Season 2 Episode 3

The Nightmare Begins

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2009 on BBC
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Morgana is terrified that she might have magical powers when she realizes that her nightmares become a reality. Gaius tries to convince her that there is nothing to fear in an attempt to protect her by keeping her in the dark, but Merlin, aware of what the girl is going through, thinks that it is time to let her know what's going on. Will he reveal his secret to her? Unaware of the consequences of his actions, Merlin disobeys Gaius and thinks of a way to help Morgana. In the meantime Mordred, the young and strange druid boy whom the Great Dragon predicted to be the one who will kill Arthur, is reunited with Morgana. Once again lives are in danger, loyalties put to the test and friendships shaken as Merlin debates between what's right to do and what his destiny claims for.moreless

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  • VERY Disappointed

    This was a pivotal episode in the whole future development of the series. Unfortunately Merlin (in particular) behaved completely out of character.

    A) He would Definitely have confided his secret to Morgana - She is one of his best friends, she was desperately afriad and needed guidance and (more importantly) a friend she could trust. Merlin would have provided both of these things, especially having been in that position himself and because Gaius refused to help her.

    B) Merlin is not stupid and would never have led such an obvious trail straight to the Druids.

    Potentially spoiled the whole series.....moreless
  • A great episode that sets things up nicely for the rest of the series. Slightly marred by some out of character moments, and little development of the relationship between Merlin and Arthur.moreless

    This was a good episode in many respects. The action was great, the location in the woods very evocative, and the disagreement between Gaius and Merlin on how to deal with Morgana's developing magical powers was well done. It was also good to see Mordred again. The young actor is excellent in the part. He has few lines, but punches well above his weight in terms of on-screen presence. Has anyone noticed that almost all sorcerers seem to have black hair and blue eyes (Merlin, Morgana, Mordred, Nimue)? It is a bit of a giveaway.

    This episode wasn't afraid to take some big steps in plot development that other, less confident, shows might spin out over weeks. We will no doubt see these storylines developing over the rest of this series and beyond. I hope that the writers do not feel too bound by the legend. Otherwise it will become predictable ie Arthur will marry Gwen, she will have an affair with Lancelot, Morgana and Mordred will become evil and so on. A bit more mystery about how things will go is going to be needed to maintain the drama.

    I had just a few small problems with this episode. Morgana and Arthur both acted out of character at times. - Arthur blindly accepted, and carried out, his fathers orders which amounted to genocide against the druids. He has increasingly challenged his father's harsh approach to the world, but chose not to on this occasion for some reason.

    - Morgana would not have sacrificed the prisoners in Camelot to die on her account. This was beyond selfish, and not consistent with her character. Morgana is a courageous girl who has always stood up for what she believed to be right even at her own personal risk. This seemed a strange choice for her.

    Merlin's actions were very ill thought out. He naïvely led the soldiers directly to the druids. Merlin is anything but stupid, yet he left an obvious trail for the soldiers to follow.

    It was another episode with very little development of the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. This is the heart of the show, and needs a bit more attention than it is currently being given. I am optimistic the writers will come back to it, but this needs to be soon.

    Minor gripes aside this was a great episode, that sets things up nicely for the rest of the series.moreless
  • A weighty episode that explore the origins of Morgana's potential tragic fall from grace. Clearly establishes future conflict. The episode deftly handles dark and complex issues that plays for both the teatime audience and adult fans.moreless

    What Worked:

    The Plot – This was an original perspective on the Morgana backstory which takes known characters and mixes them with a new take on the Arthurian legend. Morgana's desperation to get answers and her isolation drives her away from Camelot and puts her loyalties with the accepting Druids. The Druids are both sympathetic and wrongly persecuted people. It is Uther, and Arthur who carries out his orders, who are the villains of this episode as they attempt to "take no prisoners". Like all good tragedies, there are lost opportunities, near-misses, and failure to trust which force Morgana into a bad position. The audience watches helplessly as a strong, brave, and naturally kind woman is tormented, isolated and ultimately pushed onto a potential bad path.

