Merseybeat - Season 1

BBC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • What Goes Around
    What Goes Around
    Episode 10
    The day starts off the night before as most of the team are partying all night. A stalker is still after Det Supt Blake and tries to blow her up but gets the wrong victim. Jim's daughter comes home to try and persuade him to patch things up with his wife. The team pull out all stops to catch the stalker and find a suspect. Tiger gets heavy handed with the suspect and could blow the case.moreless
  • Crying Out Loud
    Crying Out Loud
    Episode 9
    A high-speed car chase goes tragically wrong for Connie. The grieving father tries to blame the police but it turns out that his daughter was on Ecstasy. The Chirf Constable interferes, trying to force Susan out. She realises what he's up to and calls his bluff.
  • For Better or for Worse
    Susan and Steve give a lecture on crime prevention to a woman's group. Bill's wife is mugged.
  • Fools Rush In
    Fools Rush In
    Episode 7
    Jim's past returns to haunt him when a persistent offender slips through his grasp once again, and Larry helps out an illegal immigrant who has been beaten up by thugs at a strip club.
  • Thicker Than Water
    Thicker Than Water
    Episode 6
    Miriam oversteps the mark after being called to a domestic violence case, which forces Susan to face some unwelcome memories. Meanwhile, Steve and Connie pick up a youngster suspected of credit card fraud, little realising they know his cousin rather well.
  • Dead Time
    Dead Time
    Episode 5
    A past case comes back to haunt Susan, but it is Jim who makes a grave error of judgement, which puts a suspect and his daughter in danger. Meanwhile, Steve continues his reckless behaviour and hopes to cover up that he has crashed a squad car in a high-speed chase.
  • Unexploded Bombs
    Unexploded Bombs
    Episode 4
    Steve and Larry go undercover to catch muggers and Steve finds himself facing an old woman with a submachinegun; a pregnant woman makes a confession to an off-duty Susan; Connie puts her career ahead of a family life; and Steve narrowly escapes being blown up by a hand grenade dropped by the old woman whose husband collected war memorabilia.moreless
  • Coming of Age
    Coming of Age
    Episode 3
    Bill faces a life-or-death situation when he and Steve chase two men who have broken into the home of an antiques dealer, and Jim Oulten faces financial and marital problems.
  • Step by Step
    Step by Step
    Episode 2
    The day starts badly for Steve - he has slept through his alarm. His concerned colleagues have to break into his flat to get him up for work. The team responds to a call about a till snatch from a newsagents.
  • Deep End
    Deep End
    Episode 1
    Supt Susan Blake returns to work from maternity leave. For PC Steve Traynor the day starts rather differently. Within the station, as the news spreads of their colleague's injuries reaches the officers, emotions are running high.
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