Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Song: I'm Just A Rock n' Roll Clown (Dr. Rockso) (Rocksclusive music video banned from Music Television because you could see his 'junk' through his jumpsuit)

    • Second appearance of Dr. Rockso, the Rock 'N' Roll Clown from "Happy Dethday".

    • If you look really hard at the TV screen behind Ofdenson's head when Dr. Rockso comes in and the guys are all in the hot tub, you can see the footage from episode 1 (The Curse of Dethklok) when they played the Duncan Hills Coffee jingle.

    • Apparently, Skwisgaar, the lead guitarist, plays guitar even in his sleep, as he is seen in the beginning of this episode strumming his guitar while taking a nap.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Rockso: I'm Dr. Rockso, the rock and roll clown! I do cocaine!

    • Ofdenson: Put the boots to him. Medium Style.

    • Dr. Rockso: (after being tied up) Back off, jack offs!

    • Pickles: Going out all night long with guns! You know ... guns are cool. So, um, what was I saying here?

    • Murderface: I believe that is what is known as, free-balling.

    • Nathan: Hey, don't run, it's wet! I thought we agreed no clowns!
      Toki: No, we didn't agrees on nothing. We just all yelled and then he was beaten, that's was our conclusions.
      Nathan: Aw, damn, I don't want that asshole around here.
      Skwisgaar: Oh boy, get ready for a lots of screamings.
      Murderface: Normally, that painted dildo would piss me off, but, lately, I've made friends with a distinguished old gentleman sitting on two duffel bags. I'm free...downstairs. Think about it.

    • General: You'll be paid to gather whatever you can with this camera in your hat, and no fucking around. Got that, candy nose?
      Dr. Rockso: Oh, you just keep that cabbage coming, daddy-o, and Dr. Rockso's gonna get you what you want the way you want it. Now which one of you homes got a cigarette for Dr. Rockso?
      General: Just calm down and be careful, and watch out for this guy. He means business. Stay away from him.
      Dr. Rockso: I do cocai-
      General: Yes, I know. Make sure no one sees you taking him out of here, (mutters) Rock 'n roll clown.

    • General: His name is Dr. Rockso. He's the Rock and Roll Clown. He does cocaine. I'm afraid that's all we know.

    • Murderface: I woke up with a clown's hand in my pants. That's what I did today.
      Nathan: I mean what the f***, Toki? There's no such thing as clowns!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "This Godless endeavour..."

      After Toki and Dr. Rockzo get caught, Skwisgaar lectures Toki about how Dr. Rockzo brought him on "this Godless endeavour". This Godless Endeavour is a song and album performed by American metal band Nevermore

    • Dance Dance Revolution
      While the other band members are in the hot tub, Toki Wartooth is playing a music arcade game while waiting for Dr. Rockso to come over. The game is a reference to Dance Dance Revolution, also known as DDR, and the popular Konami series of dancing games.

    • The song "I'm Just a Rock 'n Roll Clown" is a play on Ozzy Osbourne's song "Rock 'n Roll Rebel".

      It may also be a reference to David Lee Roth's "I'm Just a Gigolo." Dr. Rockso himself is a parody of artists like David Lee Roth.

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