Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 18, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Was this the end of Dr. Rockzo?

    The downfall of Dr. Rockzo, the rock ´n´ roll clown, his departure from his albino friend and his rehabilitation is a bitter sweet moment in Metalocalypse. Specially for the ones (including myself) that have been completely captured by this paranoid and demented character.
    On one hand, you can´t help to be happy for him, overcoming his addiction. But... he is Dr. Rockzo, the rock ´n´ roll clown. He does cocaine! How can he be Dr. Rockzo without cocaine?
    I just hope we´ll see him again. Even though he´ll probably get at least 50 years of jail time for stealing the one thousand pounds of cocaine (that was rock ´n´ roll), I´m confident that Dr. Rockzo will make a comeback.
    So, let´s raise our glasses for Dr. Rockzo, the rock ´n´ roll clown that used to do cocaine
  • cleanso: The band dethklok (12th largest economy in the world) attemps to soberize a cocoaine addicted rock and roll clown named dr. rockso after he steals a truck with 1500 pounds of cocoaine, after he soberizes, he turns himself in for stealing cocoaine

    i have watched many metalocalypse episodes and this is probably the happiest ending to many of them. many episodes end with groups of people sacrificing themselves at a concert, or numbers of people commiting suicide because they havn't released an album recenty, but after they soberize a cocaine fueled clown, it was probably the most productive thing they've done, but not there funniest episode compared to lots of there others.

    my rank: 4 stars

    bravo adault swim programs and creators, again not my favorite episode, but it's funny, entertaining, and makes you come back for more humor.

    thank you all,


    jared jared


    jjjj jjjjjjjjjjj
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