Season 2 Episode 11

The Witch's Quickening

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2009 on BBC
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In his determination to return magic to the kingdom and destroy Camelot, the ruthless warlock Alvarr doesn't fear fighting Uther. However, he must first reclaim the Crystal of Neahtid, a precious magical relic of the Old Religion. Even though few can control its power, Alvarr believes that the young Druid Mordred can be an ally to use it in the benefit of their cause. Many have lost their lives trying to reclaim the crystal, safely locked up in Uther's vaults. But Alvarr counts on Morgana's powerful bond with the Druid boy as a secret weapon to undermine the king's precautions. Despite Morgana's fondness of Mordred, will she go as far as to turn into a thief and a traitor to help him and Alvarr? Merlin will be once more surprised by Morgana's choices and the true power of the mysterious crystal.moreless

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  • Alvarr

    Alvarr has been in oblivion for quite some time... he needs to return to follow up on him fleeing Camelot...
  • A tragic turning point episode for Morgana that suffered from lack of proper buildup. Hampered by plot issues, the compelling performances and series impact make this a key episode.

    What Worked:

    The big picture – The overall plot concept was good: Morgana tragically turns towards darkness out of loneliness versus an innate evil nature. She is compelled by her motherly type bond with the adorable cherub murderer because she thinks he is actually an innocent with magic who is hunted by Uther. She's expertly and cruelly manipulated by the charismatic Alvarr who sings all the right notes to get her to support his cause. Because she is unaware that there are kindred spirits in Camelot, she longs simply to be herself and the renegades offer to fulfill that wish. The best villains are not cardboard megalomaniacs but rather complex figures who see themselves as heroes fighting against an injustice. Morgana is developing into that type of villain. She is blind to her own moral failings and has started down the slippery slope where deaths of others (guards, potentially Arthur and his knights, and Merlin) are acceptable losses.

    Morgana/Uther – Katie McGrath is always at her best when she is fighting with Uther. When Morgana closes the door on the guards, it is symbolic for closing the door on her old life. She makes a choice in that moment to separate herself from Uther forever and her words hit home with surgical precision. Uther is a tyrant and is ultimately responsible for creating his enemies. Anthony Head does a fantastic job of showing that he is shaken to his core by what he knows is betrayal by Morgana. The choice to have Morgana look him straight in the eye as he utters his final words of warning was excellent. Normally Morgana would not show up in this type of scene. Her presence was a clear message to Uther: I am a force to be reckoned with. Mordred – Asa Butterfield continues to shine as the 4ft tall demon spawn. He's simultaneously sweet and childlike with Morgana and malevolent with Merlin. The amoral way he kills combined with his hunted existence as a just a child is excellent story-telling. The show has done a wonderful job of showing precisely why he hates Arthur in the future. Although Arthur saved him from execution in Series 1, in Series 2 the raids by Arthur made Mordred an orphan twice. While the Druids were benevolent and could have possibly turned Mordred away from evil, his new "family" are renegades who simply see him as a tool in their war. It is no wonder that Mordred, whose instinctive use of lethal force was already unnerving, turns into a powerful, violent, and bitter enemy. The fault for these events, however, lies not with Arthur but Merlin. Gaius the wise – Again in two short scenes, Richard Wilson makes a profound impact. He adroitly sets up the recovery of the crystal and also provides exception guidance to Merlin regarding controlling his own fate. Arthur the killing machine – The stunts were, as usual, movie-quality and Bradley James plays the warrior role very well. His instinctive choke-hold on Merlin, while played for laughs, was nice foreshadowing to his actions later. Arthur ruthlessly and efficiently dispatches with deadly force anyone not wearing Camelot red in the raid on the camp. His reactions are quick as he rapidly adapts to the circumstances of the fight. He does not engage in dialog with the villain but simply gets the crystal and moves on. His statement "I was trained to kill since birth" comes to mind in this episode. At the campfire, his filthy attire is a matter-of-fact testament to the mortal combat yet it is clear that the events of the day will not disturb his sleep. It is a delicate balance to show that Arthur will be both an enlightened monarch while still remaining a warrior king.

