Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Jul 13, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Toki learns his father is dying of cancer and has to go to Norway, inviting the band to join him. Unfortunately, he accidentally kills his father while granting his last request.

    Probably the deepest and the most revealing of all of the Metalocalypse episodes. Revealing not in terms of the band's obscure past, but more of into their personalities. Backing away from the usual incompetent and sociopathic metal musician jokes and storylines, Toki learns his father is dying of cancer and he must go to Norway to be with him. At first, the band dismisses Toki as being able to handle it, but it becomes more and more apparent Toki is not dealing well with this at all-lapsing in and out of a catatonic state, asking them to be with him and engaging in delay tactics before finally breaking down and fleeing into a forest, where he attempts to get himself together. It is apparent he never really discusses his childhood (although in an interview on the Season One DVD, he begins to lapse into flashbacks in his mind and mentions spankings when discussing family), which, by his flashback, went beyond abuse and well into torture. Skwisgaar also shows a vulnerable facet to himself-while attempting to cheer up Toki, he becomes both sad and angry when he brings up that he has no idea who his father is. Most revealing is Ofdensen in terms of compassion. In past episodes, Ofdensen has displayed a liking to Toki-encouraging him when he was angry about the other band members getting the spotlight, talking the band out of firing him and playing a video to snap him out of his "brutal" phase. In Dethdad, he implores the band to show Toki support, but they blow it off in their usual way. When they reject Toki's invite but claiming they have to work on the album, he follows them around, angrily demanding they go into the studio and work until they consent into being there for their friend. The song Toki sings as usual strays from the usual brutal songs the band plays, but is actually very sad (I hope it's included as at least a bonus track on a future album). The dad's death from drowning when Toki slips on the ice of the stairs of the house his father was born in (Aslaug's last request was to see the house he was born in) is probably the most fitting death in all of the Metalocalypse series, considering what a brutal jerk the guy had been with his son, who forgives him. Unfortunately, it is not a pleasant experience for Toki, who you really feel sorry for as he watches his father die and is unable to save him from drowning under the ice. Awesome episode!