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Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2008 on BBC

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  • Valiant comes to Camelot to attempt to win the courts combat tournament but he is using a magical shield that poisons his opponents. Merlin makes the discovery and then must figure out a way to save Arthur before he meets Valiant in the tournament final.

    A pretty good follow up to Dragon's Call the series premiere. As Merlin is now Arthur's man servant because that was his "reward" for saving Arthur in the first episode, he has the perfect position to stay close to Arthur and keep him safe. Unfortunately their relationship is less than cordial at times and negative enough that Merlin returns to speak with the Dragon about the mistake he made.

    Valiant is a thug who is looking for any way to increase his chance of winning the tournament. It sort of takes a little shine away from the term Knight as they were suppose to be men of chivalry and honor. There is nothing chivalrous about Valiant. He has designs on Morgana and means to see them through.

    Merlin makes the discovery by chance that Valiant's shield is enchanted. Unfortunately as he is not a member of the court or a Knight his word is worthless to the King. Luckily for everyone involved both Morgana and Gwen are concerned for Arthur and believe Merlin is on to something. Arthur even tries to stand by Merlin but in the end must apologize to Valiant for miss-speaking.

    In what I see becoming a far to common occurrence, Merlin saves Arthur, exposing Valiant for what he is and in general saves the day for the court. Of course only a very few have any idea and certainly they can't or won't give the credit to Merlin. Arthur for his part reconciles with Merlin the only way he can by making some backhanded compliments about what a good man servant he is. NBC is showing these episodes the first few weeks as back to back shows. Unfortunately I believe it takes away from the individual nature of each episode. The way it was advertised my wife thought it was a special or a mini-series so NBC did not do a good job of informing the public about the show.

    Next week we see episodes The Mark of Nimueh and The Poisoned Chalice back to back. The following week we then have one episode. Hopefully this will be the case the rest of the thirteen episode series.

    Well produced, good storylines, and enjoyable characters mark this fine UK production. Thanks for reading...
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