Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2008 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Merlin: I've just seen one of the snakes on Valiant's shield come alive. He's using magic.
      Gaius: Are you sure?
      Merlin: The snake ate a mouse. One swallow, straight down. Ewan was fighting Valiant when he collapsed. It must have been one of the snakes from the shield. I have to tell Arthur.
      Gaius: Is there any chance you might be mistaken?
      Merlin: I know magic when I see it.
      Gaius: Perhaps, but have you any proof?
      Merlin: Don't you believe me?
      Gaius: I fear you'll land yourself in trouble. How will you explain why you were in Valiant's chambers?
      Merlin: That doesn't matter! He's using magic to cheat in the tournament.
      Gaius: But you can't go accusing a knight of using magic without proof. The king would never accept the word of a servant over the word of a knight.
      Merlin: So what I say doesn't count for anything?
      Gaius: I'm afraid it counts for very little as far as the king is concerned. That's the way it is.