Season 1 Episode 1

The Dragon's Call

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2008 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Merlin: Hello? Gaius?
      (He spots Gaius standing and clears his throat. Gaius is startled and falls.)
      Gaius: Whoa!
      (Merlin uses magic to move a bed. Gaius falls on the bed. He stands up and looks at Merlin.)
      Gaius: What did you just do?
      Merlin: Ehm
      Gaius: Tell me.
      Merlin: I ... I ... I have no idea what just happened.
      Gaius: If anyone has seen that ...
      Merlin: Oh no, that was .. that was nothing to do with me, that was.
      Gaius: I know what it was. I just want to know where you learned how to do it.
      Merlin: No I..
      Gaius: So how is it that you know magic.
      Merlin: I don't.