writers for this episode failed, and should defer to more seasoned writers of more recent episodes. The bar has been raised by other productions in this overall genre like Game of Thrones. Story is key and needs to stay on mark with high quality or else the whole fails! I felt as if I just wasted my time watching it. Very Disappointed!
  • A Disastrous Tail Revealed!

    It made me jump, it made me cry and it made me gasp in shock and horror. It would be a ten, but it made me cry and the betrayal is too bad... :( STILL GOOD THOUGH!