Season 5 Episode 12

The Diamond of the Day, Part 1

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 2012 on BBC



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    • Ari: I will not humiliate myself before you.
      Morgana: You will if you want to see your family alive.

    • Mordred: (About Ari) He was a loyal soldier. In robbing him of his magic, you've lost yourself a powerful ally.
      Morgana: Perhaps. But we now know the war can be won. For Arthur is nothing without Emrys and Emrys is nothing without magic.

    • (Arthur and Merlin are playing dice)
      Arthur: Feel free to retire at any time.
      Merlin: Likewise.
      Arthur: It's no disgrace for a servant to lose to his King.
      Merlin: Or a King to his servant.

    • (Arthur and Merlin are playing dice)
      Arthur: You put me off!
      Merlin: What are you talking about?
      Arthur: You just coughed!
      Merlin: I was clearing my throat!
      Arthur: You just coughed deliberately.
      Merlin: Ah... I knew you'd discover my secret in the end. There is just no fooling you, my lord.

    • Merlin: (After Melrin is attacked by the Gean Canach)
      What happened? What was that thing?
      Gaius: Morgana's work. That's for sure. Mordred would have told her of your powers by now, Merlin. It was only a matter of time before she struck out. We can only be grateful that she failed.

    • Merlin: (To Gaius) I've lost my magic.

    • Saxon: Come here, pretty one!
      Eira: Help! Help!
      Sir Gwaine: Let her go. She's not your enemy. I am.

    • Gaius: The garrison at Stawell was attacked.
      Merlin: Morgana?
      Gaius: It would seem so. It cannot be a coincidence. She has picked the moment you are most helpless to begin her attack.
      Merlin: What am I going to do?
      Gaius: For the moment, you're going to help me treat the wounded. Your skill as a Physician is still valid.

    • Sir Gwaine: Whatever happens, you'll be safe here in Camelot. You have my word.
      Eira: Thank you.

    • Sir Gwaine: It was not just men we faced, but sorcery.
      Arthur: We shouldn't be surprised. She has been massing an army for weeks. Now, with Stawell taken, she has a base at our northern border, which can only mean one thing.
      Gwen: She means to take Camelot.
      Sir Percival: Then she's already made her first mistake.

    • Arthur: I won't forsake the people of this land while we take refuge here.
      Sir Percival: But we can protect them here, Sire, in Camelot itself.
      Arthur: Some, but not all. Countless men, women and children will be left behind. People who I have vowed to protect.
      Gwen: We cannot save everyone, Arthur. No matter how much we wish it.

    • Arthur: There is a way. One way alone. We ensure that she never makes it this far.
      Sir Percival: We...ride out and meet them?
      Arthur: Man to man.
      Sir Leon: But, Sire, Morgana commands an army of thousands.
      Arthur: Nonetheless, it's our duty as protectors of this land. We cannot stand by and let our citizens be slaughtered. Those are not the values that Camelot was built on. Whatever the outcome of this battle, my sister cannot and will not desecrate those values. The war has begun.

    • (Morgana coats a sword in Aithusa's breath)
      Morgana: Your blade, Mordred. Forged in a dragon's breath, nothing can survive its touch. A weapon worthy of my proudest warrior.
      Mordred: Then I shall wield it in victory... and with honour.

    • Arthur: Percival, at what point is the pass at its narrowest?
      Sir Percival: Here, Sire.
      Arthur: What do they call this place?
      Sir Percival: Camlann, Sire.
      Arthur: Then it is at Camlann that we make our stand.

    • Merlin: (About Camlann) I hoped never to hear that name again.
      Gaius: He cannot go, Merlin. You will have to persuade him...
      Merlin: I know Arthur better than I know myself. He will not listen.
      Gaius: If Arthur goes to Camlann, the prophecy will come true and he will die.
      Mordred: This battle is the only way he knows how to save his people. If he's going to lose his life, he will still go.

