Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2008 on BBC

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  • A more than valiant effort

    The story for this episode allows the threads of Merlin's bond with Arthur to grow as a dishonourable knight threatens the life of the prince. As well as the more of the location and setting being shown, expect lots more small details of the two main protanganists and their blossoming relationship to emerge. Furthermore, some of the minor characters like King Uther, Gaius and Morgana get fleshed out some more. All of this is well-woven into the main plot of tournament in which Arthur will eventually be pitted against the baddie. It is during the climax of this tournament that Arthur finds himself in mortal danger and with his honour questioned.

    Both these threats see Merlin doing his best to save the prince, only for setbacks and the repercussions of using magic to affect young Merlin some more. The subplot of the dragon and Merlin's "destiny" is again touched upon, providing another tantalising peek at what aways us a number of series further down the line.

    A credible performance by Will Mellor as Knight Valiant was the highlight of the episode for me. Overall I wouldnt expect fireworks from this episode, but nonetheless it is entertaining while being informative and develops the ambience of the show rather well.
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