Season 4 Episode 13

The Sword In The Stone Part 2

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 2011 on BBC

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  • Merlin rules

    A great show and season ending, although Ihope they don't make Morgana a dragonlord, Merlin's sign is the dragon and he was the last of the dragonlords.

    Besides it'a pretty much a fact and a theme that Merlin is more powerful than Morgana, especially in this incarnation as his powers manifested much earlier and more powerfully than Morgana's. Merlin has also defeated Nimueh, Cornelius Segan (one of the most powerful sorcerers ever). So I understand that Morgana has to be his nemesis but his equal she can never be. I hope they don't bump up her powers to provide balance, she's very powerful and Morgause's training should give her a temporary boost but Merlin should ultimately win any one on one as he has in the past at the end of the last series.
  • I feel as if the story is not progressing!

    I was a bit disappointed in the season finale. I am watching Merlin since episode 1 and I will continue to watch it because I love the story and I love Colin and Bradley, and I cannot get enough of seeing them as Merlin and Arthur. They are doing an amazing job. However I feel the story is not progressing. Besides Arthur marrying Gwen, nothing worth mentioning happend in the season finale which would had us wondering about what will happen next. Although there were plenty of possibilities, such as Morgana discovering the truth about Merlin, or maybe Gwen as the queen discovering the truth about Merlin. This options could have put some interesting prospects to the development of the story. Not to mention Arthur finally beginning to understand ... I am willing to accept that this will not happen any time soon but something should have happened to keep the story interesting. Also I was very disappointed about how the legend of the sword in the stone developed. It was weak! I just hope that the next season will be as good as we are used to.
  • Good finale

    It's a great episode. It's good to see Merlin showing some great powers. Agravaine is dead, after he knows about Merlin's secret. Morgana is once again defeated, while she's almost dead Aithusa saves her. I like this episode, but I would prefer to see a huge and intense battle between Morgana and Merlin. A doll is just plain simple. And when would Arthur ever find out about Merlin's secret??? I'm dying to know. that Agravaine is dead, who's going to replace him? Looks like Season 5 would be interesting.
  • The Sword In Stone Part II

    This was a pretty good series.! I loved watching everyone moment of it! Even my Mum, who usually doesn't enjoy watching Merlin, even said it was a terrific scene! =] It also had a wonderful happy ending... It's a long time since I saw Morgana's face...grateful and suddenly looked happy because Aithusa healed her.

    I can't wait for Season 5!! =P
  • longer seasons?

    I love Merlin! this is the best thing to come from Britain besides my family. I just wish they could make longer seasons or maybe 3 short seasons a year? huh? how much do we have to love the show and rate it so that they will make longer seasons? it is already one of the top 10 and the 4th highest rated show on several blogs. i can't find it rated below 11 on any blog i find. Please make longer seasons and hurry with season 5. i can't watch too many re-runs before i go crazy!
  • Calfornia Opinion

    This episode was AWESOME!!! Can't wait for Season 5!!!
  • Merlin or not Merlin ? That's the question !

    I've been following Merlin since the first season. I never thought I would write a bad review of the TV show I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING .

    But I must say now that I' sad to do this review.

    I mean to some people it is a good episode and at least there are some who liked it.

    Me ? I was frustrated with alot of the scenes...completely taken aback sometimes...

    First...and foremost the worst frustration for me was to see that all along Merlin ..THE ONE MERLIN we all grown to love DIDN'T DO ONE SINGLE THING in this last episode...

    Well...he calls upon Killgarrah to help...I was happy to see the beloved Dragon arrives when he's been ABSENT during the WHOLE season..well beside ep 1 & 4...Believe me that is NOT ALOT considering how IMPORTANT he is .

    Second ...Merlin calls on the Dragon to find the scattered knights in the forest.

    Well to my knowledge Every human...Kilgarrah IS a threat. Now...How in the world all the knights gathered when Arthur is about to draw the sword from the stone ?

    The legend Merlin invents for Arthur in order to make him believe he is THE KING is interesting. And as usual Colin is wonderful ....but after that ...well Merlin follows in Arthur's shadow until the end.He is only USED as he's been throughout this season.

    The killing of Agravaine should have been later...And on that one,.I would have imagine that Arthur, after his uncle betrayal, Arthur confronted him. Foremost it would have been a great plot to write that Agravaine would have fight Arthur and almost been able to kill the king but Merlin would have kill him with magic...showing his true self to his master king therefore putting and end to this torturing wait we've been suffering all along the series. It would have opened a great deal of NEW stuffs to be finally explored...

