Season 4 Episode 2

The Darkest Hour Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2011 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • The Cailleach: It is not often we have visitors.
      Arthur: Put an end to this. I demand you heal the tear between the two worlds.
      The Cailleach: It was not I who created this horror. Why should it be I that stops it?
      Merlin: Because innocent people are dying.
      The Cailleach: Indeed? (Laughs)
      (Sir Gwaine charges against her and she blasts him away using magic).
      The Cailleach: Is this the best you can do?
      Arthur: I know what you want!
      The Cailleach: Do you? And are you willing to let me have it?
      Arthur: I'm prepared to pay whatever price is necessary.