Season 5 Episode 3

The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 2012 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Uther: Many of the decisions you have made since you have become King go against all that I taught you.
      Arthur: I have done what I have believed to be right.
      Uther: You have ignored our tradition, our ancient laws. You have allowed common men to become knights.
      Arthur: They are some of the finest knights that Camelot's ever known. They would gladly give their lives for the kingdom.
      Uther: They question your decisions. They make you look weak.
      Arthur: Listening to others is a sign of strength, not weakness.
      Uther: How do you expect anyone to fear a King who does not know his own mind?
      Arthur: I don't want my people to respect me because they fear me.
      Uther: Then they will not respect you at all.