    Partial Success:

    Merlin's choices – This is the most controversial aspect of the episode. Merlin is the hero of the show and yet it Merlin who is ultimately responsible for much of the tragedy that will ensue from the events of this episode. Why didn't he tell Arthur that Morgana was in his room as Arthur already knew of the bond between Morgana and Mordred? Merlin usually lies to Arthur for good reason but playing the incompetent servant made no sense this time. Further, although Merlin is wise to be cautious of Morgana as she has shown willingness to kill Uther in the past, he let her leave the castle with the crystal in hand. The weak implication that Merlin could not act because he is a servant did not play this time. Morgana is no real threat to Merlin because he holds her secret. Far better to have stopped her from taking the crystal out of Camelot than to follow her and let her get further involved with the renegades. Merlin also chose to simply trip up Mordred as he was trying to flee. Merlin knew Mordred uses lethal force and he knew the guards might have killed Mordred yet his actions were half-hearted at best. Now Mordred sees Merlin as an enemy and two guards are dead. What makes this a partial success is that it serves the purposes of the tragic plot but these choices feel wrong for the character. Colin Morgan again speaks volumes without words as his face shows all the emotions he is experiencing and all the uncertainty. His struggle against viewing the crystal was particularly powerful. He throws it on the ground repulsed and yet ultimately loses in to temptation to know the future. Although the plot dictated some questionable characterization, Morgan's acting again makes the drama very compelling.

    What Didn't Work:

    The Setup for the Fall – All season the character of Morgana has been short-changed for development. She was barely present in so many episodes. Presumably this was an attempt to show her isolation but it would have been far better for her to have had some scenes that expressed this more clearly. The few scenes in the Witchfinder episode showed her plight but this should have bubbled more consistently in the background in many more episodes. If they had shown her isolation, her choices would have been more understandable. The episode was titled "The Witch's Quickening" and implies these are the events that establish a new phase where Morgana starts taking action. In lieu of a better build-up, Katie McGrath had to sell her plight within one episode. The audience gets the message but it could have been far more powerful if properly developed prior to this episode.

    Arthur the dumb prat – Once again, Arthur is given the role of "prat-when-plot-requires". Merlin took some very unsympathetic actions in this episode so it would appear that to have Arthur beat him down verbally was intended to generate sympathy for Merlin. The protection of Merlin compensated somewhat for the harsh language as did Arthur's choice to trust Merlin with the crystal, but overall the prat role is wearing thin. Arthur should have been mad when the keys went missing but his response was to simply yell rather than figure out who might have been the thief. Overall grade 8. This was a long awaited and important moment for Morgana's development but it was tripped up by lack of proper build-up in earlier episodes. This episode could have and should have been a 10/10. Superior acting by all the cast members smoothed over clunky plot points but the missed opportunity to make this a more stunningly powerful episode is a real disappointment.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • This is the third time that Mordred refers to Merlin as 'Emrys'. He did so in episodes 1x08 The Beginning of the End and 2x03 The Nightmare Begins.

    • Goof: Alvarr is soaking wet when he arrives to the castle. However, once inside and as he follows Mordred's instructions to reach Morgana's chambers, he is dry.

    • Goof: Why doesn't Alvarr use his magic to break his cell door open before? Being a powerful sorcerer, he could certainly have defeated the guards outside.

    • Goof: Uther can't determine who has helped Alvarr escape and hence the traitor is left unpunished. However, if the guards would have been asked they would have revealed that it was Morgana who drugged them.

    • Goof: As Mordred is giving Alvarr instructions to reach Morgana's chambers, Merlin is awaken by his telepathic speech. However, Morgana should have been able to listen to it as well since it was revealed in episode 2x03 The Nightmare Begins that she can hear Mordred's telepathy.

    • The crystals that Morgause used in episode 2x08 The Sins of the Father to witness what was going on in Camelot bear a big resemblance with the crystal of Neahtid.

    • Morgana is wearing the bracelet that Morgause gave her in episode 2x08 The Sins of the Father.

    • The Crystal of Neahtid was taken from the sorcerers in the last days of the Great Purge and locked since then in the vaults beneath the Camelot's castle. Even though many sorcerers died trying to protect it, Uther doesn't know why it is important to them. As an artefact of the Old Religion, it holds the secret of time and can show the future among other things. It is Alvarr's hope that Mordred is able to master the crystal and overthrow the king with its help.

    • Goof: Arthur keeps several sets of keys in his drawer; however, Morgana takes the right ones without hesitation. She also knows the right key to every door as she advances through the vaults.

    • Goof: The drawer where Arthur keeps his keys is not locked. However, in episode 2x01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan he locks it every time he is not carrying they keys.