    The Merlin/Morgana development and relationship – This was an outstanding episode for both characters and Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath were superb. For Merlin we understand his misery at watching Morgana suffer. We see both his pity and fear etched in his face and body language in almost every scene. The pathos of the Morgana nightmare arc has been building for two years. She has become utterly lost and her desperate pleas for help are compelling as is her frustration at Gaius' condescending approach. Despite this sympathy, however, Morgana ultimately fails the "hero test" when she refuses to come back to Camelot to save the dozens awaiting execution. Her actions, while understandable, are yet another reason why Merlin finally holds back from letting her know his secret. He desperately wants to share with her, she is a kindred spirit and he alone understands what she is going through. Added to this is a sense of sexual tension that is palpable to the audience. Merlin's motivations may not have been romantic but the chemistry is evident and the future fraught with potential.

    The Druids – Well-cast as the innocent victims and the people who are one with nature. Aglain is just the Obi-Wan Morgana needed. His wisdom, his unexpected compassion towards Uther, and his innate moral compass cement Morgana's kinship to the Druids. His death is yet another tragic moment in a series of events that set up the future conflict. If Aglain had lived, Morgana would have a wise mentor. With only herself to rely on, she is subject to being dominated by her fears. The lush forest setting – Once again, the series obtains a movie-quality feeling with the use of (presumably) the Welsh countryside. This is no cardboard Paramount back-lot. This looks like the forest primeval. The twists and turns through moss-covered passages and heavy underbrush were reminiscent of Lord of the Rings backdrops. With all the anachronisms that are present in "Merlin", this forest looked like they were truly transported back to Arthurian times. Money well spent on this location shoot.

    Gaius' feet of clay – The Merlin/Gaius conflict was outstanding. Gaius has clearly been a collaborator in Uther's mission to destroy magic. Gaius hides, he diverts attention, but he ultimately stands to the side while Uther carries out his genocide. Merlin is hit squarely in the face with Gaius being wrong (as he continues to mislead and drug Morgana) and this puts him in great conflict. He adores Gaius but now knows Gaius is not just cautious but actually has made a mistake with Morgana. The reconciliation at the end is likely to be tested again in the future when all of Gaius' secrets finally come out.

    Mordred's return – The cherub faced murderer. A chilling character as he is not immoral but rather amoral. He killed those guards as a survival instinct, without restraint, and then runs off into the forest alone without hesitation or regret. Aglain's untimely death, at the hands of soldiers under the command of Arthur, takes away a critical guiding force that could have steered Mordred to a better path.

    A delicate balance – This is both a teatime show and one to appeal to a much older audience. This episode once again walked that fine line. For the teatime crowd, it could appear Mordred simply knocked out the guards. To the more discerning eye, the stillness of the bodies and the horror on Merlin's face suggest that he killed the guards. The scene when Arthur's guards enter the village show scary dogs but no one is slayed – onscreen. Again, the adult ears hear the screams and understand that "take no prisoners" could mean slaughter. Conversely, the scorpions are scary enough for youngsters while cheesetastic for the adults. The uplifting music and the flowers gag lighten the episode yet Merlin's sadness after his final "light" conversation with Arthur point to the future conflict. Continuity – The Arthur and Guinevere relationship is well served with two short "moments". Morgana's continues to have reason to hate the man who protected her for the last 10 years. Finally, the Merlin/Arthur relationship was in good form with Arthur's teasing and attempt at actually friendly advice. That Arthur was projecting his own issues with Gwen was obvious, but his clap on the shoulder as he tries to give advice to Merlin show genuine affection for his manservant. Finally, the Dragon is rapidly becoming an excellent foil in Merlin's ethical debates.

    Partial Success:

    Uther's motivation – Uther has suffered as a cardboard villain during the first two episodes. In this episode his desperation for Morgana's safety is believable. More importantly, Aglain's knowledge that he is a broken man, the continued hinting of a deep dark secret driving Uther, and the suggestion of possible betrayal of Gorlois is revisited.

    What Didn't Work:

    Arthur's uneven temperament: Bradley James got handed the comic relief job this episode and it didn't mesh well with his other role as enforcer of Uther's commands. While doing the comedy, he did well. While carrying out the orders, he showed appropriate gravity and heroic skill. But when juxtaposed together, it didn't serve Arthur well. Perhaps if they had Arthur show more concern about Morgana's safety or had him explain why he (albeit reluctantly) carried out the raid on the Druid village then his light-hearted moments would have not been such a disconnect. Arthur has argued on the side of the angels in the past but this time he carried out the orders without voicing objection. On the one hand, hearing yet another failed argument would have been tedious but perhaps he could have shared misgivings to another character. The audience was left with wondering if Arthur carried out the orders simply because Uther said so or because he truly believed the Druids (who appeared to have kidnapped Morgana) were truly enemies of Camelot. Clearly this episode provided Mordred and the Druids motivation to hate Arthur, it would be better if there wasn't a sense that this was potentially deserved.

