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Welcome to the Mermaid guide at The WB Network is making a splash with the mermaid tale titled, Mermaid, ordering a one-hour pilot about a mermaid who tries life on land in Miami. The project is in the vein of the movie Splash. From Charmed showrunner Brad Kern and veteran producer Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. The pilot will be produced by Spelling Television. Mermaid focuses on Nikki (Nathalie Kelley), a mermaid who is rescued by a young man when she washes ashore. Nikki's savior, Matt Johnson (Geoff Stults), is a lawyer living with a roommate and engaged to the daughter of his boss, and he is in utter disbelief of Nikki's true nature. She does prove to him that she is a mermaid, a race of creatures whose evolution took place in the water. The mermaids come from a well-known sunken city and Nikki, if not all of the mermaids, possesses a fair amount of supernatural abilities: she has amazing strength and agility, can see in the dark, "read" emotions and has a connection with other sea creatures, among other possible powers. There is another race of creatures who evolved underwater as well, but their evolutionary path has taken them onto dry land, and one of these creatures is on the hunt for Nikki. Nikki, meanwhile, takes a job as a waitress at a nearby restaurant and stays with Matt and his roommate while trying to adjust to her life, and helping Matt in his attempts to help people -- as her would-be hunter, Luger (Roger Daltrey), puts it, mermaids are drawn to protecting the innocent -- it's "in their blood".moreless