    Tristan and Isolde's scenes should have been shortened to LET THE FLOOR to SHOW MERLIN WITH GUIAUS ...After all they've been separated abruptly ...and Gaius was almost dying of hunger...I was desperately waiting for that reunion which is ALWAYS wonderful to see.

    But no...They just stand together at the end cheering Long Live the Queen !!

    No talk...NO HUG ...not a single considerate word between Merlin and Gaius !! THAT TO ME IS one hell of a BETRAYAL to everything we saw since Merlin 1 !!!

    In this season...I believe that MERLIN has been mistreated,belittled, avoided, deglected, and always appeared stupid and in the background...I hurt because it is COLIN who made me watch the series. Now they should call it CAMELOT ...because Merlin is no more then a background furniture...just like the Knights ....just a SHADOW...

    Besides the only real Merlin confronting Morgana is as Emrys....well I'm sorry but I would have loved to see the regular Merlin doing it. But that is only my opinion....Morgana being FINALLY AWARE of MERLIN GREAT POWERS NOW that'd been something to see !!

    These are GREAT ACTORS that are now only shadows of the true self they've once been...

    And after all these six years ...( we know that at the beginning they always say it's a year later ) HOW IN THE WORLD WILL ARTHUR BE ABLE TO FORGIVE MERLIN when Merlin will reveal HIS MAGIC ? I know that I really would not accept that if I was in Arthur's shoes.

    The producers have waited TOO LONG....

    I simply hope it won't become another night soap opera....the plot now more centered on Arthur & Gwen....

    The end is a complete downfall to Merlin...Aithusa appearing from nowhere to heal Morgana !!! I was MAD and angry....!!! Now the pure little dragon...will become Merlin's ennemy ( that is when Morgana will have enslave him during a they usually do !)

    I will always watch Merlin because of Colin. BUT I PRAY THAT THEY REALIZE THAT IT IS MERLIN THE MAIN CARACTER !!! If Merlin is set aside....

    Now it's on to the next season 5.....And I will admit I'll be afraid to see what they have done.....
  • A Complete Disappointment

    Where do you start with this one? Felt like they rushed to tie up and open up story lines in the last 5 minutes of the episode. Gwen queen? Check. Someone dying a sad death? Check? Merlin standing there like a simp while everything goes on? Check. Wrapped up the ending of any intermediate baddies and goodies? Check.

    Dragon comes out of nowhere and decides to save Morgana, are you kidding me? I mean heck, it was as bad as when they brought back Lancelot to ruin the relationship of Gwen and Arthur. Are they picking plots from random words in a hat or something?

    I loved the first three seasons of this show, but this season has become nothing more than a bunch of,"Are you kidding me?" and "Oh come on man!"
  • The Sword In The Stone Part 2

    The Sword In The Stone Part 2 was a perfect episode and season 4 finale of Merlin. I really enjoyed watching this episode because awesome things happened to many of the characters both bad and good. It was cool how the Dragon helped in the beginning and the scene where Agravaine deduces Merlin's true identity but it will be a secret he keeps! I also thought it was cool how Merlin made the Sword in the Stone story and scenario for Arthur's sake. This was a beautiful episode with good and evil, light and dark. I really liked the music in this episode as well. There was a sense of urgency, keeping me in suspense. I loved the action scenes. The story was well written, the actors were perfect and the ending was very surprising! I look forward to watching more Merlin!!!!!!!!!
  • A good episode

    After the first half I was a bit worried, it was good, but it didn't really live up to last years first half of the final, but my fears were soon gone after watching this, nad it was a good story, the action was exciting, the acting was beliveable and it had a good plot.

    Arthur losing his confindence and needing to draw the sword, was a good idea, as that fits (admitadly quite losesly) to the lengends, its also nice to finally see Arthur wield excalibur, after all, it was made for him, but this first time he has actually seen it.

    I'm also glad they finally got Arthur and Gwen married, some think it was rushed, but I liked it, how there love slowly evolved, then hit its peak, only to be destroyed, then mended here, and finally there marriade, just like the lengends.

    Admitadly there were some moments, Agrivains death, wasn't that impressive, and the fact that merlin still hasn't told arthur, is starting to bug me, after all, uther's dead, and Arthur even states he doesn't want to lose merlin, so why not tell him.

    But still a strong, dinamic and even sad, story, isodle's death, was nicely done, although I sort of wish it hadn't happened, still a good tale, and just the thing to show before Christmas.