    • Goof: Merlin only realizes about Morgana having stolen the keys after Arthur points out that the locks haven't been damaged. However, Merlin caught Morgana closing the drawer where the keys were kept.

    • The Great Dragon tells Merlin: 'Once before I warned you of the Druid boy'. It refers to episode 1x08 The Beginning of the End.

    • Goof: Merlin follows Morgana too close behind for her not to notice.

    • It is not revealed how Alvarr and Mordred got in contact with each other.

    • Footage from episode 2x03 The Nightmare Begins is used in the scene when the Camelot knights leave the castle in search of the crystal (the corresponding scene in 2x03 being the one when the Camelot knights leave the castle in search of Morgana with some Doberman dogs). The dogs have been edited out this time.

    • Goof: No trace of blood can be seen in either Arthur's or his men's swords after the fight with Alvarr and his renegades.

    • Merlin, compelled to look into the Crystal of Neahtid by its own magical nature, witnesses a free Great Dragon turning his fury against Camelot which is on the verge of collapse. The last vision is of himself in tears.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Alvarr: My name is Alvarr. I too have been hunted by Uther since I was a child.
      Morgana: You have magic?
      Alvarr: Yes, my lady. As did my parents. And their parents before them. They were fortunate to live in a time of peace. Before your king declared war on sorcery.
      Morgana: I too have known Uther's cruelty.
      Alvarr: Magic... is not a crime. It is a gift. I wish to walk free and without fear.

    • Merlin: I saw them with my own eyes.
      Arthur: What were you doing there?
      Merlin: I heard voices in my...
      Arthur: In your?
      Merlin: In my chambers. And I thought I should investigate.
      Arthur: Frankly, Merlin, it's hard to believe.
      Merlin: I...
      Arthur: For once you've shown some real initiative.

    • Alvarr: I will not stand by and watch innocent people destroyed. And I am not alone. Many have already joined me. Many more join every day.
      Morgana: Alvarr, this is a war you cannot win. Uther has an army at his disposal.
      Alvarr: It does not matter how many you are if you wield a weapon powerful enough. When I was a child, my parents told me of a crystal. It was taken from the sorcerers in the last days of the Great Purge.
      Morgana: Taken? By Uther?
      Alvarr: It is here in Camelot. Locked in the vaults beneath us.
      Morgana: The vaults are impregnable. You could never get it out.
      Alvarr: No, I could not. But you could.

    • Arthur: Which bit didn't you understand? The making a fool out of me or making a fool out of yourself?
      Merlin: There was someone in there. I know there was.
      Arthur: Word of advice, Merlin. In the future, stick to what you do best: nothing!

    • Alvarr: You will help us then?
      Mordred: Please, Morgana. We need you.
      Morgana: Yes. I will. Of course I will.

    • Gaius: The Druid boy? What's he doing here?
      Merlin: He was guiding someone to Morgana's chamber.
      Gaius: Are you sure? She and the boy had a kind of bond.
      Merlin: Yeah, but this is about more than that.
      Gaius: What do you mean?
      Merlin: What if they'd been caught? Whatever they were doing, they were prepared to die for it.

    • Arthur: Come on, Merlin. I'm starving.
      Merlin: You know what they say: good food takes time to prepare.
      Arthur: (Ironically) And this... taste sensation took exactly how long?
      Merlin: Nearly five minutes.
      Arthur: Really?! Five minutes.
      Merlin: You need that long, you see, to let it thicken.
      Arthur: ...Thicken?

    • Uther: This is a grievous loss, Arthur. The Crystal of Neahtid was locked away for good reason.
      Arthur: Why is it so important?
      Uther: It is an instrument of magic. In the days of the Purge, a great many sorcerers died trying to protect it. Whatever it is, it's important to them.

    • Merlin: Arthur? Thank you.
      Arthur: For what exactly?
      Merlin: For...
      Arthur: Lying to my father to save your worthless hide?
      Merlin: Yeah.
      Arthur: If you ever put me in that position again, I'll clap you in irons myself.

    • Gaius: Morgana stole the crystal?
      Merlin: I'm certain of it. I caught her in Arthur's chambers. She must have taken his keys.
      Gaius: Can you prove any of this?
      Merlin: Not exactly, but...
      Gaius: Merlin?
      Merlin: She did it. I'd bet my life on it.
      Gaius: Merlin, you go accusing the King's ward without proof that's exactly what you'd be doing.
      Merlin: I know.

