Season 5 Episode 13

The Diamond of the Day, Part 2

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 2012 on BBC
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It seems that the prophecies did not lie and Merlin faces his destiny as the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain.

Will he find the strength to save all that he holds dear: the man he made a King, the Camelot they fought to build and the brotherhood they shared?


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  • Nooooooooo! I want more Merlin!!!

    Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

    I have to say that Arthur's change of mind about Merlin was very skillfully handled, which is even more amazing taking on account that it took only half an episode. Arthur felt some kind of fatherly affection towards his loyal but apparently vulnerable servant. Then, he realizes that Merlin is not like he thought he was and he estranges him. Gradually, he discovers how amazing is Merlin, being humble and loyal despite his impressive power. The process is accelerated by the fact that Arthur is wounded and he is not able to avoid Merlin's company.

    I liked also the fact the Merlin finally acknowledges that he is to blame (partially) for Morgana's downfall.

    I did not see the end coming at all. After watching the episode, I felt disappointed but I realized that the reason was not how it ended, but the fact itself that the show ended. There was so much to do! They could have made a lot of seasons before killing Arthur by Mordred's hand.

  • Good Story Line

    I think Merlen had a great one thing i would have changed is magic earlier.
  • Merlin's Destiny... as a postman!?!

    This ending was awful, it felt like a lazy *okay we've made our money, let's put this tv show to bed as fast as we can without effort*.

    So many things we were expecting but didn't get...

    * The red skied battle from Morgana's vision at the start of series 4.

    * Magic being freed in Camelot

    * Arthur aligning all the "Five Kingdoms" (his destiny)

    * A conclusion with Aithusa's defection.

    * Kilgharrah dying (what the last few episodes have been building up to!)

    and so much more, ughmoreless
  • Best TV Series I have ever seen

    it is an amazing really love I thought Merlin is a part of my don't know why is I addicted to bring merlin is my one and only 3<3<3<3
  • True to the Story of the Arthurian Legends

    There are several versions of the Arthurian Legends and I have to say that this one is as true to it as it gets. Like Neeznoodle says. Bernard Cornwells triology: Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur is a must read for fans of the Arthurian legends. This is not entended to be a novel. Everyone knows how this story ends. Arthur is mortaly wounded by Mordred in the end and his journey towards Avalon begins.

    I was not expecting any other ending and it was played nicely. The show has progressed and improved over the years. From the beginning almost sounded a low budget show. But it payed off and made for it in the quality that was delivered by the acting crew.

    Congratulations for this series, I loved it.moreless
Erin Richards

Erin Richards


Guest Star

Barry Aird

Barry Aird


Guest Star

John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

Recurring Role

Rupert Young

Rupert Young

Sir Leon

Recurring Role

Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken

Sir Gwaine

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    • (About Old Merlin)
      Gwen: Who is that?
      Gaius: Someone truly remarkable.
      Gwen: You know him?
      Gaius: Let's just say he deserves our gratitude.

    • Mordred: (Runs Arthur through with his sword) You gave me no choice.
      (Arthur, who had fallen on one knee, springs up and runs Mordred through killing him)

    • Sir Leon: My lady. The battle is won. The Saxons are in full retreat. They're making for the hills. I've despatched 200 men to drive our advantage home.
      Gwen: (At the brink of tears) And Arthur?
      Sir Leon: We'll keep looking.
      Gwen: (Strugging not to break down) Thank you.

    • Arthur: (Coming around after having been wounded by Mordred) Where've you been?
      Merlin: It doesn't matter now.
      Arthur: (Groans in pain) My side... my side.
      Merlin: You're bleeding.
      Arthur: That's all right. I thought I was dying.

    • Merlin: I'm sorry. I thought I'd defied the prophecy. I thought I was in time.
      Arthur: What are you talking about?
      Merlin: I'd defeated the Saxons. The dragon. And yet... and yet I knew it was Mordred that I must stop.
      Arthur: The person who defeated them was the sorcerer.
      Merlin: (Crying) It was me.
      Arthur: Don't be ridiculous, Merlin. This is stupid, why would you say that?
      Merlin: I'm a sorcerer. I have magic. I use it for you, Arthur. Only for you.
      Arthur: Merlin, you are not a sorcerer. I would know!
      Merlin: Look. Here (Merlin casts a spell and conjures up a flying dragon out of sparks from a fire)
      Arthur: (Astonished) Leave me.
      Merlin: Arthur...
      Arthur: Just... you heard. Just...

    • Sir Leon: Three more patrols have returned from the White Mountains, M'Lady. There is no sign of him.
      Gwen: He must be somewhere!
      Sir Leon: We have spoken to every villager, every man, woman, child. There has been no word.
      Gwen: He is out there.
      Sir Leon: We will keep searching.
      Gwen: (Crying) He is alive. I know it, I can feel it.

