Season 4 Episode 7

The Secret Sharer

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 2011 on BBC

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  • A good episode made better by wonderful acting from Colin, Bradley and Richard.


    Series 4 continues to deliver with even the episodes that grab me the least, somehow managing to be far better than the weaker ones from previous series.

    Something about this episode was missing but I struggle to work out what it was that this one didn't that the previous 6 did have.

    What it did have was a few standout scenes and wonderful acting; namely the Arthur/Merlin scene in the council chambers, Merlin/Gwen in Gaius' chambers (wanted that one to be longer) Gaius' speech to Alator but especially his final one to Arthur.

    Best of all was Alator bowing to Merlin and the young man's reaction to that. Hope he starts to get a few more followers soon.

    Agravaine's excuses were ... actually quite good. I honestly didn't think I could seen any way out of that when he was holding a knife up to someone's chin.

    Although many are frustrated that no-one has told on him, the show has mentioned and shown numerous times that the nobles are considered to be above reproach and that no commoner should accuse them. Arthur's comment to Merlin when he dares suggest his Uncle is to blame proves this; that despite even admitting his friendship to his servant, he must not dare to accuse Agravaine.

  • Actually this one did much to move the plot along. (Spoiler Free)


    I thought this was a good episode and I am surprised by the low ratings for it. Sure Arthur's failure to note the real betrayer is illogical, but it set the tone for Arthur to accept that not all magic is bad and to consider if Emerus was really at fault for this father's death. On a side note I do have to agree that this show could easily move along with Merlin revealing his secret, Arthur forming the round table, marryingGwen, etc. The tales of Arthur and his great knights can go on for seasons... this is not Smallville in which the minute he turned into Superman the show was over.

  • ATTENTION WRITERS: The Magic Can't Stay Secret Much Longer


    Witchfinder is a better ep with same plot. Not much happens, aside from it being painfully obvious Merlin and Emrys are the same person. Surely Gwaine, Arthur and Morgana need to all know. Nothing much new here. Comedy bits and some action here and there that seems fairly easy to get out of. A couple of plot holes, but like what you'd expect from a typical ep. Gwaine and Merlin don't seem to be as close, so if you liked them as buddies prepare for disappointment, although it was nice to see that Gwaine got bored of playing soldiers.

  • The Secret Sharer


    Another good episode making season four the best yet for this series.

    A more dramatic episode to follow up last weeks funnier one. A great opportunity for Richard Wilson (Gaius) to shine as the experienced actor that he is here.

    Agrivaine tries to force rifts between Arthur's relationships, which leads to good scenes with a confused and betrayed Arthur and a upset and distressed Merlin.

    Merlin's secret is shared with another, and one more person chooses to protect our favorite warlock. My whole family enjoyed this episode and think everyone else would too.

  • The Secret Sharer


    The Secret Sharer was a great episode of Merlin and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Agravaine points the finger at Gaius as being the traitor and user of sorcery which almost leads to the discovery of Merlin's true identity. The suspense and action were fun and the drama and intrigue were entertaining. There was some development here, but it was a little bit of just the same old story. It does feel like the series is building up to reveal Merlin's powers to Arthur, but it is taking forever! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!