    • Merlin: I need your help.
      The Great Dragon: I am sure you do, young warlock. But first you must honour your promise.
      Merlin: I said I would set you free and I will!
      The Great Dragon: When?
      Merlin: When... I know that Camelot is safe. Please, trust me.
      The Great Dragon: Why should I?
      Merlin: Because you don't have a choice.

    • Merlin: What is the Crystal of Neahtid?
      The Great Dragon: To those who know how to use it, the crystal holds great knowledge.
      Merlin: What kind of knowledge?
      The Great Dragon: The knowledge of what is, what has been and what is yet to come.
      Merlin: Do you mean it can show you the future?
      The Great Dragon: Amongst other things, yes.

    • Merlin: The crystal has been stolen.
      The Great Dragon: By whom?
      Merlin: The Lady Morgana.
      The Great Dragon: (Laughs) That witch does not have the power to wield the crystal!
      Merlin: Does the Druid boy?
      The Great Dragon: Mordred? It is possible. Why you ask?
      Merlin: I believe that they are involved in this together.
      The Great Dragon: Once before I warned you of the Druid boy. It is his destiny to bring about Arthur's doom. It may be that time is upon you.
      Merlin: What do you mean?
      The Great Dragon: The ancient prophecies speak of an alliance of Mordred and Morgana united in evil. But this union must be stopped... whatever the cost.

    • Alvarr: It is my hope, that with time, Mordred will master the crystal. And when he does, we will strike Uther down... Uther and all who serve him.
      Morgana: All who serve him?
      Alvarr: If we are to win this war, there can be no half measures.

    • Morgana: Every day I must look Uther in the eye knowing... that if he were to discover who I really am, he'd have me killed.
      Alvarr: You have been very brave.
      Morgana: I don't want to be brave. I just want to be myself. I don't want to be alone any more.
      Alvarr: You are not alone. You are here with us. You need never be alone again.

    • Gaius: (About Alvarr) He is a fanatic. And his supporters follow him unthinkingly, blinded by his charisma.
      Merlin: Well, it worked on Morgana.
      Gaius: So it would seem.
      Merlin: And the Druid boy. Alvarr's using him too. He thinks the boy can harness the power of the crystal.
      Gaius: We can't let this happen, Merlin.
      Merlin: But if we can't go to Uther, what can we do?
      Gaius: We can bend the truth a little.

    • Uther: You know the whereabouts of the crystal?
      Gaius: I believe so, Sire.
      Uther: I see. How did you come by this information?
      Gaius: In my capacity as Physician I have dealings with many people. They hear things, Sire, and they see things.

    • Morgana: Arthur, you're not seriously thinking of going on this mission, are you?
      Arthur: No, I'm not thinking of going on this mission, I am going on this mission.
      Morgana: But you're chasing nothing but a rumour.
      Arthur: True. But for now it's the only lead we have to go on.
      Morgana: You'll be wasting your time, I assure you.
      Arthur: Morgana, I never knew you cared.
      Morgana: What are you talking about?
      Arthur: I can look after myself, you know. It's the combination of raw talent and hard training that makes me...
      Morgana: Yes, I know. That makes you so utterly obnoxious.

    • Arthur: I don't know why I bring you on these expeditions. You spend the whole time terrified.
      Merlin: I am not terrified.
      Arthur: Yes, you are. I can tell you are.
      Merlin: No, you can't.
      Arthur: If you weren't scared, you'd be talking rubbish as usual.
      Merlin: Well, I am talking rubbish as usual! I mean, I am talking as usual. So, clearly, I'm not scared.

    • Mordred: (Telepathically, after Merlin tries to help get him caught) I shall never forgive this Emrys, and I shall never forget.

    • Merlin: When we entered the camp... it was a trap, wasn't it? They knew we were coming.
      Arthur: Yeah, so?
      Merlin: How did they know?
      Arthur: Well they're sorcerers, aren't they? Probably used magic or something. Now I need you to guard this with your life.
      Merlin: Why me?
      Arthur: I can't hardly very well guard it while I'm asleep, can I?
      Merlin: Neither can I.
      Arthur: Who said anything about you sleeping? (Throws him the crystal)

    • Uther: (About Alvarr) Why are you defending this man? He was a sworn foe of Camelot. You know this.
      Morgana: Is it any wonder he wanted you dead? You who have persecuted his kind, day after day, year after year.
      Uther: I will hear no more of this, Morgana!
      Morgana: Because you are an arrogant fool. You are deaf and blind to the needs of the people you profess to serve and protect! The people will tolerate it no longer.
      Uther: I said enough!
      Morgana: They are rising up against you! From this day forward, I do not know you. From this day forward, I disown you.
      Uther: You will go to your chambers!
      Morgana: And you, Uther... you will go to hell.