    • Merlin: If I can't prevent him from going, then I must protect him as best I can.
      Gaius: But you can't protect him without your magic.
      Merlin: Then I must regain my magic.
      Gaius: I can't restore it. It is beyond my power.
      Merlin: I know. Perhaps it is beyond anyone's power. If there is an answer, I must seek it elsewhere.
      Gaius: But where?
      Merlin: The birthplace of magic itself. The Crystal Cave.

    • Gaius: The Valley of the Fallen Kings is crawling with bandits. Without your powers, you wouldn't stand a chance.
      Merlin: Which is why I won't be going alone.

    • Merlin: I think you'll find that's everything, Sire.
      Arthur: Impressive. Very impressive. I've never seen work like it. Well, not from you, anyway.
      Merlin: Thank you, Sire.
      Arthur: So, what are you after?
      Merlin: After?
      Arthur: You're the worst servant in the history of the world. Now suddenly this. Is it money? No. No, it can't be that, you already won all of mine. Time off?
      Merlin: Arthur...
      Arthur: No, it can't be that either. You don't really do anything.

    • Merlin: I'm afraid I won't be coming with you. Not this time. I'm sorry. I have to run an urgent errand for Gaius. Vital supplies that I can't obtain here.
      Arthur: Vital supplies.
      Merlin: Yes. It's not that I...
      Arthur: No, no. It's fine. It's fine. I understand.
      Merlin: Arthur...
      Arthur: You know, Merlin, all those jokes about you being a coward... I never really meant any of them. I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met. Guess I was wrong.

    • Gwen: I'm coming with you.
      Arthur: The battlefield is no place for a Queen.
      Gwen: I have no intention of joining you there, I can assure you. Arthur, if these are to be your last days, I would far rather spend them together than sit waiting for a man I might never see again.

    • Morgana: Why would Merlin leave Arthur now?
      Mordred: Why shouldn't he? He's of no further use to his king, after all.
      Morgana: Perhaps. But why the Valley of the Fallen Kings? What is it, Mordred?
      Mordred: When I was a boy, the Druids told me of this special place. A place where magic itself was born. It was said to lie within the Valley. They called it the Crystal Cave.
      Morgana: This can mean only one thing. Emrys means to get his powers back.

    • Sir Gwaine: Thanks for everything that you did for Eira.
      Merlin: There's no need to thank me. It was the least I could do. You seem to care for her.
      Sir Gwaine: I could hardly leave her to the Saxons now, could I?
      Merlin: So that was your only reason for rescuing her?
      Sir Gwaine: Of course.

    • Sir Gwaine: How will you get back to Camelot? There are bandits everywhere.
      Merlin: Once I have what I'm looking for I'll be perfectly safe, I promise you.
      Sir Gwaine: What are you looking for?
      Merlin: I can't tell you that, Gwaine. You'll just have to trust me. You should get going. Arthur will need you at his side.
      Sir Gwaine: Look after yourself, Merlin (Hands him his sword) You know to use the sharp end, right?

    • Morgana: How well you've kept your secret. How well you've protected my brother.
      Merlin: Face me, Morgana!
      Morgana: Who'd have thought it? A worthless servant with all that power.
      Merlin: Face me!
      Morgana: But you cannot help your king now. You cannot even help yourself.
      Merlin: Then why do you hide? Are you still afraid of me?
      Morgana: I fear no one. Least of all you.

    • Arthur: It's a shame Merlin didn't feel able to join us.
      Gwen: I'm sorry, sire, for I must take the blame. But I cannot treat the wounded without sufficient medicine. The timing is unfortunate, I grant you.
      Arthur: Yes. Unfortunate, as you say.
      Gwen: I'm not sure he believes you, Gaius. I'm not sure I do, either.

