Season 3 Episode 10

Peace for the Wicked

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2003 on BBC

Episode Recap

Insp Charlie Eden deals with the case of a young girl at the centre of a custody battle who has gone missing. Charlie finds her safe and well, but mother Laura calls back later to say that her daughter has been kidnapped.

Peter Orton has died after being assaulted by Chris Traynor, but PCs Jodie Finn amd Steve Traynor are keeping quiet about their involvement in covering up the crime. Supt Jim Oulton is horrified when Des Orton, the victim's father, claims that there was a black policewoman and a man called Chris at the crime scene. He wants desperately to believe his colleagues' claims of innocence, but their stories don't hold up. Steve realises that he has no option but to resign from the force.

Des Orton decides to take the law into his own hands and firebombs Chris's flat. Jodie and Chris are trapped inside. Police officers and firemen race to the scene. Steve rushes in to save them, and pulls them to safety, but he succumbs to the fumes and cannot be revived.