Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2008 on BBC

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  • The plot is reasonably predictable, but still the development of the relationship between Merlin and Arthur is the key to the overall show and this is done sensitively, with a level of trust growing and Merlin softening Arthurs character to semi likable.

    Arthur is engaged in a major tournment to find the champion Knight of the realm of Camelot.Merlin is busy as his lackey and training partner and the use of magic here is simple and engaging- Merlin managing amazing cleaning feats.
    Merlin becomes suspicious of one of the Knights, Valiant, who wins a bout that he was losing that leaves a knight unconscious with suspicios fang marks on his neck. Merlin sets out to retrieve some venom so that a remedy can be made.
    Merlin warns Arthur and so convinced is he that he confronts Valiant in front of the King, but with no proof and the death of the only witness (from another snake bite)Arthur looks like a coward afraid to fight Valiant.
    Fired from his job and confronting the Dragon Merlin is frustrated about his supposed destiny, but nevertheless searches for a way to save Arthur. He steals a gargoyle and spends the night using incantations to try and animate the creature with no success. With the inevitable final confrontation about to begin Merlin tries one llast time and the stone turns into a large dog. He arrives just in time to see Arthur without his shield and losing. Merlin sens a spell toward the shield and the snakes appear ready to kill Arthur who is defenceless, Morgana throws him a sword and he decapitates the two remaining snakes and Valiant.
    Arthur reinstates a reluctant Merlin as his man servant.