    A seriously misguided plan - After last week's clever ruse to explain Arthur's absence, Merlin sends Morgana to the Druids with no cover story? This was an obvious plot device in an otherwise excellent story. Merlin can be naïve or goofy, but he should never come across as plain stupid. Neither should Morgana. Further, Merlin let her run off to the Druids alone, on foot, no supplies, and without any support? "Morgana can take care of herself." was clearly not yet true and she was emotionally a wreck to begin with. It would have been better to have at least have Merlin act shocked that Morgana ran off without a plan. Morgana could at least be excused for being emotionally at wits end. This particular aspect of the plot took away from an otherwise tight story.

    The red cape – No matter how beautiful it was, who runs away to the dark forest in bright red? It made a lovely visual but Morgana is smarter than this. Overall grade 9.3 (rounded down to 9.0 by the "meter). Delicately layered plot with excellent acting and continued superior production quality and attention to continuity detail. Points off for a poorly planned foray into the forest for Morgana. Addition hits for ambiguity regarding Arthur and his potential complicity in genocide.moreless
  • It gets better and better

    Wow! I was very blown away by this, the third episode of series 2. After series 1, where it became evident that while Merlin was a very entertaining show, it really hit its stride about 3/4 of the way through by tackleing the darker storylines, mostly centered around Morgana. It has learned it's lesson; series 2 so far has been superb and I have a feeling it can only get better.

    There was much to love about this episode. Morgana centric episodes are always good and this surpassed the excellent episode 12 of last series. Her struggle is one that Merlin could identify with and it is especially entertaining to heed the Dragon's warnings; fans of the origonal mytholgy will know she eventually will become a very evil and powerful witch. Shadows of that are very much here; while Merlin's magic is used mostly for good (and occasionally for humour) Morgana always seems to use hers in darkness, forshadowing the evil that is to come. Her journey here was very good. The question is still their; how long will she try to use her powers for good? She has already proven that she can turn against the King...

    Mordred!!! Another charactor from the mythology. Another big wow. I loved how they froze the scene with Merlin and him, once again forshadowing a future enemity between the two. And he is powerful. Those poor blokes didn't stand a chance!

    Must mention Merlin. He once again proved how much of a good person he is and therefore how wrong Uther is to hunt down and try to kill people such as the Duids. I always love his scenes with the Dragon. That thing is definately not so nice anymore. Something big is definately going to happen their. Like I have said... very good start so far. I hope that they keep this up! I really want to see as much of this series as possible (and maybe even catch a glimsp of the future in this re telling).moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • This is the second time that Mordred refers to Merlin as 'Emrys'. He did so previously in episode 1x08 The Beginning of the End.

    • Goof: When Merlin hides the flowers behind his back, there are white, pink and purple flowers. However, when he gives them to Gwen there are only white and pink ones.

      The flowers resemble a lot the ones that Gwen got for Morgana in episode 1x03 The Mark of Nimueh.

    • Goof: The shape and design of the glass in Morgana's window is different when looked from the outside (the proper Pierrefonds windows) and when looked from the inside (the studio sets).

    • Goof: Even though there's a storm and heavy rain outside, when looking out of Morgana's window from the inside of her chambers, there is no trace rain whatsoever.

    • Goof: When Gwen places the candle by the window, the handle of the candleholder points towards the curtains. When Morgana lits it, it is pointing towards Morgana's bed. Then it goes back to pointing to the curtains.

    • Goof: The fire spreads through the curtains in a random way, first going up and then down and to the side.

    • The Great Dragon refers to Morgana as 'The Witch'.

    • Merlin uses the tunnel in the burial vaults to get beyond the city walls, same as Arthur and Mordred did in episode 1x08 The Beginning of the End.

    • Goof: When Merlin first listens to the druids' voices, he grabs a branch from the fire and uses it as a torch. As he turns around and swings the branch trying to locate the voices, the fire in the branch is put out only to burn stronger than initially seconds after.

    • The Great Dragon has lived for more than a thousand years.

    • Goof: Camelot guards use Doberman Pinschers to follow the trace of Morgana through the woods. However, the breed was first bred in Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann around 1890.

    • According to Uther, Morgana takes after her father in her bravery. She has become like a daughter to him.

