Season 4 Episode 2

The Darkest Hour Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2011 on BBC

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  • The Darkest Hour Part 2


    The Darkest Hour Part 2 was a superb episode of Merlin and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was awesome, and had great character and plot development. The actors were at their best and played their roles perfectly. I loved when Gwen spoke her mind about the gates being shut, as well as Merlin and Lancelot doing their part to protect Arthur. It was cool how the spirits of the brooks healed Merlin and I hope to see more interaction with magical entities like this in future episodes. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!

  • Gteat Episode!


    This was a good episode, even though I could have used a little more at the first part in aftermath to Merlin pushing Arthur out of the way. I know there was a lot to accomplish though in less than an hour.

    Loved the Lancelot and Merlin friendship, as well as the appearance of the dragon and his kind words to the young warlock. It was easy to predict what was going to happen though, so the ending did not come as a surprise, but it was still a good ending.

    My only true dislike would be my desire to see the return of season 3 Gwaine. The one in the past two episodes seemed off. He's often used too much as the butt of the jokes, and I can no longer see the caring and loyal friend he was last season. Besides that, I was happy with how the two-parter was handled, and love the show even more....(hard to believe)...I'm already obsessed.

  • It was good.... but a bit predictable... nevertheless, one of the best show.


    Well i just finished watching this episode and.... it was good.

    The acting as usual was great.

    There were two problems i had with it.... it was predictable... i knew it was going to be Lancelot. I mean, we all know that Arthur's time is nowhere near and Merlin is the main man... so he also would not have died. The only persons that actually knows Merlin's secret is Gaius and for a while now Lancelot, whom has gotten to know Merlin so much more in this episode and has came to the realization that he could not allow Merlin to sacrifice himself because he plays the most important role of keeping Arthur safe than anyone else he knows and not to mention he gave Gwen his word to protect Arthur.

    The other problem is that.. i was expecting even a little physical confrontation between the evil witch and Merlin.... two powerful sorcerers meets and nothing.... Arthur walks up to sacrifice himself, Merlin stops him and as Merlin was about to sacrifice himself, Sir Lancelot took his place.

    You will be missed Sir Lancelot... a brave knight, a honest and noble friend and a true man of his words.