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Season 5 Episode 11

The Drawing Of The Dark

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 2012 on BBC
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When Mordred falls in love he finds himself torn between acting on his feelings or remaining loyal to Camelot, but little he knows that his decision will shape the destiny of the kingdom.

With the echoes of war sounding louder, Merlin despairs at the cruel circle of fate he feels trapped in: will he be able to make his dreams of Albion come true?


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Alexandra Dowling

Alexandra Dowling


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John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

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Rupert Young

Rupert Young

Sir Leon

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Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken

Sir Gwaine

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This episode marks the second time in which Mordred loses someone he cares about hanged at the hands of a Pendragon at Camelot's citadel after he lost Cerdan in episode 1x08 The Beginning Of The End. In both cases he reacts with uncontrolled fury that translates into magic.

    • Merlin's promise to Mordred: 'Your secret is safe with me' matches word by word the promise that Mordred made Merlin in episode 5x02 Arthur's Bane Part 2.

    • Goof: In the scene where Merlin tries to convince Mordred not to leave with Kara his scarf is arranged differently in the close-ups and in the long shots.

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen as part of Arthur and Gwen's dinner. However, tomatoes were only known in Europe after Columbus brought them from America around 1498.

    • The deer footage is clearly inserted in the episode instead of having been filmed along with the rest of it.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Arthur: I think it's been a good trip.
      Mordred: Yeah, we all caught something.
      Sir Gwaine: Including Merlin (Laughs)
      Arthur: What did he catch?
      Merlin: A cold!

    • Gaius: You're worrying about what the sorceress told you.
      Merlin: Finna was right. I must not trust Mordred.
      Gaius: He's a loyal knight, he's proved it time after time.
      Merlin: He's beguiled you. He's beguiled you all...

    • Gaius: (About Mordred) He's fond of the king. The feeling is mutual. They've become great friends.
      Merlin: That's my fear. Arthur's blind to him. I'm not. I won't make that same mistake.

    • Arthur: Morgana's men attacked only a few leagues away from the citadel.
      Gwen: She is brazen.
      Arthur: She does not fear us.
      Gwen: Then she's more foolish than I thought.
      Arthur: She has sorcery on her side.
      Gwen: And you have the strength and love of your people, Arthur. When you became king, you gave them something to fight for. That's the most powerful weapon of all.

    • Kara: You're a knight.
      Mordred: That doesn't matter.
      Kara: Of Camelot. Why, Mordred?
      Mordred: Arthur is a good man.
      Kara: I can't believe you'd say that.
      Mordred: You don't know him.
      Kara: He's your friend?
      Mordred: Yes.

    • Kara: You're a druid. You don't belong in Camelot.
      Mordred: I believe in Arthur. You'll see. One day, it will change.

    • Mordred: Everything I do, you think the worst.
      Merlin: I saw you... let a Saxon go. Maybe I should tell Arthur.
      Merlin... she's a Druid. I knew her. She was wounded. What could I do?

    • Mordred: Please, you mustn't tell anyone. You know if Arthur catches her... she'll be killed. Please, Merlin, I beg you. She's one of us. Promise me.
      Merlin: Your secret is safe with me. You have my word.

    • Arthur: What are you doing?
      Merlin: I'm like a swan. It seems like I'm not doing anything but there's a lot of work going on underneath.
      Arthur: Interesting. I see you more as a head louse.
      Merlin: Right.
      Adam: Useless. Irritating.

    • Arthur: (Kneeling down on the mud) It's all about staying alert. What do you see?
      Merlin: I see a pair of breeches that need cleaning.
      Arthur: Come and have a look. Closer (Makes him kneel on the mud) Now what do you see?
      Merlin: Brilliant. Two pairs of breeches that need cleaning.

    • Merlin: Something left the trail.
      Arthur: It's recent.
      Merlin: An animal.
      Arthur: You think so?
      Merlin: A deer.
      Arthur: Would have to be a big one.
      Merlin: With very big antlers.
      Arthur: What makes you say that?
      Merlin: Because it's looking at us.

    • Arthur: You would've killed me!
      Kara: I'm only sorry I failed.

    • (After Arthur arrests Kara)
      Merlin: I didn't tell him!
      Mordred: You gave me your word!
      Merlin: I swear!
      Mordred: You did it because you hate me!
      Merlin: No.
      Mordred: This time you've gone too far. You'll pay, Merlin.

