Season 5 Episode 5

The Disir

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2012 on BBC

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  • Very good episode

    Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

    This episode shows one of the Merlin's traits that I love most: despite being the hero of the show, he is able to kill or let die the villain in order to save Arthur or Camelot. He was very close to do it seasons ago, when he threw a distracted Morgana through the stairs, although in the very last moment he healed her. Now, he has stuck to his decision, no matter how tough it was.

    That said, I think he is making a huge mistake (which is great because perfect characters are unappealing and mistakes are the driving force of the plot). His assumption that Mordred is evil is going to lead Mordred to evil, as it happened with Morgana. Morgana was desperate to find someone who accepted and loved her as she was. Merlin could (and should) have been that person (I mean love in a friendly way, although a romantic relationship would have been awesome too). I am not saying that Merlin is responsible for Morgana's change. Of course, Morgana is the ultimate responsible for her own actions, but Merlin did not help.

    On another note, in this episode we see the darkest side of the old religion. In other episodes, druids, warlocks just want Arthur to establish religious freedom in Camelot. Here, the Triple Goddess gives the king an ultimatum to submit himself to her authority, otherwise she will doom Camelot. I hope there are other (and better) gods, but that point of the old religion is unclear to me.

    I am eager to know what happens next!! I love this show and each of its characters and the acting is amazing.

  • Merlin makes a strange choise

    It was a good episode dealing with the fate of Arthur and the hope of changing it, but it ended in dissapointment, or rather: Merlin Makes a Stupid Choise. I have never know him in the entire series to do something as stupid as this and I just can't let it go.

    The episode was set up so Merlin had to make a choise between the life of Mordred and the life of Arthur, between duty and a clean conscious. But that was not the choise he ended up making.

    The moment where Merlin defends taking the Dragons advice and doesn't save a dying Mordred was an emotional one and you can feel the weight of the years he has lived at Camelot; what he has lived through and the adversaries he has faced. You may have agreed or not but you knew how difficult this was for him.

    But his choise to advice Arthur to deny magic to ensure the death of Morded was a strange choise. Merlin seemed to think it was the same choise as he had made before, but it wasn't and it is strange for him to act like it was. The situation changes when the Disir made clear the the consequences for choosing wrong would seal Arthurs fate. It was Merlin who was so worried about angering the old Gods that it is baffling that he seems to suddenly disregard them now. The Disir warned that denying them would destroy Arthur as well as all those he loves, all that he has built and Camelot itself. It's a grave warning and one Merlin who has such regard and respect, even fear, for the old religion should have heeded.

    He seemed to still think that the choise was between duty (saving Arthur by letting Mordred die) and his own happiness (the stakes getting higher by making it about accepting or deny magic).

    To chose the angered the old Gods who promise a terrible fate to avoid a terrible fate is without sense.

    I hope Merlin gets the chance to rectify this, and that it was not, as the Disir warned, the last oppertunity to change Arthurs fate.

    Also, I have to wonder hos Arthur can still not know that there is something up with Merlin and magic. They are having a conversation about possibly allowing magic and Merlin ends up crying, how can Arthur not wonder why he is so emotional about the issue. I honestly thought that this was the moment where Merlin tells Arthur the truth, changing the story and the Merlin/Arthur relationship for ever. Perhaps that is why I find this so upsetting, I though this was going to be a new chapter in the story only to find it was it's doom.

    But fates can change from the familiar Arthurian legend that looms over the series (like it did for Guinevere) to something happier. Can't it?
  • where is Merlin? ??

    I have had the dvr set since the first season, but it is not showing in my area now? What happened.
  • poor dear!

    what's happened with gaius's eye? poor him!
  • I liked merlin 55+

    I liked this episode much better than I thought I would be based on the spoilers. I loved the triple goddess passing judgement on Arthur
  • Liked but not loved

    I liked this episode much better than I thought I would be based on the spoilers. I loved the triple goddess passing judgement on Arthur (through the Disir) for how sorcerers are treated. I loved how Mordred interacted with the other characters, especially the initiation by the knights and a pretty serious scene with Merlin. I loved Arthur asking Merlin for advice, even though I wish he were more confident in his own judgement. I also loved Arthur using a little thinking and sensitivity power. I actually had hope that he isn't as oblivious as previously believed, actually seriously questioning Merlin on how he knew something. I loved the scenes between Merlin and Gaius. I loved the twist at the end. I even loved how badly Merlin screwed up because perfect characters are boring and it's about time he made a boo boo that wasn't excused by "but if I hadn't let the dragon out Camelot would have fallen" or "Morgana really killed Uther so it's ok"

    So if I loved them so much why did I only like the episode? Well I had a niggle with how Arthur treats sorcerers post-mortem, it's quite shocking really. But it served a good purpose in the story, setting up the great Mordred/Merlin scene I mentioned earlier, so I don't mind it so much. Percival was also a little disrespectful but it was a small thing really. Gwen annoyed me because it's become as if she honestly doesn't care what happens to other people as long as her husband is safe. One of her lines was also a little shocking to me but I guess I'm just oversensitive.

    But these are only small things that don't really bother me. The reason I only liked this episode instead of loving it is because of an awful and infuriating line said by Merlin. If you've seen the episode you know what I mean. If the reveal ever does happen Arthur will be one confused guy. Credit where credit is due, Colin Morgan sells it with an amazing performance (I'm assuming Arthur thinks he's crying about Mordred) but I think it was too controversial for Merlin to say at this point in the series. I know he's said similar things in the past but not that starkly and not during what is assumed to be the final series in which fans are baying for the reveal. I understand the producers want drama but I feel they may have only annoyed and frustrated fans with that line. Overall I enjoyed this episode and am loving the delicious darkness of this new season. I wonder what future has install for the characters and can't wait for the next episode.

  • The Disir

    The Disir was a perfect, exciting and thrilling episode of Merlin. I was really entertained and enjoyed watching because the story lines were well written, engaging and progressive. I loved the idea of The Disir and that they served the Triple Goddess. It was awesome to watch Arthur at first discount The Disir and their faith and then to see him grow as a person and humble himself. There was magic, drama, intrigue, and action. Mordred played his own role and became a more important person to Arthur. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was awesome. I definitely look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!