    • Goof: Morgana is stung at the back of her right leg. However, later on when she limps, she places all the weight of her body on the right leg instead of on the left one.

    • Goof: The dogs appear and disappear as the Camelot guards progress through the forest in search of Morgana.

    • Morgana gets the confirmation from Aglain that she has magical powers. Both Merlin and Gaius get to know about it but she doesn't know that Gaius is aware of it.

    • Goof: Uther orders to take no prisoners but no druid is hurt or killed other than Aglain.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Gwen: I came back in with some extra blankets. There was a candle but I put it out.
      Uther: Are you sure?
      Gwen: I blew it out, I swear!
      Arthur: Gwen's been Morgana's servant for years. She said she blew it out, I believe her.

    • Uther: How did they reach Morgana's chambers unchallenged?
      Arthur: I don't know. There are too many guards. It shouldn't be possible.
      Uther: And yet they managed to do so.
      Arthur: I can't explain it.
      Uther: Well I can. They used magic. Arrest all those we have under suspicion.
      Arthur: That's gonna take time.
      Uther: My ward has been attacked. Time is something we do not have.

    • Morgana: It happened so quickly. It was terrifying.
      Gaius: It's all right. You're safe now.
      Morgana: You are the only person I've told about my dreams. I know I can trust you, Gaius.
      Gaius: Yes, of course you can.
      Morgana: It was me. I set the room alight. I started the fire.
      Gaius: I don't understand. Did you knock a candle over?
      Morgana: No, that's not what happened. I did it just... by looking at it, the flame suddenly leapt higher.
      Gaius: It could've been a gust of wind.
      Morgana: It wasn't, it was me. It was magic.
      Gaius: My child.
      Morgana: I'm not a child!
      Gaius: Last night was an accident. It had nothing to do with you. How could it have?

    • Merlin: It was magic. You know it was. More importantly so does she.
      Gaius: Morgana knows nothing for certain.
      Merlin: Which makes it even worse. She isn't sure what's happening to her and it's tearing her apart.
      Gaius: Well what would you have me do?
      Merlin: Talk to her. Tell her she'll be ok. Tell her that her powers aren't something to be afraid of.
      Gaius: I can't.
      Merlin: Maybe I can speak to her.
      Gaius: No, Merlin. You can't.
      Merlin: Why not? I understand what she's going through.
      Gaius: You must never reveal your secret. Not to anyone.

    • Merlin: You need to be honest with her.
      Gaius: What makes you so certain that you know better than me?
      Merlin: Because I went through the same thing! I know exactly how she's feeling right now.
      Gaius: You cannot get involved in this. No good can come of it. I mean it, Merlin. Stay out of it!

    • Merlin: (Hands Gwen a bouquet of flowers for Morgana) How is she?
      Gwen: I've never seen her like this before. I'm scared to leave her on her own.
      Merlin: Is there anything I can do to help?
      (Morgana moans in her sleep)
      Gwen: I better get back to her. I'll make sure she knows where they are from.

    • Merlin: You can trust me, Morgana. You know you can.
      Morgana: I'm scared, Merlin. I don't understand anything any more. I need to know what's happening. Please.
      Merlin: Gaius will be back soon. He'll be able to help you.
      Morgana: He won't. I don't want any more remedies. They won't do any good. (Pauses and whispers) It's magic, Merlin.
      Merlin: What?
      Morgana: I'm your friend, you know I wouldn't make this up.
      Merlin: Of course.
      Morgana: And you believe me? You think it's magic too? Please. I just need someone say it so I don't have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it.
      Merlin: I really wish there was something I could say.

    • Merlin: Do you know where the Druids are?
      The Great Dragon: First you must tell me why you seek them.
      Merlin: That doesn't matter.
      The Great Dragon: It does to me.
      Merlin: I need to ask them something.
      The Great Dragon: I've lived more than a thousand years, seeing civilizations rise and fall. Do not believe that you can lie to me.
      Merlin: I need their help. Someone I care about needs their help.
      The Great Dragon: You speak of the witch, the lady Morgana.
      Merlin: She's not a witch. She's my friend.
      The Great Dragon: She cannot be trusted.
      Merlin: What makes you say that?
      The Great Dragon: It would be better if the witch ...
      Merlin: Stop calling her that!
      The Great Dragon: It would be better if the witch never knew the true extent of her powers.
      Merlin: You're wrong. I know her. She has a good heart.
      The Great Dragon: You failed to heed my advice in the past and it brought grave consequences.
      Merlin: I won't abandon her!
      The Great Dragon: I will not give you the help you seek. If you pursue this course of action you do so alone.