    • Gwen: I know how devoted Merlin is to Arthur. He would never leave him at a time like this, not for a mere errand. Not unless there was something else. Something he doesn't feel able to talk about.
      Gaius: My lady, there is something else. Something of the very greatest importance. And I dearly wish I could tell you what it is but I cannot, for reasons that affect us all.
      Gwen: Then there is nothing more to be said, except for whatever it is, I wish him luck.

    • Arthur: Camlann. The fate of the kingdom will be decided here.

    • Sir Leon: It's a death trap, Sire.
      Arthur: That's the idea.
      Sir Leon: Morgana will have no means of escape, and neither will we.
      Arthur: They would always outflank us. This is our only chance. It ends here, Leon. Be it life or death... it ends here.

    • Merlin: Are you here? Are you real?
      Balinor: Dead or alive, real or imagined, past or present... these things are of no consequence. All that matters is that you heed the words of your father, who loves you. Do not let go, Merlin. Do not give in.
      Merlin: I have no reason to go on. The battle is already over. Morgana has won.
      Balinor: Only if you accept defeat. But if you fight, if you let hope into your heart, Morgana cannot be victorious.

    • Merlin: What hope is there without my magic?
      Balinor: are more than a son of your father. You are son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world... and you were born of that magic. You are magic itself. You cannot lose what you are.
      Merlin: But how do I find myself again?
      Balinor: Believe, Merlin. Believe what your heart knows to be true. That you have always been... and always will be.
      Merlin: Always will be...

    • Arthur: What if Sir Leon was right? Perhaps we should have made our stand at Camelot.
      Gwen: Your plan is brave. And bold. And our only chance to defeat Morgana once and for all. Yes, we could have held out in the citadel. But for how long? And at what cost to the kingdom? I have never for a moment doubted the valour and the wisdom of this choice.
      Arthur: What if Sir Leon was right? Perhaps we should have made our stand at Camelot.
      Your plan is brave. And bold. And our only chance to defeat Morgana once and for all. Yes, we could have held out in the citadel. But for how long? And at what cost to the kingdom? I have never for a moment doubted the valour and the wisdom of this choice.
      If you do not doubt me, Guinevere, then I do not doubt myself. And that gives me a strength greater than any weapon.

    • Morgana: The path? Did you find it?
      Mordred: It was well concealed.
      Morgana: If Arthur imagines we can't outflank him, he's in for an unpleasant surprise.

    • Merlin: (Using the Crystal Cave to send Arthur a message) Arthur, I'm sorry I had to leave you. I didn't want to. I hope one day you'll understand why. Your plan is a good one. And you may yet save this kingdom. But you must beware. Your army's flank is vulnerable. There's an old path over the ridge at Camlann. Morgana knows of it. She means to trap you, Arthur. Find the path, or the battle will be over before it's begun. Find the path!

    • (Arthur wakes up a bit startled)
      Gwen: What's the matter?
      Arthur: Merlin.
      Gwen: It was a dream, Arthur. Just a dream.
      Arthur: It didn't feel like a dream. It felt... (Storms out of the tent and commands his men to act as per Merlin's orders in his dream)

    • Arthur: Tonight... we do battle. Tonight, we end this war. We end a war as old as the land itself. A war against tyranny... and greed... and spite. Not all will greet the dawn. Some will live. Some will die. But each and every one of you fights with honour... and with pride. For not only do we fight for our lives... we fight for the future. The future of Camelot. The future of Albion. The future of the united kingdoms! For the love of Camelot!

    • Merlin: Thank you for your help, your guidance.
      Balinor: I offered only a hand. You stand tall on your own two feet, Merlin. You always have done.
      Merlin: As did you, Father. I follow in your footsteps.
      Balinor: Your journey has only just begun. You wield a power you cannot yet conceive of.

    • Balinor: Your destiny awaits. Do not be afraid. Trust in what you are. Trust in what will be.
      Merlin: Goodbye, Father.
      Balinor: There are no goodbyes, Emrys. For I will always be... as you... will always be.

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