    • (Gaius has been gathering herbs to treat Arthur's wound)
      Merlin: Is that all you got?
      Gaius: The hills are crawling with Saxons.
      Merlin: There's no yarrow, no lady's mantle.
      Gaius: I have comfrey.
      Merlin: You should've got sticklewort. There must've been sticklewort!

    • Arthur: (About Merlin) He's a sorcerer! (Gaius remains silent) You knew.
      Gaius: Arthur, he's your friend.
      Arthur: I want him gone.
      Gaius: There is no need to fear him.
      Arthur: Have him take word to Camelot. To Guinevere.
      Gaius: You cannot send Merlin, I will go.
      Arthur: I need a Physician right now, not a sorcerer.
      Gaius: He can do far more than me, far more than you can ever imagine. Arthur, he doesn't just have magic, there are those who say he is the greatest sorcerer ever to walk the earth.
      Arthur: Merlin?
      Gaius: If you are to stand any chance of survival, you will need Merlin to help you, not me.

    • Gaius: He has a fragment of sword embedded in his chest.
      Merlin: Then we'll use magic to draw it out.
      Gaius: No, the blade that struck Arthur was no ordinary blade. I fear it was forged in a Dragon's breath. Its fatal power will not be easily denied.
      Merlin: Aithusa?
      Gaius: The blade's point is travelling inexorably toward his heart. Not even you could hope to thwart such magic.

    • Morgana: (By Mordred's grave) The battle is not over, Mordred. We will have our revenge.

    • Merlin: We need to leave at first light.
      Arthur: I will decide.
      Merlin: I can't let you die.
      Arthur: It doesn't change anything.

    • Gaius: (To Merlin, after he has confessed to Arthur that he has magic, upsetting him) You were right to tell him.

    • Beroun: My Lady, we have searched every valley, every gorge, every gully. The King is nowhere to be found.
      Morgana: I want him dead!

    • Arthur: Gaius. Give this to Guinevere.
      Gaius: It is the Royal seal, Sire.
      Arthur: If I am to die, I can think of no one who I would rather succeed me.

    • Merlin: (About Arthur) How long does he have?
      Gaius: At best, two days (Merlin gets ready to depart) Merlin! (They hug) I'll have your favourite meal waiting for you. Now go! Look after him. Go!

    • Gaius: He's alive.
      Gwen: Then why isn't he with you?
      Gaius: He's wounded. He wanted me to give you this, my Lady (He gives her the Royal seal)
      Gwen: (Her voice breaks) Where is he?
      Gaius: There is a place where he may be saved. Merlin is taking him there as we speak.
      Gwen: Then we must send the knights (To Sir Gwaine) Ready as many men as you can...
      Gaius: No, my Lady! Merlin can cope by himself.
      Gwen: Merlin?
      Gaius: You must trust him.
      Gwen: How can one man be as strong as an army?
      Gaius: Morgana's forces are still searching for Arthur. Two men travelling alone stand a much better chance of evading her, especially if she has no idea where they're heading.

    • Eira: Gwaine? What is it? Tell me.
      Sir Gwaine: I can't.
      Eira: Why not? Is it the king? What's happened to him? Gwaine? Is he dead?
      Sir Gwaine: No.
      Eira: How d'you know? Where is he? Gwaine? Don't you trust me?
      Sir Gwaine: I do.
      Eira: Then tell me.

    • Arthur: (After Merlin blasts two Saxons away) You've lied to me all this time.

    • (Merlin is trying to light a fire)
      Arthur: Why don't you use magic?
      Merlin: Habit, I suppose (He lights a fire using magic) Feels strange.
      Arthur: Yeah.

    • Arthur: I thought I knew you.
      Merlin: I'm still the same person.
      Arthur: I trusted you.
      Merlin: I'm sorry.
      Arthur: I'm sorry too.

    • Sir Gwaine: Eira.
      Eira: I was just...
      Sir Gwaine: Sending word to Morgana?
      Eira: No! (To Gwen) M'Lady! I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't betray you or the King.
      Gwen: And you didn't. You can go to your death safe in that knowledge. Your note will send your mistress riding for Brineved while the king is travelling in the opposite direction. Guards!
      Eira: Gwaine! Gwaine, please!

    • Arthur: Why are you doing this? Why are you still behaving like a servant?
      Merlin: It's my destiny. As it has been since the day we met.
      Arthur: I tried to take your head off with a mace.
      Merlin: And I stopped you using magic.
      Arthur: You cheated!
      Merlin: You were going to kill me!
      Arthur: I should have.
      Merlin: I'm glad you didn't.