    • Merlin: What I saw has not yet come to pass. And I am scared, Gaius. I am... really scared of what the future may hold.
      Gaius: There is nothing on this Earth that can know all possible futures. Even the crystal.
      Merlin: But what I saw... it was so real.
      Gaius: And it was real. But it was just one reality. The future is as yet unshaped. It is we that shape it. It is you, Merlin, the decisions you make, the actions you take. Remember that.

    • Uther: (About Alvarr) How has he escaped?
      Arthur: It appears that the guards were drugged.
      Uther: That means he had help. Someone... (Looks at Morgana) in Camelot.
      Arthur: I'm afraid it looks that way.
      Uther: Let this be understood... (Looks at Morgana) ...whoever has done this, they have betrayed me. They have betrayed the Kingdom. If I ever discover who it was, they will rue the day they were born.

    • The Great Dragon: (Telepathically) Merlin? I'm waiting, Merlin! You gave your word! Now set me free! Merlin! Merlin!

  • NOTES (46)

    • One of Bradley James' favourite characters is Alvarr (played by Joseph Mawle) as, according to him, no other threat in the show matches the potential he poses.

    • Also Known As:
      France: Le Cristal De Neahtid, meaning 'The Crystal of Neahtid'.
      Germany: Der Magische Kristall, meaning 'The Magical Crystal'.
      Italy: Morgana La Strega, meaning 'Morgana the Witch'.
      Poland: Ożywienie Czarownic, meaning 'Revival Of The Witch'.
      Portugal: A Bruxa De Quickening, meaning 'The Witch of Quickening'.
      Spain: El Despertar De La Bruja, meaning 'The Witch's Awakening'.
      Ukraine: Пробудження відьми.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: July 4, 2010 on Ten.
      Canada: November 20th, 2010 on Space.
      France: March 28, 2010 on Canal + Family.
      Germany: February 23, 2011 on RTL.
      Italy: February 13, 2010 on Italia 1.
      Malaysia: February 14, 2010 on TV3.
      Poland: November 13, 2010 on Polsat.
      Spain: March 20, 2010 on Neox.
      Turkey: February 14, 2010 on CNBC-e.
      USA: June 18, 2010 on Syfy.

    • Even though a stunt woman was used for many scenes, Katie McGrath galloped on a horse for the first time during this episode and she felt proud with the result.

    • This was the last episode to be filmed for series two, although there were finishing off other episodes of the last block while shooting this one.

    • The first shot of Mordred was filmed on a totally different day than the forest scene where it belongs.

    • Even though Alice Throughton directed the main core of it, Julian Murphy and Jeremy Webb also directed some scenes of this episode.

    • A rain machine was used for the scene where Alvarr and his men first arrive in Camelot.

    • This episode was Joseph Mawle's first time on horseback but the looked really relaxed about it.

    • In the scene where Arthur breaks in Morgana's room, he opened a small drawer and searched a bit around the room but it didn't make the final cut.

    • Alice Throughton wanted Merlin to go back into Morgana's room after they broke in but Julian Murphy decided not to do it.

    • In the scene where Morgana steals the Crystal of Neahtid, she is wearing the white dress because they were filming the tournament for episode 2x10 Sweet Dreams at the same time and she didn't have time to change, so she just wears a cloak over it.

    • In the scene where Morgana steals the Crystal of Neahtid, she walks funnily because there was a track on the ground and she had to avoid tripping on it.

    • The set for the Council chamber was redressed as the treasure chamber.

    • The scene where Merlin follows Morgana was filmed the day after Colin fell and hurt his back so they were concerned about him having to do a little hop to jump from the gallery into the castle's backyard.

    • The scene at Alvarr's camp (and also the one where Merlin and Arthur find the footprints) was filmed during a really wet day in Wales. Katie McGrath was sick.

    • The scene where Morgana hands Alvarr the Crystal of Neahtid had dialogue originally, but they didn't have the time to film it.