    • Arthur: I thought I told you to do that yesterday?
      Merlin: I didn't have time, I was cleaning your stables.
      Arthur: That's strange, because a little bird told me you were somewhere else.
      Merlin: Mucking out the stables is strange but a talking bird isn't?
      Arthur: Merlin, what've we said about you trying to be funny?
      Merlin: I shouldn't
      Arthur: So where are my flowers?
      Merlin: Your... flowers?
      Arthur: I heard Morgana got some. I assumed you'd be putting them in all the rooms or she is the only one to receive a token of your affections?
      Merlin: Yes. Oh, no, no. What? It's not a... token of anything, affection or otherwise.
      Arthur: I see. So why were you trying to hide them from me yesterday?
      Merlin: I wasn't... I mean I was. I just... I don't want you to get a wrong impression.
      Arthur: What's the right impression?
      Merlin: That's... I was trying to cheer her up about the fire.
      Arthur: You picked them yourself?
      Merlin: Maybe. I was only trying to be nice.

    • Morgana: Merlin. Ignore what I said last night. I had a nightmare, I was upset.
      Merlin: I know. I haven't said anything to anyone.
      Morgana: I'm sorry. It's usually Gwen that has to deal with me when I'm like this.
      Merlin: I don't mind. Maybe I could help.
      Morgana: I doubt that.
      Merlin: You'll be surprised. I understand... I realize how frightening all this must be for you, especially for you.
      Morgana: Why especially for me?
      Merlin: You're the king's ward. You know of his hatred of magic better than anyone.
      Morgana: That's what you think that's been happening to me? The dreams, the fire, you think it was the magic!
      Merlin: I'm not saying that.
      Morgana: But it could be, couldn't it?
      Merlin: I really wouldn't know, but there are people who do.
      Morgana: Who?
      Merlin: What about the Druids? They help people like you.
      Morgana: None of their kind would dare to show their face in Camelot.
      Merlin: No. But I know where you can find them.

    • Gaius: Those warning bells are ringing because Uther thinks that Morgana has been kidnapped. And you don't seem overly concerned.
      Merlin: She can look after herself.
      Gaius: Merlin, what have you done?
      Merlin: What you refused to. I helped her.

    • Gaius: Where is she?
      Merlin: She's gone to the forest of Ascetir to find the Druids.
      Gaius: I told you not to get involved.
      Merlin: I had to, because you wouldn't even acknowledge she had magic.
      Gaius: For good reason!
      Merlin: No, you don't understand. You don't understand what it's like. The years before I came here were the loneliest in my life.
      Gaius: Morgana is the king's ward. Her situation is completely different to yours.
      Merlin: I know. I've got you. She hasn't.
      Gaius: I've always taken good care of Morgana.
      Merlin: This is not the same. Everything that's good and right about magic, I've learnt from you. I'll be lost without you, Gaius. Like she is now. Do you understand why I did it?
      Gaius: Yes. I do. But that doesn't mean I don't fear the consequences.

    • Aglain: Relax, Morgana. You are safe now.
      Morgana: Who told you my name?
      Mordred: I did.
      Morgana: You.
      Aglain: When the Serkets attacked last night, Mordred was able to sense your distress. In his mind.
      Mordred: (Telepathically) Hello, Morgana.
      Morgana: Did you hear that? How did you do that?
      Aglain: We don't always need words to speak to one another.
      Mordred: Now I can take care of you. Like you did to me.

    • Uther: Where does the trail lead?
      Arthur: The forest of Ascetir.
      Uther: I suspect the Druids have hidden there.
      Arthur: The trail will lead us straight to them.
      Uther: Take no prisoners. It's time we rid ourselves of these Druids once and for all.

    • Arthur: Where is Merlin?
      Gaius: Erm... he is erm... he is not well.
      Arthur: He`s still upset about Morgana, isn't he?
      Gaius: We all are.
      Arthur: Tell him to stop pining, pull himself together and get back to work.