    • Merlin: I do this because of who you are. Without you, Camelot's nothing.
      Arthur: There was a time when that was true. Not now. There are many who can fill the crown.
      Merlin: There will never be another like you, Arthur. I also do this... because you're my friend and I don't want to lose you.

    • Gwen: The sorcerer in the battle. You knew who he was.
      Gaius: Yes.
      Gwen: Do I know him? Please Gaius, answer me honestly.
      Gaius: Yes. He will take good care of Arthur.
      Gwen: Yes, I'm sure he will. I'm pleased.

    • Sir Gwaine: (To Sir Percival) You know you said what you'd do if you ever found Morgana? Well, we've got a good idea where she'll be heading.

    • Merlin: Arthur, you need to hold on. One more day. One more day.

    • Arthur: Why did you never tell me?
      Merlin: I wanted to, but...
      Arthur: What?
      Merlin: You'd have chopped my head off.
      Arthur: I'm not sure what I'd have done.
      Merlin: And I didn't want to put you in that position.
      Arthur: That's what worried you?

    • Merlin: Some men are born to plough fields, some live to be great Physicians, others to be great kings. Me, I was born to serve you, Arthur. And I'm proud of that. And I wouldn't change a thing.

    • Arthur: Saxons?
      Merlin: They're long gone.
      Arthur: How do you know?
      Merlin: I can see the path ahead.
      Arthur: So you're not an idiot. That was another lie.
      Merlin: No, it's just another part of my charm.

    • Morgana: Tell me where the King is.
      Sir Gwaine: I'd rather die.
      Morgana: Then you shall have your wish... once you've told me. Not even you, Sir Knight, can resist the charms of the Nathair.

    • Arthur: All these years, Merlin... you never once sought any credit.
      Merlin: It's not why I do it.

    • (Morgana has tortured Gwaine using the Nathair serpent)
      Sir Gwaine: (With his last strength) She's riding for Avalon.
      Sir Percival: Gwaine...
      Sir Gwaine: I failed.
      Sir Percival: No. You haven't (Gwaine dies) Gwaine! Gwaine!

    • Arthur: Merlin... whatever happens...
      Merlin: Sush! Don't talk.
      Arthur: I'm the King, Merlin. You can't tell me what to do.
      Merlin: I always have. I'm not going to change now.
      Arthur: I don't want you to change. I want you... to always... be you. I'm sorry about how I treated you.
      Merlin: Does that mean you'll give me a day off?
      Arthur: Two.
      Merlin: That's generous.

    • Morgana: What a joy it is to see you, Arthur. Look at you, not so tall and mighty now. You may have won the battle, but you've lost the war. You are going to die by Mordred's hand. But don't worry, my dear brother, I won't let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood.
      Merlin: No, the time for all this bloodshed is over. I blame myself for what you've become... but this has to end.
      Morgana: I am a High Priestess. No mortal blade can kill me.
      Merlin: (Runs her through with Excalibur) This is no mortal blade. Like yours, it was forged in a dragon's breath. Goodbye, Morgana (Morgana falls dead to the ground)
      Arthur: You've brought peace at last.

    • Arthur: All your magic, Merlin, and you can't save my life.
      Merlin: I can. I'm not going to lose you.
      Arthur: Just, just... just hold me. Please. There's something I want to say...
      Merlin: You're not going to say goodbye.
      Arthur: No, Merlin... everything you've done. I know now. For me, for Camelot. For the kingdom you helped me build...
      Merlin: You would have done it without me.
      Arthur: Maybe. I want to say... something I've never said to you before... thank you (Arthur closes his eyes)
      Merlin: Arthur... hey! No! Arthur! (Louder) Arthur!
      (Arthur opens his eyes briefly but passes away)
      Merlin: Arthur! Arthur!

    • The Great Dragon: Merlin... there is nothing you can do.
      Merlin: I've failed.
      The Great Dragon: No, young warlock, for all that you have dreamt of building has come to pass.
      Merlin: I can't lose him! He's my friend!
      The Great Dragon: Though no man, no matter how great, can know his destiny, some lives have been foretold, Merlin... Arthur is not just a king, he is the Once and Future King. Take heart, for when Albion's need is greatest, Arthur will rise again. It has been a privilege to have known you, young warlock. The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.

    • (Gwen is sitting on the throne before the court. She is holding the Royal seal in her hands. She looks to Sir Leon and nods, allowing him to speak)
      Sir Leon: The King is dead. Long live the Queen!
      All: Long live the Queen!

  • NOTES (30)


    • The Great Dragon: (To Merlin) Arthur is not just a king, he is The Once and Future King.

      It is a reference to the supposed inscription over King Arthur's grave: "HIC IACET ARTHURUS REX QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS" (Here lies Arthur, the once and future king).

      Also, T.H. White wrote an Arthurian fantasy novel published in 1958 and entitled The Once and Future King.