Messiah - Season 5

BBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Messiah V — The Rapture, Episode Two
    An attack on a crack house on a run-down council estate sees several drug users brutally slaughtered. Michael Wallace's other daughter insists that her father is innocent of the sexual abuse charges, but she is later found murdered, and with her tongue cut out. Joseph, meanwhile, has to consider whether to trust his Palestinian girlfriend.moreless
  • Messiah V — The Rapture, Episode One
    Troubled DCI Joseph Walker investigates the gruesome murder of a key witness and his family, whose necks were slit before being posed around the dining table. The defendant in the original case, accused of the prolonged sexual abuse of his daughter, claims that she has false memory syndrome. Elsewhere, in separate incidents, two sisters are dressed in men's clothing and hanged. When a devout Christian has acid poured into her eyes, Joseph suspects that these are religious hate killings.moreless