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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Day of Reckoning
      Day of Reckoning
      Episode 8
      PCs Larry Barton and Jackie Brown are asked to investigate a man who has been grooming a 15-year-old girl in an internet chatroom. DS Roz Kelly suspects her father of planning an armed robbery. DI Pete Hammond has a confrontation with a gun dealer.
    • Distant Vices
      Distant Vices
      Episode 7
      A student found murdered in a playground turns out to have been a drugs mule, and Pete is put out when DS Roz Kelly is brought in from the drugs squad to help. Jim is determined to help when a girlfriend from his teenage years turns up with a problem.
    • Repeat Offender
      Repeat Offender
      Episode 6
      When an elusive sex attacker strikes again, Newton Park is under pressure to catch him before another attack occurs. Natalie's work and home life is thrown into direct conflict when she discovers that her brother has lost his job and has turned to stealing cars for a living.
    • Angels with Dirty Faces
      Jim's father Bernie Oulton and Bill Gentle reinvestigate an old murder case, when new evidence suggests that the man who was convicted, and who has since died in prison, was innocent. Jackie Brown and Jodie Finn hunt for money that has gone missing from a recently dead man's mattress.
    • True Colours
      True Colours
      Episode 4
      PC Jackie Brown arrests a woman for stealing a baby from a maternity unit. Insp Charlie Eden and DI Pete Hammond go under cover as a childless couple to investigate an adoption agency suspected of selling children to the highest bidder. Supt Jim Oulton decides to make an example of Liverpool FC midfielder Danny Murphy when he comes to Newton Park to present a trophy to Sgt Lester Cartwright's under-11 girls' team.moreless
    • Broken Dreams
      Broken Dreams
      Episode 3
      PCs Jackie Brown and Jodie Finn discover a young boy living alone at home while his dad is on holiday in Majorca. PC Glenn Freeman goes under cover as a chauffeur. Personal histories complicate the professional relationship between Insp Charlie Eden and DI Pete Hammond. Supt Jim Oulton is determined that PC Larry Barton enjoys his last night as a free man.moreless
    • Warrior Moon
      Warrior Moon
      Episode 2
      PCs Larry Barton and Glenn Freeman discover the body of a woman in the Mersey. Insp Charlie Eden and PC Jodie Finn break the news to the dead woman's husband, who believes he may have killed her while having a stress-related attack. Larry struggles to cope in the aftermath of the fatal accident.moreless
    • Hearts and Minds
      Hearts and Minds
      Episode 1
      PCs Larry Barton and Jackie Brown are called out to an incident on the Maple Court Estate. Newlyweds Tom and Kim Vale had heard a scuffle in the flat next door. Tom went to investigate and found 11-year-old Callum being attacked by a thug looking for money. Both Callum and Tom were injured in the struggle, but Tom seems reluctant to testify against the thug. DI Pete Hammond knows why, but is reluctant to share that information with Supt Oulton.moreless
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