Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • C-C-C-YEAH!!

    C-C-C-YEAAAAH! toki makes a friend, dr. rockso the rock and roll clown. he does cocaine! toki seems pretty happy, exept his fellow bandmates HATE his new friend, although "it metal to like clowns" toki wartooth. he does bring up a good point though.. clowns are one of the most hated icons out there, which makes it PRETTY brutal to like them. anyways, pretty much ofdensen gets his guards to beat up Dr. Rockso, who in turn get hired by general krosier to take pictures of incriminating evidence throughout Mordhaus, although his plans are foiled when charles ofdensen catch him in the act. also murdeface discovers "free-ballin"
  • K-K-K-K-K-K-K-HEY! I'm Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll Clown! I do cocaine!

    My favorite episode of the entire series. Admittedly, Murderface's discovery of free balling isn't that funny, but the band's reactions to Dr. Rockso and Dr. Rockso's personality itself is just hilarious. When he shows the video, it shows the members of Dethklok's reactions, and all have a look of dumb horror on their face (except Toki, who claps like a child.) Like all outstanding episodes of funny, semi-unknown shows, this spawned the annoying "I do cocaine" phrase spouted off left and right by people, but it doesn't change the episodes immense hilarity and the overall funniness of Dr. Rockso, the rock and roll clown!
  • His name is Dr. Rockso. He's the Rock'n'Roll clown. He does cocaine. That's all we know.

    Never before have I laughed for literally every second of an entire episode of a TV show. Dr. Rockso is the funniest character ever created, and his music video, "I'm Just A Rock'n'Roll Clown," will go down in history as the greatest animated bashing of David Lee Roth of all time. If you've ever yearned (as I have) to see a clown skiing down a mountain of cocaine while a busty clown chick plays baloon guitar, then you're in for a treat. Clowns. Clowns clowns clowns. And guns.
  • Dr. Rockso, the Rock 'N' Roll clown, becomes Toki's new friend and the rest of DethKlok doesn't like it.

    This was one of the first episodes I ever watched. It kind of disturbed me, but then again, pretty much all of Metalocalypse disturbs me. It's still a good episode. My favourite part is when Dr. Rockso sneaks up on Murderface while he's sleeping and puts his hand down Murderface's pants and whispers,"I do cocaine." Poor Murderface. I think that would be my reaction to a clown's hand down my pants, also. Waking up screaming. "I woke up with a clown's hand in my pants...That's what I did today..." My next favourite part is when Murderface discovers the great art of "freeballin'". And that leads me to my favourite quote from this episode, "I believe, that is what is know as freeballing." And who could forget the disturbing, yet hilarious music video Dr. Rockso made? I watched that video exactly like I watch Salad Fingers; afraid, but oh so amused. I thought I was being brainwashed for a minute. It was a hilarlious episode. ^__^