Season 4 Episode 12

The Sword In The Stone Part 1

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 2011 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • (After Isolde has been wounded in a swordfight)
      Tristan: Isolde... We had a deal. Partners for life, remember?
      Isolde: When have I not kept my promises?
      Arthur: We need to keep moving. There'll be more coming soon.
      Tristan: Then go. There's nothing stopping you.
      Merlin: Come with us to Ealdor. You'll be safe there.
      Tristan: I'm choosy about the company I keep.
      Merlin: He saved my life, Tristan (To Arthur) Thank you.
      Tristan: But none of this would have happened if wasn't for them.
      Arthur: She's injured. She needs shelter and rest.
      Tristan: Very well. But know this, Arthur Pendragon... I do this for her. You and your kind bring nothing but misery to this land.