Metajets - Season 1

Weekdays 6:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 04, 2010 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Guard Duty
    Guard Duty
    Episode 11
    The Metajets are hired to protect a nation's royals that are about to join the World Council. In order to show their support for the World Organization, the newest ARC race has also been set in their home town. Trouble arrives though when royal security and the princess herself are found to be working with Black Cloud. When Black Cloud decides to turn against the Princess, the Metajets must find a way to protect not only a Princess who has proven she can't be trusted, but also a whole nation of new race fans from being taken over.moreless
  • Lady in Red
    Lady in Red
    Episode 36
    A new crime syndicate known as the Scarlet Circle begins popping up across the world, so Johnny is sent in undercover to capture their leader. Little does he know Viper is also there for Black Cloud. When the two are discovered they must make a choice: do they work together to survive or do they make sure both of them are eliminated?moreless
  • Cyberella Man
    Cyberella Man
    Episode 5
    A world famous ARC racer returns from an injury that should have prevented him from racing ever again with Cybernetic enhancements. Zac thinks it is cool and decides to get his own enhancement, but the cybernetic engineer is also working on brain control technology in an effort to take over the world. Can the Metajets find a way to stop him when one of their own is being controlled?moreless
  • Grounded!
    Episode 7
    Black Cloud steals a rocket from Maggie's ship and makes it look like she's firing live ammo during a practice sky dogfight. After investigating her ship Maggie loses all confidence and refuses to participate in any Metajets missions and is suspended pending further investigation by the ARC. Meanwhile Black Cloud starts their latest plan to take over the skies, and being a member down could end up setting the Metajets fate permanently.moreless
  • Lightning in a Battle
    The ARC races move to a location where lightning is always in the sky and the only thing prtecting the pliots are a few sparse lightning rods. When one of the Jets containing a military AI unit goes haywire, it's up to the Metajets to stop it, save the pilot, and avoiding being blasted out of the sky.moreless
  • City of Flight
    City of Flight
    Episode 3
    The racing series shifts to the City of Light, but Johnny has been struggling with three last place finishes. If he loses one more race in last place he'll lose his pro license and a spot on the Metajets. This is when an unknown individual approaches him with an upgrade for his jet. Johnny decides to jump at the chance, but the Metajets end up being sent in to investigate why alarms are going off all over town. It ends up the upgrade is merely a high frequency modulator that trips all the alarms and was created by an international art thief hoping to use this opportunity to steal the Mona Lisa. Can the Metajets arrive in time to catch the world's most dangerous thief permanently?moreless
  • Opening Day
    Opening Day
    Episode 2
    The ARC racing circuit gets ready to have the first race of the 2067, and the Metajets are having a practice run before the race. Maggie seems to be falling behind, though she uses the excuse that she's saving her engine for the actual race. As they approach the finish line though Maggie is kidnapped by Dark Racers who wish to make the entire race season be canceled as part of revenge against Maggie's father. Can the Metajets find a way to rescue their teammate without get exposed and getting their manager fired from his position as ARC Director?moreless
  • End Game, Part 2
    End Game, Part 2
    Episode 40
    Maggie, Johnny, and Trey decide to return to Soaring Heights to see how they can help the city despite not having any weapons or gear they can utilize. Zac must find a way to escape his entrapment next to a EP about to go off and take Soaring Heights out with it, and Captain Strong must decide whether or not to obey the Councils orders in the season one and possible series finale of MetaJets.moreless
  • The Brave and The Cold
    Zac and Trey are invited to participate in the unofficial Diabolo Debry, where the worlds top flight fighters compete for the top ranked bragging honor. Meanwhile Johnny and Maggie are getting ready to surf the Himalayas, but a mysterious magnetic energy is causing jets to crash and sets the two Metajets fighters in a two-on-two battle with two of Black Cloud's finest.moreless
  • Pirates of the Sky
    Pirates of the Sky
    Episode 6
    A group of Sky Pirates invades a ship where the Metajets are currently signing autographs. In the process they end up taking the two items Maggie finds most dear and sets her up against them. A bit later the Sky Pirates still a magnet that can tear anything out of the sky from Black Cloud. Now the Pirates and the Metajets must find a way to work together to keep the skies safe from Black Cloud.moreless
