Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Jul 13, 2008 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

While the band is trap shooting (using guitars as the clay pigeons) and playing jokes on Murderface involving firecrackers, Toki gets a call from his mother telling him his father is dying of cancer. At first, the band is reluctant to join him in going to Norway, even when Ofdensen tells them "Toki is in a fragile state of mind" and needs their support and Toki invites them in a frantic tone to come with him. After Ofdensen follows them around, pestering them to go into the studio, they decide to go and support their band mate. In the Dethcopter, the band talks about fathers and family while Toki suffers in silence. (He lapses in and out of a catatonic state through the episode. The Secret Group calls in an expert to discuss Toki's death, but he turns out to be a melodramatic crack pot who cites Toki as a "messenger of death" who will "steal the breath from your babies". In Norway, Toki begins stalling tactics, taking the band to Lillehammer to visit a record store and an eatery until the band finds out Norway has the lowest murder rate and is therefore lame and that they'd rather go to see Toki's father die. When they arrive, Toki stands out front for three hours as he recalls some rather brutal abuse at his parents' hands and finally completely loses it and runs into a forest, breaking into what has to be the saddest song of the series as he tries to pull himself together to say goodbye to his father. The band search for him and bring him back, but refuse to go in with him for fear that cancer is contagious. The home bears resemblence to a stave church. Toki enters and goes to his father's bed, where Aslaug Wartooth whispers in his ear. Toki rushes out, carrying his father, to grant the last request-to see the home in which he was born. The band rush him to a mountain and again wait as Toki carries his father up to the ice covered house. Toki forgives his father of abusing him, but slips on the icy stairs. Aslaug slides down the hill and into a frozen lake, while Toki, unable to help him, freaks out as he watches him drown under the ice. Throughout the episode, the band has been pranking Murderface with firecrackers, who, at the end, attempts to prank them, but instead causes an icy overhang to break lose and destroy the house Aslaug was born in.