Season 2 Episode 7

Deth Wedding

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Apr 01, 2008 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with a lady on the news talking about how the head of Dethklok Australia was violently assassinated in Sydney by a group of terrorists called, "The Revengencers."
We then see the band going through their mail, among which they've got a lot of subpoena, something from Netflix, naked lady fan mail ("possibly awesome, possibly horrible"), more subpoena and something for Pickles.
Upon opening it, Pickles finds a DVD and puts it in the player.
The DVD starts, and it's from Pickles' brother, Seth. On the DVD, he talks about how he's sober now, is getting married, and that he wants Dethklok to come and perform at the wedding. Pickles is horrified.

We cut to the title sequence.

After the title sequence, we cut to the Tribunal, and they discuss Seth's charges (driving intoxicated, selling fake cocaine to an under-cover officer, and beating a prostitute with a brick). They deduce that Seth's reason for marriage is to simply reunite with his brother's wealth and success.
Senator Stampingston introduces the wedding expert (forgive spelling errors), Dr. Milminiman Lannylins Wimwomley, who discusses marriage, and how they may end.
At the end of the Tribunal scene, Selatcia chooses to let Dethklok "experience the blackness."

We then cut to the Dethklok tour bus, where, inside, Murderface tells Pickles that he normally dreads weddings, but seeing as to how torn up Pickles is about it, he's sure he will enjoy it. Nathan agrees. Skwisgaar, on the other hand, says that weddings are only good for two things: tax breaks and adultery. Toki agrees, and adds, "Oh and the kissings and huggings. And opens bar!"
Skwisgaar then warns Toki to take it easy, because last time, Skwisgaar was in charge of him all night, and he was a "sloppies mess." To which Toki responds not to worry about "Olds Toki."
Nathan then says that he thinks Seth is a weird, greedy dick. Pickles doesn't respond and just keeps staring forward like he was the whole scene.

They arrive at Pickles' parents' house, and go up to Seth's "house room," where Seth (supposedly) is a professional, with an all-in-one fax machine. His mother tells him to give Seth a hug, and, during the hug, Seth manages to score one-hundred dollars off of Pickles. He then pushes Pickles away, and says that he can't f***ing believe Dethklok is in his house room. He is excited about them throwing him a bachelor party. He also introduces "the love of his f***ing heart," Amber (who is texting someone and is barely listening to what's going on).

We then cut to a bar called "Live Nude Girls," where Dethklok is sitting at a table farther away and Seth is getting a lap dance. The boys are talking about how there's nothing like love, and that Seth is going to be a good husband.
Pickles expresses his concern, as Seth is drinking a rather lot of alcohol, and Nathan agrees, but says that just because he's drinking a lot doesn't mean he's "off the wagon."
Toki then points out two older men standing near Seth, watching Seth get a lap dance, and Pickles introduces them as "Seth's pals, you know, a couple o' high school dropouts who scam on teenage chicks and steal and run crystal meth houses, you know, beat up kids, rob life, possibly kill." Murderface expresses that that is awesome.
The two come over, calling Pickles, "rich b***h," and tell Pickles to throw down some cash to pay for everything.
We then see Seth on stage, (drunkenly) talking about his brother, and says that he would like to give him the gift… of girls.
Pickles is then seen on stage, looking very miserable, in between two women, one of whom offers him an "H-job." Skwisgaar warns him not to get "Hepastitus C's" from them, then turns to Nathan and says that both women are pretty skanky. Nathan agrees and says that he'd do them. Skwisgaar says that he would too.
Pickles calls to them from on stage and asks if they should call it a night, to which Seth responds, "Oh no you f***ing don't! I just f***ing ordered shots!"


The guys are now at a restaurant (all of whom look hung-over and angry/miserable), and Pickles' and Seth's mom is telling everyone to quiet down because Seth has something he would like to say.
And say he does! Seth stands up and talks about Pickles, saying that everything was handed to him on a silver platter (and Pickles looks horrified again), and that he, Seth, got sh*t. He also says that things are going to be different, that he has his sh*t together and that, since he's getting married and has a mouth to feed on the way, he's got to be responsible. He also mentions several business endeavors coming up with Dethklok, and expresses excitement over what Dethklok got him as a wedding gift, then takes his seat.
Pickles is then seen trying to climb a fence outside the restaurant, and the rest of Dethklok comes out and Nathan prevents him from escaping.
Pickles shouts, "Nooo! No! No! I wanna go!"
Nathan asks him if he's trying to just leave them there, and Pickles chants, "I didn't know it was gonna be like this! I didn't know, I didn't know, I didn't know."
Then Murderface punches him in the gut several times, saying that he can't help it.
Pickles then says that everyone is on Seth's side and that they should leave, now. Nathan then tells Pickles not to be stupid. Pickles then asked them if they heard Seth talk about "business endeavors with Dethklok." And Nathan says, "I know, Pickles, I know. Look, we can't leave. Not yet. It's just too funny." The rest of Dethklok crack up and Seth comes out asking for Pickles' credit card. He then turns to try to climb the fence again, but the others prevent him from escaping.

