Season 5 Episode 8

The Hollow Queen

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 2012 on BBC

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  • Merlin will strike back soon!

    Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

    I am eager to see Merlin revealing his secret to Arthur, but I must recognize that keeping it secret has saved Arthur multiple times. No villain knows that Merlin is a powerful warlock. None of them knows who are they messing with and because of that they constantly fail. Well, Mordred is the exception but, as far as I remember, he is not a villain (he will be when the prophecy comes true, if it does).

    Merlin could tell his secret only to Arthur, but Arthur tends to trust undependable relatives (Morgana, Agravaine, enchanted Gwen), so the secret wouldn't be safe.

    However, there are few episodes left and I hope we can see how Arthur processes the information for a while and how their relationship readjusts.

    I loved the ending scene Merlin strikes back!!! Very soon...
  • The Epic Exit

    This entire series is amazing, I love how well they connect each episode to the next. Merlin walking slow mo as the episode ended with extreme seriousness as he plans on what to do next. That was priceless. The rest of the story was good too :D.
  • The Hollow Queen

    The Hollow Queen was a superb and dark episode of Merlin. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was interesting to see how far Gwen would go and how loyal to Morgana she really is. I liked seeing Merlin try to help a boy who was in trouble and it ended up being a bigger experience for both of them. The last few scenes with the assassin were pretty cool. I also liked the ending. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • How many ways can you find to kill of one king?

    I can't help but feel bored by the new episodes. It doesn't make all THAT much sense for Gwen to suddenly hate Arthur, the time in the tower might have made her mistrust him or question whether her escape was real and sympathize more with Morgana, but the hatred is not convincing and still very much unexplained. The plot is getting VERY repititive and predictable. Try to kill Arthur, Merlin gets in the way. Rinse and repeat forever. I also don't like this trend of characters dying just because they don't have any specific relevance for the plot. So they don't want to expand the cast, fine. But still this is getting ridiculous and non-believable. Out of the sheer NUMBER of positive characters associated with magic and/or knowing about Merlin's there ought to be one to stay alive and live quietly somewhere else. Only the bad guys live on it seems, in case they need someone else with a grudge. Also Merlin constantly feeding and tending to the Druid boy was overdone and cheesy and unneccessary. Arthur comes across as a moron, who is easily manipulated and doesn't challenge other people's plans and opinions other than to create some problems for Merlin.

    I liked the previous seasons better as there was more variety to the episodes and plottwists. This "traitor in our midst" thing is getting old. Morgana leading a revolution would be interesting, trying to give herself a public image and challenge Arthur for her legal right to the throne. Someone new joining the group to add at least SOME new side plots to keep the viewer entertained while the necessary schmoop of the main plot gets furthered...

    After watching this episode in particular I feel just vastly bored and dissappointed.
  • A clever title goes here!

    Not really a fan of where this series is going! They seem to keep repeating storylines - someone helps Merlin, they find out about his magic, they die. Then Merlin doesn't get credited for his magic. I thought some of the scenes were cringe-inducing and deviated from what was previously set in canon, such as Arthur not being able to get dressed on his own even though he has done so many times before. Time is running out for this show and I will be so disappointed if it ends without a magic reveal. I didn't enjoy much about this episode at all and it's my least favourite of the season so far.
  • Morgana's story needs to excel... and soon!

    The amount of pity I have for Morgana out weighs my interest in her storyline. For nearly three years this woman has tried to destroy Arthur, and has failed at every attempted. Will this cycle of revenge ever end? I favoured last season because he lines between villain and hero were blurred even more. Arthur's Uncle was very good, although he was Morgana's weakness. I would love to see more villain's in the show. I though perhaps Merlin might find a love interest.

    The Queen is brilliant at play the doting wife one minute and then a poisonous snake the next. I am intrigued as to how this will end. But knowing Merlin nothing serious will happen.
  • Let them know

    Okey i've seriously had enough. EVERY freaking episode Merlin risk his life for someone who betreys him. And EVERY episode someone innocent dies. And EVERY episode, someone else gets credit for what Merlin has done. This is really really bad writing. And how hard can it be for Merlin and Gaius to nail Gwen. Let Merlin save Arthurs life with magic so he sees that its not only bad. Getting just angrier for every episode that goes. It NEVER gets any good for Merlin and his magic. This sucks

    Let Arthur know about Merlin, this is getting so dragged out and if this is the last season, I will be so DISSAPOINTED if they just let Arthur see Merlins magic a brief period in the last episode. I would never forgive the writers and i would go arround in my home and me mad for certainly half a day.
  • Morgana again!

    I'm sick and tired of Morgana. (And what with the hair?!) Aren't there any other villains in the Merlinverse?
  • Love this one.

    I do not think we know yet if there is going to be a 6th season. I know that they said it would be wraped up if this would be the last one. However they do not have much story line left and Arthur is still in the dark about Merlin. If this is the last one It would be very disapointing that Merlin does not get time to use his magic with Arthur knowing. Would be nice to have more stories.