  • The New Recruit
    The New Recruit
    Episode 1
    Johnny Miller is a young pilot that has just been invited to join the ARC, but first he must defeat a top 10 ranked flyer- Zac. After defeating Zac by staying in his wind shear, Johnny ends up challenging Trey. During their unsanctioned race though Trey and company are called into action as the Metajets. Johnny follows them to ARC-1 and learns exactly who the Metajets are. However when the Metajets get sent out to face Black Cloud, Trey finds himself about to be shot down. Johnny decides to sacrifice his jet to save Trey, but without his jet is there any way for Johnny to remain an ARC racer, much less become a Metajet pilot, which he just learned was a role his father played?moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 15
    Johnny returns home to farm country and is shocked by the response he gets at people recognizing he was gone. However the homecoming is cut short when Black Cloud launches a plan from his hometown that will turn the entire region into their first full conquest. Can the Metajets find a way to save Johnny's family and friends before it's too late?moreless
  • Gone in 0.6 Seconds
    Gone in 0.6 Seconds
    Episode 32
    When a reporter accuses Johnny of not respecting his fans because he always runs off, he has no choice but to invite his #1 fan on board ARC-1 and risk revealing his identity. Making things more risky is Trey taking on a thief as a member of his crew, especially when she appears to be working against the MetaJets for a man known only as Swift.moreless
  • Eye of the Swarm
    Eye of the Swarm
    Episode 31
    The swarm of Dr. Locust returns to the skies and begins attacking the highest grades of military technology. The MetaJets learn their previous attacks that worked now won't against this new swarm, but exactly why is the Doctor asking for help from inside his own swarm?
  • Sub-Mission
    Episode 30
    A typical water race in Miami becomes trouble for the entire team when a Black Cloud Drone Sub is awakened and gets ready to target Miami.
  • My Hero
    My Hero
    Episode 29
    During a race in The Badlands Zac's sister comes for a visit. Her real intention is to visit the G. S. T. H., the same science and technology center that Black Cloud is now taking an interest in. Can Zac and Tori keep the world safe from Black Cloud without Zac giving up his identity as a MetaJet agent?moreless
  • Vanishing Point
    Vanishing Point
    Episode 28
    Doug goes missing after a weird electrical phenomenon known as the Pacific Triangle hits him. The MetaJets decide to research it and try to rescue him, but in the process Johnny and Viper of Black Cloud are both pulled into the phenomenon. General Raven has planted a tracking device to follow the electromagnetic field and gain control of it or destroy it, which ever one makes him feel better. Can the MetaJets find a way to save Johnny and all the other pilots that have gone missing, or will Raven gain control of the sky with the technology?moreless
  • Stunt Hawks
    Stunt Hawks
    Episode 33
    A group known as the Stunt Hawks begins taking the air by storm and gaining tons of fans, but when bank thieves begin begin showing up around all their shows the MetaJets begin to suspect they have their own agenda. After pursuing them the MetaJets learn the Stunt Hawks have their own versions of MetaJets, and now the team must learn how to stop the newest forms of technology from defeating their own jets.moreless
  • Phantom Fleet
    Phantom Fleet
    Episode 34
    The ARC moves to the new Neptune Islands, but locals are warning all the pilots of a mysterious group of Phantom Jets known as the Red Menace. The MetaJets are forced to investigate when the fleet causes Trey's jet to short out, and the holographic technology they uncover could give them an advantage in upcoming fights or cause them to lose control of the skies if it falls into the wrong hands.moreless
  • End Game, Part 1
    End Game, Part 1
    Episode 39
    After a record low amount of Black Cloud activity, the MetaJets are suspended. Zac is given commission to plan the year end ARC party, Maggie and Johnny begin to get close, and Johnny and Zac get ready to have a sudden death year-end race as the two are tied. However Black Cloud is planning something in the tunnels that could take out Soaring Heights permanently and give Black Cloud control of the sky forever.moreless
  • Antartic Invasion
    Antartic Invasion
    Episode 38
    The World Council schedules a race in Antarctica to help advertise the testing of a new weather control device, but Black Cloud has helped secretly fund some of the project and plans to use the weather to their advantage at all costs.