They're all seen in a church, where a minister says, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony… Seth and Amber."

They then cut to the reception, where Skwisgaar has a short monologue about the Midwest. "Bunch of Swedes cames here over two-hundreds years ago, got fats and ugly. Huh. I loves it." Toki then comes up from behind, very drunk, and repeats the end of the statement very loudly. He then stumbles forward and Skwisgaar tells him to "takes it easy on the sauce." Toki then tells him to take it easy, and is going to go get another and offers to get Skwisgaar one.
Then Nathan and Murderface are seen talking to an elderly gentleman who's engaging them in a conversation they obviously don't want to be in, asking them the difference between the guitar and the bass guitar.
We then see Toki talking to a lady about how he's going to do a solo album called "Toki." He then throws up and passes out, shouting, "Goodnights!"
We cut back to Nathan and Murderface, and the old man is still talking. First about his niece who's going to art school. He asks them if that would help her. He then mentions their long hair, and says that his mom once had long hair. He then asks if the stretch pants hurt when they sit (Murderface looks horrified). He then says that he would like to learn to play the piano without a color chart.
Then Seth's friends come up, and Nathan pushes the old man away, and he and Murderface talk to Seth's friends instead. They say that they're almost out of alcohol, and Nathan and Murderface point out Pickles, who's sitting with his head on the table and his arms over his head nearby. Seth's friends walk up to him, and steal his wallet.
Then, Seth's and Pickles' mom tells everyone to quiet down, because Pickles' band is going to play. [[The song is unfamiliar.]]
They perform their song, and then, Seth is seen on the stage with a cylindrical container, and says that it's the gift from Dethklok. After engaging the audience for a brief period of time, asking them if he should open it (Toki is an eager participant), Seth opens it and is shocked to find that it's a blender.
He's furious. He shouts at Pickles, asking him "how f***ing dare you go and ruin my f***ing wedding!"
That made Pickles mad, too. Pickles shouts, "Alright, that's it! I'm gonna kill you!!"
He then jumps onstage and begins to beat Seth up. Nathan and Murderface exchange their approval, saying that it's great, and that it's like an eclipse in that you have to be there to see how great it is. In the background, sirens are heard, and Skwisgaar tells Pickles that they'd better leave. Toki shouts, "The pinks sirens is going off, scrambles!"
Pickles looks up and the side of his face is covered in blood.

We cut back to the tour bus, where Pickles is sitting in a chair, and the guys are staring at him. He asks them to stop, and Murderface tells him that that was awesome.
Pickles says that he feels bad. Nathan tells him that he only beat Seth up, and that he shouldn't feel bad. Pickles says that he does, though.
Skwisgaar jumps in and says, "Oh, buts its not unsposed's to make sense, for you sees…. We are aimless, hates-filled animals, scamperings away into de nights." Toki agrees and says that that's what family is. "Peoples whats you hates."
Pickles agrees, saying that they're right.
Charles then appears as a hologram, asking them if they wanted to see him. Pickles tells him that he feels bad about what happens, and asks if they could give him a job. The band tries to dissuade Pickles, but Charles says that if he feels that badly, there is a job they can give Seth, a very dangerous job, very far away-they can put him in charge of Dethklok Australia.

The end credits are rolling, and as they do, we see the Sydney Opera House and different newspaper articles.
1) Sydney Opera House is standing alright.
2) The newspaper says, "Pickles' brother Seth appointed head of Dethklok Australia" and the Sydney Opera House is seen around twilight, somewhat dark.
3) The newspaper says, "Assassination attempt on Seth. Security upgraded" and the opera house is seen with fires all around it.
4) The newspaper says, "Seth enlists entire police force to protect him from Revengencers" and the opera house is seen completely burnt down.
Then, the newspaper says, "Lawlessness ensues as all resources are diverted to Seth." We then see Seth in a window, Amber in the background, texting like always. A last newspaper says, "Sydney burns in riots. Seth safe."
And we see Seth close up. He's smirking, with a baby in his arms.
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