Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2008 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Uther: You have no proof to support these allegations. Have you seen Valiant using magic?
      Arthur: No. But my servant...
      Uther: Your servant? You make these outrageous accusations against a knight on the word of your servant?
      Arthur: I believe he's telling the truth.
      Knight Valiant: My lord, am I really to be judged on some hearsay from a boy?
      Merlin: I've seen those snakes come alive!
      Uther: How dare you interrupt! Guards!
      (The guards come forward and seize Merlin)
      Knight Valiant: My lord...
      Uther: Wait.
      Knight Valiant: I'm sure he was merely mistaken. I wouldn't want him punished on my account.
      Uther: You see? This is how a true knight behaves. With gallantry and honour.
      Knight Valiant: My lord, if your son made these accusations because he's afraid to fight me, then I will graciously accept his withdrawal.
      Uther: Is this true? Do you wish to withdraw from the tournament?
      Arthur: No!
      Uther: Then what am I to make of these allegations?
      Arthur: Obviously there has been a misunderstanding. I withdraw the allegation against Knight Valiant. Please accept my apology.