Could the Show be related to H20: Just Add Water?

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    Hey, I decided to make a thread regarding two shows i'm recently hooked to. it's the connections regarding the anime Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch (plus the season 2 sequel MMPPP: Pure) and the Australian live-action teen series H20: Just Add Water.

    but before I proceed, check out more about the two series at Wikipedia: (MMPPP) (MMPPP: Pure) (H20)

    The characters are interconnected to each other:
    Lucia Nanami/Pink Pearl Voice (MMPPP) related to Emma Glibert (H20)
    Hanon Hosho/ Blue Pearl Voice (MMPPP) related to Cleo Sertori (H20)
    Rina Toin/Green Pearl Voice (MMPPP) related to Rikki Chadwick (H20)

    On love interests:
    Kaito Domoto (MMPPP), love interest of Lucia related to Byron (H20), Emma's crush, also, Ash from season 2 of H20 is also related to Kaito
    Taro Mitsuki (MMPPP), love interest of Hanon in season 1 related to Lewis McCartney (H20), Cleo's later love, also related to Lewis is Masahiro Hamasaki from season 2/MMPPP Pure.
    Nagisa Shirai (MMPPP-Pure), a boy who has a crush on Hanon related to Elliot Gilbert (H20), Emma's little brother who in love with Rikki but rejected. also connected to Elliot is Nikora (MMPPP) who, like Elliot, is a sibling to the first mermaid.

    On friends/allies:
    Madame Taki (MMPPP), related to Miss Louise Chatham (H20)
    Hippo (MMPPP), a guardian of the three mermaid princesses related also to Lewis from H20, due that both are guardians to their respective girls. the differences is Hippo's a Penguin but can change to a human boy and a Mermaid-Pegasus-Unicorn like creature named Hippocampus.

    Fortunately both shows feature teen mermaids with a difference:
    In MMPPP, they ARE mermaids in default but can be humans and singers too but in H20, the girls BECAME mermaids by magical means. but they have powers and can become mermaids once water touches them. (meaning they are humans but can change to mermaids)

    the other difference is the OPs. the theme songs in H20 never gets changed, only the singer when the second season arrives but in MMPPP, the a new OP song comes in by the 2nd half of season one. also the song changes in season two but it's now the default song, meaning it's unchangable at the 2nd half of the season. also the only singing character is Cleo (only on a full moon when seen). She does not turn into a mermaid, but instead turns into a siren, attaining a beautiful singing voice which causes all the young men who hear it to fall in love with her, as opposed to the three in MMPPP and the enemies and the other 4 joining later on (The 7th joined temporarily in the last two eps of season 1 to atone for her mistakes, the new 7th mermaid princess joined in the final fight of season 2).

    Another is of the new mermaid. Seira, the new Mermaid and replacement of Sara from season 1, appeared in season 2 of MMPPP, while Bella, Emma's replacement, will appear on season 3 of H20.

    I'm still on research upon the two show's differences but this will hold up for now.

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