    • Richard Wilson has always issues saying weird English names. In this episode, when he mentions the "Valley of Chemary", he makes up the pronunciation in a way like no one imagined it to be pronounced at all.

    • The image of the misty valley that Arthur overlooks in his way to Alvarr's camp is just some mat painting.

    • The second meeting in the woods between Morgana and Alvarr was filmed in some twenty minutes and doing just one shot due to tight schedules. Julian Murphy was filming with another unit just to their right.

    • Katie McGrath didn't know that Joseph Mawle was gonna kiss her, so her shock look is pretty genuine.

    • Usually, every block has some three days of pick ups but with the last one they didn't have the chance to go over things twice. The tight schedule forced them to have two full units double banking in France.

    • The character of Emmyria was not originally in the script but it was introduced to show Alvarr's charisma, manipulation and calculation since he has a good deal of effect on both women.

    • The man in the red cloak that sword fights against Alvarr is Mike Lambert, Bradley James' usual stunt double.

    • Jeremy Webb shot the fight scene at Alvarr's camp.

    • During the filming of this episode, Katie McGrath caught Asa Butterfield (who was 12 years old at the time) with a Maxim magazine featuring Megan Fox on the cover.

    • Emrys is the Welsh name for Merlin in the Welsh versions of the legend.

    • The Crystal of Neahtid is an ambiguous tool of power depending on whose hands it falls. It is a regular crystal rock for those without magic but it has the power to make magical creatures feel attracted to it and look. It is conveyed in this episode using some easily identifiable music each time the Crystal's power is affecting someone.

    • Katie McGrath hurt her shoulder filming episode 1x12 To Kill the King, which was filmed before this one. In the scene where she has a quarrel with Uther, she was nearly in tears because of the pain in her shoulder.

    • The quarrel between Uther and Morgana was filmed during the last day of shooting. It was Anthony Head's last scene. His daughter Daisy was on set.

    • It was the very first day on a film set for the guard that lets Morgana visit Alvarr in jail.

    • There was certain controversy with the line: "I have done what I can to ease your passage" that Morgana says to Alvarr. Alice Throughton texted Julian Murphy to make sure it could stay.

    • The scene in the jail is one of the first that Katie McGrath and Joseph Mawle did together. It was hard for the actors because the script of this episode was changing constantly as they were still establishing what the relationship between them would be.

    • Alvarr kills one of the guards pretty brutally just after escaping from jail. There was some discussion about keeping it or not but they decided to let it stay since it showed Alvarr's ruthless nature which fits his leader condition.

    • The ending of the last scene was changed. They decided to bring Morgana in to make it more powerful but her look to Merlin was taken out, because it took the story too far in the light of the events in episode 2x12 The Fires of Idirsholas.

    • Katie McGrath, Julian Murphy (executive producer) and Alice Throughton (episode director) recorded an audio commentary for this episode.

    • A very short glimpse of episode 2x13 The Last Dragonlord can be seen as Merlin is compelled to look into the Crystal of Neahtid.

    • Anthony Head and Joseph Mawle had previously worked together in the 2007 movie Persuasion.

    • The scene in which Emmyria flips over a tree is a mix of two different shots. In the first one she runs, puts her foot on the tree and flips over with the help of some crew members. In the second one, and to create the illusion that she actually goes up the tree and over the top of the guys, a trampler was used. A stunt woman called Kim did the flip for Emily Beecham.

    • According to Katie McGrath, they were eaten alive by mosquitoes while filming at Dyffryn Gardens.

    • To simulate the effects of arrows flying through the air a pressurized tool fired fake arrows along wires. The wires were later digitally removed.

    • The fight at Alvarr's camp (and also the one where Merlin and Arthur find the footprints) was shot on October 7th 2009 at Dyffryn Gardens, Wales. It was a really wet day and Katie McGrath was sick.

    • Asa Butterfield is one of Katie McGrath's favourite actors to work with and her favourite guest star of the season.

    • According to Joseph Mawle, Uther killed Alvarr's parents when he was young and that is his motive to seek for revenge.

    • Filming locations:
      Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      Cardiff, Wales (Studio sets).
      Dyffryn Gardens, St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales (Alvarr's camp). *

      *Filming took place for two days under some old oaks in the arboretum area.

    • Broadcasts:
      Sat 5 Dec 2009 at 17:55-18:40 on BBC One.
      Sun 6 Dec 2009 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.
      Fri 11 Dec 2009 at 20:00-20:45 on BBC Three.