Season 4 Episode 11

The Hunter's Heart

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2011 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Helios: I was not mistaken. The filth of the pig-sty cannot disguise true beauty. Helios. I am only sorry we had to meet under such circumstances...
      Gwen: Guinevere. I suppose I must thank you for my life. The villagers were not so lucky.
      Helios: These are difficult times. I need new recruits and the youth of today are not always... enthusiastic. Who are you? From what family do you come?
      Gwen: I am no one.
      Helios: I find that hard to believe.
      Gwen: Nevertheless, it is true.
      Helios: No matter. I'm not concerned with where a person comes from, only with what they can become.