    • Arthur: Were you part of a cohort of Saxons who attacked an arms shipment bound for Camelot?
      Kara: Yes.
      Arthur: And were you acting under the orders of Morgana Pendragon?
      Kara: What I did, I did for myself, for my people and for our right to be free.
      Arthur: I have no quarrel with the Druids.
      Kara: I have spent my life on the run because of my beliefs and seen those I have loved killed.
      Arthur: Once, maybe. But I'm not my father.

    • Kara: You and your father have brutally and mercilessly heaped misery on my kind. It is you who has turned a peaceful people to war... and it is you... and Camelot that shall pay the price.
      Arthur: In your words... I hear the voice of Morgana. It is she and others like her who have abused the powers of magic. It is they who have brought the rift between our people. It is their deeds that have terrorised Camelot and forced us to outlaw such practices.

    • Arthur: Your actions have brought about the deaths of many good men and threaten the lives of many more.
      Kara: They were casualties of war. And I would do the same again for I will not rest until you are dead and your kingdom is no more.

    • Arthur: You have friends here. Somehow you got treatment for your leg... from someone in Camelot. Who?
      Kara: I treated myself.
      Arthur: You are lying. Whoever it was left a trail of footprints in the mud... footprints that resulted in your capture.
      Kara: A stranger came across me and he helped me. I have no idea who he was.

    • Arthur: You show no remorse for your actions. I have no choice but to declare you an enemy of Camelot. At dawn tomorrow, pursuant to the laws of this land, you will be taken from your cell... and hanged.
      Kara: You can do as you wish. It will not stop Morgana's uprising. Your doom is near. My only sadness is I won't be there to see it.

    • Mordred: You did not betray the person who helped you. You are very loyal.
      Kara: That person is... very dear to me. I will never tell anyone. I would rather die than see them harmed.
      Mordred: I will speak with the King.
      Kara: He will never show mercy to someone like me.
      Mordred: I will not let you die.

    • Mordred: I was the one who took the herbs to the Druid girl. Arthur. I'm asking you, please, to reconsider your sentence. She is a good person. She means no harm. She is not to blame. Morgana is using her in her quest for power.
      Arthur: You know this girl?
      Mordred: She is... someone... since I was a child... she's always lived inside my heart.

    • Arthur: You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. You are a Knight of Camelot. It's a bond we share. Yet what you ask... this girl, she is a danger. Not just to me. She is a sworn enemy of Camelot, ruthless to the cause.
      Mordred: No. I will change that. She'll listen to me.
      Arthur: I cannot risk the lives of my citizens, Mordred, no matter who asks.
      Mordred: I beg you, Arthur.
      Arthur: She has admitted her guilt. I have no option. I'm sorry.

    • Merlin: What of the bond between knights?
      Arthur: The law must be applied. It is paramount.
      Merlin: You're breaking his heart. You'll lose his trust. Think again.
      Arthur: There's nothing I can do. In time, Mordred will understand that. He'll come to forgive me.
      Merlin: I fear you are wrong, Arthur.

    • Kara: (About Arthur) No matter what he preaches, he is no different from his father. A tyrant, a brute.
      Mordred: I thought he and I were friends.

    • Mordred: I wanted to... to apologise.
      Arthur: There's no need.
      Mordred: I'm sorry for what I did. I hope you'll forgive me.
      Arthur: I'd never let something like this ruin our friendship.
      Mordred: You took me in. I will always remember that... and everything you've done for me.
      Arthur: You have rewarded me by becoming one of my most loyal of knights.

    • Mordred: Tell me you wouldn't do the same for the woman you love.
      Merlin: Don't be foolish.
      Mordred: You see? You cannot.
      Merlin: Mordred... please.
      Mordred: I know you did not betray me before. Do not do so now.

    • (Merlin knows that Modred is gonna escape with Kara)
      Gaius: It's nothing you haven't done yourself a hundred times before.
      Merlin: This is different.
      Gaius: How?
      Merlin: Mordred isn't just going to set Kara free. He's going to leave with her.
      If he does, there'll be no chance of reconciliation with Arthur. Arthur's decision has already set Mordred against him. With the girl at his side, he runs straight into the arms of Morgana.
      Gaius: You cannot want Kara to die.
      Merlin: But I don't want Arthur to either. As long as Mordred is within these walls, there's still hope. I have to stop him.

