Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 04, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

After a massive shootout at a Duncan Hills Coffeeshop opening, Dethklok invest in the ultimate protection - another Dethklok. But are these dopplegangers really all that they seem?

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Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, Charles Foster Ofdensen

Tommy Blacha

Tommy Blacha

Toki Wartooth, William Murderface

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell

Vater Orlaag

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Senator Stampingston, Mr. Selatcia

Victor Brandt

Victor Brandt

General Crozier

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • On the newspaper at the beginning of the episode, the only text on the paper is "Headline Headline Headline" "Caption Caption" "By Author's Name" and the like.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Pickles: You know, it would be great, you know, to walk down the street, not be bothered for once.
      Toki Wartooth: Walks where?
      Pickles: I don't know. Walk down the street.
      Toki Wartooth: To where?
      Pickles: To where... I don't know, walk to the store.
      Toki Wartooth: Just buys it on the internet. Haves it delivered.
      Pickles: I know I can buy it on the internet, but what if I want to walk to the park and look at some swans, you know?
      Toki Wartooth: Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you got famous.

    • Murderface: Hey, we just saw you guys on TV at the parade! It was awesome! Hey, when you get back, we're gonna have a surprise party for ya.
      Nathan: (growing increasingly more irate) Gimme the phone, gimme the phone, gimme the phone, gimme the phone, gimme the phone, gimme the phone, GIMME THE PHONE!
      Murderface: HOLD ON! Here's Nathan.
      Nathan: Hi!! We just saw you on the parade, it was great!
      Murderface: I said that already!
      Nathan: Oh yeah, we're having a party for you when you come back, it's not-
      Murderface: I SAID THAT ALREADY!!

      Pickles: Ask them if they want chocolate cake!
      Nathan: I will, I will. Hold on, hold on.
      Toki: Oh! Wes gets de bounce house!
      Pickles: Tell them about the ballooooons!
      Nathan: We're gonna have ballooooons! (sees Ofdenson) We-gotta-go-goodbye. (hangs up)

    • Ofdensen: Do you understand the purpose of having a double?

      Nathan: Yea, I'll take this one guys. A double is like having the best friend you've ever had in your whole life. A double listens to you when no one in this crazy world will. A double is like having a child and watching him grow up and feeling that feeling of pride and unyielding trust that no one else can ever give you.

      Ofdensen: They exist so that if someone tries to kill you, they will be killed instead.

      Nathan: Whoa, what?! I mean just thinking of those us's dead, I mean, I might cry, I might seriously cry about that.

    • Murderface (to Ofdensen) Let me see if I understand you correctly. You expect us to cut off our faces and then sew them on these regular jack-offs and then re-sew them back on our own faces for the tour. You're a sick man!

    • Nathan: You ever think about just, like, giving it all up, you know?
      Skwisgaar: Oh, you mean like killing yourself?
      Nathan: No. What? No, I mean like, stop being big, famous, and becoming a regular old jackoff.
      Murderface: And then kill yourself?

    • Nathan: Hey! Where'd my me go?

    • Charles: Listen, great men throughout history have used doubles. Men who needed to stay alive for the greater good of their people, much like yourselves. Men like Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin-
      Nathan: Awesome! I'm Stalin, I called it.
      Pickles: I'm Nixon!
      Sgwisgaar: I wants to be Bill Cosby!

  • NOTES (1)