Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

(ended 2004)



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Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

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After saving a nearly drowned boy, Mermaid Princess Luchia of the North Pacific Ocean Kingdom leaves her magic pearl in his custody. Seven years later she takes on human form and with the help of her guardian penguin, Hippo, attempts to find that boy and reclaim her magic pearl. When she first meets up with the boy, Kaito she thinks he is rude, but when he is threatened by the undersea villains she reclaims her pearl and transforms into Pink Pearl Voice and defeats the villain by singing at her. After the fight Luchia (in her mermaid form) holds Kaito in her arms like she did 7 years ago, and from there realized the feelings she has for him. But unfortunately for her, mermaids or not allowed to love humans. In order to stop the coming evil Luchia must revive the Goddess Aqua Regina. In order for this to be done she must find the other 6 Mermaid Princess. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch is based on the manga by Michiko Yokote. The story is loosely based on "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson. The anime series was produced by TV Aichi. The first season of which, composed of 52 episodes, was shown on the TV Tokyo Network from April 05, 2003 to March 27, 2004. A second season, which is entitled Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, lasted for 39 episodes and was aired from April 03 to December 25, 2004. ADV Films acquired the license to the anime on June 2004 for its North American release, but was eventually dropped due to difficulty in finding backers and securing a TV airing deal.

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  • dubbed

    Really good anemie show, but i just wish that there was an English version
  • This is one amazing anime!

    I first got into this anime series around 4 years ago. When I found some characters pics on a website, I immediatley had an interest in it. I watched 32 episodes from a website back in 2004 and I had a hard time finding the rest, until a website hosted them in early 2006. I watched those episodes as soon as they were uploaded. I have watched all 91 episodes now. I liked most of the character designs, especially the mermaids. I like to imagine some stories about the mermaid princess' childhood days under the sea and a lot of attention to the ordinary mermaids. I liked some of the songs sung in this show. I will still remember the day when I found out about this and the melody here.moreless
  • A mermaid princesses fallen in love with a human is for bidden, the only way they could be together is if reclaims aqua ragina, by singing a song with the other 6 mermaid princessesmoreless

    Mermaid melody: pichi pichi pitch is about a mermaid named Lucia who helps a boy from nearly drowning. When Lucia brings him back at the shore she gives him [ he is still unconshes ] her magic pearl, Lucia is the princess of the North Pacific sea. Several years later she turns herself human and she looks for the boy she saved seven years agowith her gardian Hippo the pigeun turns human as well to help Lucia. When she meets him his name is Kaito, and Lucia thinks he is rude and she does not like him that much. When they are walking Lucia and Kaito is attacked by some undersea villians. Lucia is surprised how he tried to protect her. When Kaito is unconshes she gets her pearl of him and transforms into a human hero, Lucia wins the battle with her pichi pichi voice. Lucia finds that she is holding Kaito like she was seven years ago, Lucia finds out that she is love with Kaito. In mermaid law it is forbidden to love a human, the only way is to gather the other 6 princesses, and reclaim aqua raginamoreless
  • ............. it was great!

    Mermaid melody is one of the best animes in the world! i love that show . woot! ^^ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 words is alot of words -_- hm what to say lol i've always liked shows with mermaids in it . mermaids rock and rule dontcha think u .i like the beach better than the pool but i hate the things that r in it er yuck . lol but the pool is sometimes beter too at least that is what i think hehe . wohoo well that is all. and now i've typed way more than 100 words lol . i have written 116 words rite now pretty kool huh? . 126 now ~_~ yay 128.....moreless
  • I think it's REALLY good, and I luv mermaids a lot, but it's just...It's a bit weird at some places...

    I luv this show, but I would suggest make it more original. It's REALLY good, but it COULD be better in some places. Like Kaito could be a bit unpreverted, Lucia is a bit over the top, and Rina acts like she's a ghost sometimes. It would maybe fix the personalities a bit. I never really have watched the episodes, but I HAVE read the comics, and they're great! Except some of the character's personalities. I would change it if they didn't finish, but it IS decent! It's just my opinion. But it is a great show I have to say. I own the comics too just to let everyone know, and they're great too!moreless

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