    • Arthur: (About Mordred and Kara) I want them captured.
      Sir Leon: Alive?
      Arthur: They are fugitives. The law is clear. Dispatch as many riders as you can. Put all personal feelings aside.

    • (Arthur and his men are looking for them)
      Kara: (Using telepathy) Use your magic. Kill them!
      Mordred: They are my friends.
      Arthur: Give yourselves up!
      Mordred: (Showing himself) Let her go. We will leave Camelot and never return. You have my word. Please.

    • Mordred: (In jail after escaping along with Kara) What are you going to do to me?
      Arthur: I wish I knew.
      Mordred: (To Merlin, using telepathy) Why couldn't you just let things be?

    • Merlin: The very thing I was trying to stop, it's happened.
      Gaius: There are some paths woven so deeply into the fabric of the world, Merlin, that nothing can be done to change them.

    • Merlin: If Arthur was to repeal the sentence...
      Gaius: He won't change his mind.
      Merlin: But if I could manage to persuade him, then Mordred would no longer be set against Arthur. He'd be indebted to him.
      Gaius: You know Arthur. I cannot see him agreeing.
      Merlin: I have to try.

    • Arthur: Her fate's sealed, it's Mordred's that concerns me. Should I allow him to go free?
      Merlin: Free them both.
      Arthur: The girl's murdered innocent men in cold blood. We are at war, I must be resolute.
      Merlin: How will one more death bring about the peace we long for? She's young, I don't believe she is beyond redemption. You've witnessed their love for each other, that's something far greater than her desire to serve Morgana or her cause. Give her one more chance, she'll take it.
      Arthur: As King, I am sworn to uphold the law. It's the future of Camelot that concerns me.
      Merlin: Please, Arthur. You have to listen to me.
      Arthur: It is my decision... my decision alone.

    • Mordred: If I hadn't come to you...
      Kara: I would've died from my wound.
      Mordred: It was my fault.
      Kara: I have no one to blame but myself. I chose my path. I have just one regret... only one regret.

    • Arthur: Every person present knows the crimes for which you are guilty... but I am willing to offer you a chance. I know that the Druids are a peaceful people. You are young... and impressionable... an easy target for the likes of Morgana. If you repent your crimes, I will spare your life.
      Kara: I cannot repent a crime I have not committed.
      Arthur: Kara...
      Kara: It is not a crime to fight for your freedom. It is not a crime to fight for the right to be who you are. You deserve everything that is coming to you, Arthur Pendragon.

    • Arthur: (About Mordred, after he's turned his back on Camelot) I let him in.
      Merlin: You have a good heart, don't blame yourself for that.
      Arthur: I shouldn't have trusted him. I've made a terrible mistake, haven't I?
      Merlin: I hope not.

    • Mordred: I bring you the news you have longed for.
      Morgana: Arthur's death?
      Mordred: The key to it. I was wrong to ever question your wisdom, my lady, and I wish to make amends.
      Morgana: Tell me!
      Mordred: There is someone you have been searching for, someone who has always eluded you.
      Morgana: Emrys.
      Mordred: I know where he is.
      Morgana: Where?
      Mordred: Camelot. And I have his true name. It is Merlin.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Also Known As:
      Poland: Rysunek ciemnosci.
      Portugal: O Desenho da Escuridão.

    • The Great Dragon does not appear in this episode, but John Hurt is credited for the voice-over at the beginning of it.

    • Broadcasts:
      15 December 2012 at 20:15-21:00 on BBC One (except Scotland).
      16 December 2012 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.

    • Filming locations:
      -Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      -Cardiff, Wales, UK (Studio sets).
      -Three Bears Caves, Forest Fawr (Heol-y-fforest), Tongwynlais, UK (Kara's hiding place).

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: December 16, 2012 on Channel 10.
      Canada: March 16th, 2013 on Space.
      USA: May 17, 2013 on Syfy.
      Turkey: April 21, 2013 on CNBC-e.


    • The title for this episode The Drawing of The Dark is actually the title of a book, written by Tim Powers. It was published in 1979 and its basic storyline focuses on a reincarnation of King Arthur.