    • Gaius: Why are you so certain that the she's been kidnapped?
      Uther: What other possibility is there?
      Gaius: She was very upset after the fire, she could have gone of her own accord.
      Uther: That's not Morgana. In all our years I've never known her run from anything. Takes after her father too much for that.
      Gaius: You haven't let Gorlois down. You've looked after that girl as if she were your own.
      Uther: That is what she's become. If she were to die, a huge part of me would die with her.

    • Aglain: Your king would have us killed.
      Morgana: You have nothing to fear from me. I don't share his hatred of magic.
      Aglain: No, I imagine you wouldn't. These forests are dangerous, what brings you so far from Camelot?
      Morgana: I'm searching for answers, I hope the druids might be able to give them to me.

    • Aglain: What would you like to know?
      Morgana: Why I can see the future in my dreams, why I am able to start fires with my mind.
      Aglain: People who are able to do this, are few and far between. You have a gift.
      Morgana: Is it magic?
      Aglain: Of a kind, yes. But it would be many years before you are able to understand it fully, let alone use it. So it is not something to be afraid of.
      Morgana: It is if you have Uther as your guardian. If he'd found out, he'd have me killed.
      Aglain: He won't.
      Morgana: What if he did?
      Aglain: We won't let that happen, you are safe here.

    • Aglain: You shouldn't be scared of Uther. You should pity him.
      Morgana: Pity? Why?
      Aglain: Because he's a broken man consumed by fear. His hatred of magic is ridding goodness from his heart.
      Morgana: I've always been told that magic is evil. That it corrupts your soul.
      Aglain: Uther told you this. Just because he decreed it doesn't make it so. In time you would learn that magic isn't the dark art that must be shrouded in secrecy. It can be a force for good.

    • Morgana: What are you doing here?
      Merlin: I came to take you back to Camelot.
      Morgana: I'm afraid you had to waste your journey. I'm never going back.
      Merlin: You have to.
      Morgana: Why? You were the one who said that I should seek out the Druids.
      Merlin: I never realised what the repercussions would be.
      Morgana: What repercussions?
      Merlin: The king thinks you've been kidnapped.

    • Merlin: He won't stop until you are found. He's arrested dozens of people. He is gonna execute them all.
      Morgana: If I return the same fate awaits me.
      Merlin: Uther doesn't need to know about this. I won't tell so.

    • Morgana: I'm sorry. I am never going back. These are my people. They are like me. I don't feel so alone here. Do you understand?
      Merlin: Better than anyone.

    • Aglain: Morgana! We must go. (Notices Merlin is with her) Who are you?
      Morgana: It's... it's alright. He is a friend. What's wrong?
      Aglain: Arthur and his men are coming. Your friend has led them straight to us.

    • Aglain: Keep moving!
      Morgana: (Stops and leans against a rock) My leg, it's too painful.
      Merlin: I'll try to put a diversion.
      Morgana: No, Merlin, you can't!
      Merlin: You carry on, it's my fault they're here. Go! Go!
      Morgana: I'll never forget this!

    • Merlin: I wanted to check that you're ok.
      Morgana: I am fine. What was said at the woods...
      Merlin: You can trust me Morgana, I won't tell anyone.
      Morgana: Thank you, Merlin. I know now who I really am. And that it isn't something to be scared of. Maybe one day people come to see magic as a force for good.
      Merlin: Erm... it's good to have you back.
      Morgana: Thank you, Merlin. Sleep well.

    • Arthur: This has to stop! The king would have your head if he'd find out. There's no point denying it.
      Merlin: Denying what?
      Arthur: Your affections for lady Morgana.
      Merlin: (Laughs) Right.
      Arthur: Take a little advice from someone who… knows about women.
      Merlin: If such a person existed I would.
      Arthur: Stick to girls who are more... how can I put it? On your level.
      Merlin: Thanks.
      Arthur: (With a sad look) She can't be a friend, or anything else.
      Merlin: Yeah, I know.
      Arthur: You can't hide anything from me, Merlin.
      Merlin: I wouldn't dream of it.

    • Merlin: I'm sorry, Gaius.
      (Gaius walks up to him and gives Merlin a hug)
      Merlin: I thought you would be angry with me.
      Gaius: I was. Right up to the moment you walked in. And I was just grateful that you're back safe and sound.
      Merlin: Morgana knows the truth. The Druids told her that she had magic. Sorry.
      Gaius: It's not your fault. You wee only doing what you thought was right.
      Merlin: We both were. What happens now?
      Gaius: You must take care of her. And hope that Uther never discovers the truth about her powers.

  • NOTES (13)