Season 4 Episode 12

The Sword In The Stone Part 1

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 2011 on BBC

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  • The Sword In The Stone Part 1

    The Sword In The Stone Part 1 was a superb episode of Merlin and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was good, the cinematography was dark, chilling, and beautifully conveyed the feeling of the scenes. It was great to watch Morgana make her move in full force with Arthur having no clue what was about to happen. I really liked when Merlin spelled Arthur to have no will of his own and made him do chores. This was an action packed, drama filled, intriguing episode and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Dying to watch the next episode!

    I was overall very much satisfied with this episode, except for the new found 'friends' of our heroes, the smugglers. Seeing Arthur in a entirely different character as a simpleton was a treat, a marvelous treat, and for once having him LISTEN to Merlin is great. I hope now he does realize that the only person he can COMPLETELY trust with his life is MERLIN. The appearance of Gwen was expected, but i had hoped the reunion of the lovers would be more dramatic- like Gwen coming to their help or something. I missed Lancelot a bit when the music i relate him to was played. Hopefully, he'll sprang out of the dead xD

    Seeing Gwaine fight was great too. I was like- what an idiot Morgana is, making a SURVIVOR fight an obese monster! The outcome was pretty much obvious! And the portrayal is once again of superior class by everyone.

    Overall, it was very much enjoyable. And since i'm literally dying to watch the next episode, i guess that's praise enough! I hope that the final episode will be the best Xmas gift.

  • disappointed

    I was surprised at how disappointed I was in the episode. Although I expected the story follow this line of thinking. The writing was pedestrian at best, and what a waste of Brady James, acting skills!

    Most of the dialog was not only predictable, but also boring.

    Nice touch with Merlin finally getting to be the "master", albeit for a short time/

    I loved the return of Guinevere, perhaps now we can get on with Arthur recognizing there is only one love for him and Marry her next episode..

    Waste of the Knights.

    The worst part was the horrible, choppy editing.

    I can hope next episode is better, and please, no cliffhanger endings!!!!!

    This series, in Season 5, should concentration on Authur trying to unite the 5 kingdoms!

    Hopefully Agravaine will die (the sooner the better) as his character is virtually (minus magic) as Magana

    One Morgan is enough!

  • series 3 finale 2.0

    almost a repeat of the last season's finale

    think about it