  • Sky Hard
    Sky Hard
    Episode 37
    Council One gets ready to have one of their meetings, but General Raven plants explosives and a virus on Council One. He hopes to gain the identities of the MetaJets with the increased pressure. Now the MetaJets must find a way to save the World Council or go into protective custody forever.moreless
  • Escape From the Outback
    When Trey's parents are found on a ship that goes down above the penal colony, Trey decides to go against orders and go rescue his parents. Johnny accompanies him while Maggie and Zac try to keep the information that they've left the ship hidden from the rest of the squad. Can Trey find a way to save his parents against a former Governor gone mad?moreless
  • Moving Target
    Moving Target
    Episode 35
    When Raven threatens the Fontaine family for hiding a neutralizer chip and for going legit, Carmone has no choice but to turn himself over to the World Council for protection. Unfortunately Raven has planned for this and hires a group of bounty hunters to take out both Fontaine and the MetaJets.moreless
  • Night of the Living Center
    Diesel and Cane come across an old ARC racer while salvaging parts, but what they don't know is they have found the AI ARC ship that could cause trouble for them all. Can the MetaJets find a way to finish off the AI Ship once and for all?
  • The Fortress
    The Fortress
    Episode 26
    Griffin Hawksmore is kidnapped by Black Cloud in an attempt to gain access to his Fortress technology. The only way the MetaJets can prevent this from happening is by letting Howard Niles out of jail and forcing him to work with them.
  • End of the Line
    End of the Line
    Episode 25
    Noah and Amy come to see Johnny at the launch of the newest racing train- The Atomic Rocket. Before the launch the team participates in the desert cyclone race where they learn about various controls of momentum. Little do any of them realize that the skills they learn from the cyclone race might be exactly what they need to save themselves from The Atomic Rocket when it is controlled by none other than Black Cloud.moreless
  • High Impact
    High Impact
    Episode 17
    When Earth is threatened by three meteors, the Metajets and Black Cloud must put aside their differences and work together if they are to save the human race. However Black Cloud is also hoping to use parts of the meteors for their own gain and to take out their rivals permanently. Can the Metajets survive when they could be attacked from either side at a moment's notice?moreless
  • One of the Family
    One of the Family
    Episode 16
    When racer Doug Fontein has a near fatal accident and is saved by Johnny, he becomes a bit clingy and wishes to thank Johnny by giving him everything he needs to become more successful. Meanwhile Zac and Maggie confront Trey about his temper. Trey decides to prove that he doesn't have a temper by avoiding going off for 24 hours. If he wins then Zac and Maggie must wash and wax his jet for a full month, but if he loses he must do the same for them. When the Fontein clan is revealed to have ties to Black Cloud, it could prove to be trouble for all the Metajets.moreless
  • Deep Secrets
    Deep Secrets
    Episode 10
    When the original ARC Carrier is found during an undersea expedition, the Metajets must race to the ship to recover data containing the identities of Metajets members from the past 30 years. Johnny hopes to find clues to his father's disappearance in the wreck as well, as the ship crashed 9 years before, at the same time his father went missing. When Black Cloud learns of the ship though, the Metajets must find a way to fight not only in the sky but under the water.moreless
  • Perfect Swarm
    Perfect Swarm
    Episode 12
    A crazy man named Locust arrives and stars attacking technology all over the world. The Metajets are called in to try to take care of him, but Locust has the ability to control a bunch of insect like nanobytes. The appear to be attacking all the members related to the Soaring Heights Speedway. With Johnny being swarmed by sponsors and with Locust on the prowl, it means the Metajets could face new trouble from multiple sides. Can they find some way to survive?moreless
  • Boiling Point
    Boiling Point
    Episode 14
    General Raven is angry about the 9th anniversary of him being kicked out off ARC racing having arrived. As a result he decides to get his revenge in the Hawaii race. He plants bombs in three of the hot spots of the Hawaii Volcano race, and if all three spots go off the Metajets, all of ARC racing, and all of Hawaii will be destroyed. Can the Metajets learn of this potential catastrophe and put a stop to it before it's too late, or will they lose their lives?moreless
