Season 1 Episode 1

The Dragon's Call

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2008 on BBC

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  • This show doesn't just play fast and loose with the source material, it grabs it by the short hairs and kicks it repeatedly in the groin while screaming naughty words.

    Not sure why the made this show. Camelot was built by Arthur at the suggestion of Merlin. But it takes place there? Uther Pendragon never met Arthur because he died before Arthur was born. It was Uthers lust for another mans woman that gave birth to Arthur and ruined his plans to unite England under one king, plus ultimately ended in his death. In this show everyone is hanging out in Camelot, Uther, Arthur, and Merlin. Why not make a whole new show with new names and not ruin the larger points of the Arthurian legend? Made by BBC none the less, have they no sense of their own culture? It would be like the Americans making a show about the time when Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Davey Crocket defended the 13 colonies from the Vikings. A disaster. It's a shame really, tons of school kids will fail exams thinking this an accurate portrayal of Arthurian Legend.
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