Season 4 Episode 13

The Sword In The Stone Part 2

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 2011 on BBC

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  • The Sword In The Stone Part 2

    The Sword In The Stone Part 2 was a perfect episode and season 4 finale of Merlin. I really enjoyed watching this episode because awesome things happened to many of the characters both bad and good. It was cool how the Dragon helped in the beginning and the scene where Agravaine deduces Merlin's true identity but it will be a secret he keeps! I also thought it was cool how Merlin made the Sword in the Stone story and scenario for Arthur's sake. This was a beautiful episode with good and evil, light and dark. I really liked the music in this episode as well. There was a sense of urgency, keeping me in suspense. I loved the action scenes. The story was well written, the actors were perfect and the ending was very surprising! I look forward to watching more Merlin!!!!!!!!!