  • Sky-Riders
    Episode 18
    Colt, Boomer, and Razor are hired to help protect the skies by an anonymous person. However the Metajets grow suspicious when the Sky-riders seem to know all the needed rescues before they begin to occur. Paris is also in danger when Black Cloud takes to the water instead of the sky, forcing the tyeam to divide into two groups.moreless
  • The Island of Dr. Nova
    Johnny is assigned to transport Crusher to prison, but in the process Crusher releases an electronic pulse which temporarily blinds him and causes him and Johnny to crash on what appears to be a deserted island. There they find Dr. Nova who has created a satellite he hopes to launch to take control of all technology. Now Johnny and Crusher must learn to work together to defeat this threat. Meanwhile Trey is assigned to security on the ship. At first he is unhappy with it, but slowly he begins to realize there is something that isn't right about Captain Curtis. When Curtis steals the ID's of all Metajets and the agents working with them, Trey must find a way to show Captain Strong that Curtis has turned against them before it's too late to stop Black Cloud from learning all their identities.moreless
  • The Pyramid Scheme
    The Pyramid Scheme
    Episode 24
    The A. R. C. heads to Egypt to race during a rare occurrence, a solar eclipse with a planetary alignment occurring at the same time. What the MetaJets don't know though is Raven has learned of a weapon that will only work during the eclipse hidden in Egypt, and if Raven gains control of it he can gain control of the entire sky.moreless
  • Attack of the Drones
    Razor turns his back on Black Cloud after stealing one of their drone jets. With the drone jet he manages to gain control of all the Black Cloud artilliary fleet outside the human fighters. Can the Metajets find some way to stop this many fighters, and can Zac lose enough faith in his hero to act before it becomes too late?moreless
  • Under the Ice
    Under the Ice
    Episode 22
    The Metajets come across an old scientific station that has been frozen for some unknown reason. When they detect multiple lifeforms they are sent to investigate it. They find a Dr. Venski who has gone under cryogenic sleep and wake him up. Little do they know they have also awoken something else that thrives off of energy and can transform itself into anyone it touches. Can the Metajets learn of this creatures existence before it's too late?moreless
  • Self Destruct, Part 2
    The remaining Metajets trick Crusher into giving them the location of the Black Cloud ship. On the ship Trey is finally learned to be on board, so Black Ship sets up an ambush. Johnny manages to take out the drone ship launch bay, but General Raven comes up with a new plan- let Captain Curtis be rescued giving him an agent in the prestigious Metajets. It's an epic battle in the skies as Fly-Girl versus Maggie, Zac versus the drones, and Trey and Johnny take on Viper on board Black Cloud's ship. In the end only one side will prevail, but an old enemy could become more dangerous than ever as he relearns how to fly in the skies.moreless
  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge
    Episode 9
    The ARC races move to London where the next race is scheduled to take place in the London Underground. The sponsor for the races is none other than a local celebrity and musician- Razor. Little does anyone realize Razor is the leader of the anarchitects. They hope to increase the growth of London by tearing down the one wall protecting the city from being flooded, but when the Metajets are brought in to contain them, the question everyone wants to know is which side will prevail?moreless
  • Self Destruct, Part 1
    The Metajets have a priority code 9 thrown at them by Black Cloud. They manage to capture Fly-Girl and Crusher in the crisscross. General Raven offers a trade of Captain Crusher for his pilots. During the trade Viper decides to try and take out everyone the Metajets has captured, so Trey decides to take things into his own hands. He steals Crusher's ship and uses a voice recognition device with Crusher's voice. Captain Strong decides he must send in all the Metajets to rescue Trey and Captain Crusher, but Trey decides he wants to take out Black Cloud with Crusher's own ship. Will the Metajets arrive in time to save their friend? Will Black Cloud somehow be damaged? Part 1 of an exciting 2 Part adventure has barely arrived.moreless